Instagrammable Eats in Ann Arbor, Michigan


I recently crossed a new state off my list–Michigan (ok, I don’t know if it was really on my list, but a lot of my classmates from high school applied to or attended the University of Michigan, so I’d always been curious to see what the hype was about!).

Last week, I was in Ann Arbor for four days attending a work conference at the University of Michigan, but the downtown location made it easy to explore the city, too. The campus itself was beautiful but I didn’t see much of it aside from the building where the sessions were held. However, I honestly think I would be fine being a student there based on the little that I did see–and because of the amazing food and shopping located right nearby! The food posts I shared from my trip were super popular, and for good reason–Ann Arbor has some great eats that are also super Instagrammable…what more could one want?!

First up was a cute little macaron shop (Le Bon Macaron) I found while exploring the first day I arrived. The macarons (pictured above) were $2 a piece, which is pretty common but still not super ideal, though they were worth it. I picked up a honey lavender and strawberry champagne and spent the first five minutes photographing the shop (but can you blame me? It was adorable with its exposed brick, chandeliers, and marble tabletops!). The macarons were delicious and when I told my coworker about them at lunch, one of the hostesses quickly recommended another place that we had to try, called TeaHaus. Needless to say, we sprinted on over there even after feeling stuffed from our delicious meal at Sava’s–we went back later on during the week because it was that good!


The TeaHaus macarons were huge, well-priced ($2.50 each for a gigantic size), and so creative–I loved the floral design some of them had! I also had to get a vanilla rose one, which was amazing.



Later in the afternoon, I had some free time before an evening dinner event and made my way over to Fred’s, an adorable tea/coffee shop by our hotel. The flamingo mural and plant wall were enough to get me in the door, but their iced tea was great as well!



The Ann Arbor art fair was happening the week we were in town, so between browsing the various booths (I picked up some gorgeous mudcloth blankets that I’ll have to showcase on the blog at some point), we stopped into Sava’s again for cocktails and dinner. Having ordered a turkey burger with tons of toppings the first time, I opted for something a bit healthier and tried their “hippie bowl” (basically a grain/greens bowl with amazing veggies) with a black bean burger on top. I honestly have been dreaming about it for days! The drinks they offered were super Instagrammable and delish–I got frozen rosé (obviously!), and my coworkers picked out some summery cocktails that also looked amazing and were a perfect way to celebrate wrapping up the week.

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