Our Houzz Tour is LIVE + FAQ

As you probably have seen on Instagram by now, the Houzz tour for my (not so) new apartment is LIVE! Carrie and I participated in this shoot back in January, and while a lot of our (ok, my…) decor has changed, a lot is still the same (aka Carrie’s room and our downstairs!). What can I say…I love rearranging from time to time, so my room is always slightly in flux!

My Houzz: Sweet Styling Details in a D.C. Apartment eclectic-bedroom


I also thought I’d take this time to answer a few frequently asked questions about our place–many of which I’ve discussed on the blog over the past year (but I know answers tend to get lost in the shuffle!).

Q: How did you find your apartment?
A: Believe it or not, we found it on Craigslist! Carrie and I had visited tons of different rowhouse apartments, mostly in the Eastern Market area, but were having trouble finding something that fell within our price range, was convenient to public transportation, was located in a safe neighborhood, and most of all, felt like home! This place was truly a gem of a find in that it checked all of those boxes and more. I have a detailed post about DC apartment hunting where I talk about our whole process and include several tips if you’re starting your own search. I also shared some “before” pictures of our place in this post.

My Houzz: Sweet Styling Details in a D.C. Apartment eclectic-living-room


Q: What’s the building like? 
A: It’s old and small in population–but charming! Our building used to be one person’s house (my room in the attic was probably the maid’s quarters). There are about 8 different units now, most of which are studios or one-bedrooms. Everyone is roughly our age, but we’re the only roommate pair living in the building, so it’s definitely less of a “social” atmosphere than many of the buildings that cater to 20- and 30-somethings downtown. We live up two long flights of stairs (which don’t bother me too much, but my friends who live in elevator buildings definitely notice when they come over!) and are on the top floor of the building along with one other unit. We’re fortunate enough to have a roof deck that is only accessible from our unit, which makes for the perfect private spring/summer entertaining spot. One downside is that there is only one washer and one dryer for everyone to share–they’re located in the basement–but we were willing to forgo having one in-unit when we saw how much else our place had to offer.

My Houzz: Sweet Styling Details in a D.C. Apartment eclectic-bedroom


Q: How did you handle the move with the spiral staircase?
A: Omg, it was a nightmare–not really physically, because I hired movers, but logistically and financially. Basically, I had started contacting moving companies to give them a heads up about my October 1 move-in date before Carrie and I even knew where we’d be living. I didn’t want that date to fill up and knew that even if we didn’t find a place by then, I needed to still get everything out of my Georgetown apartment and take it to my parents’ house (thank goodness Carrie and I were both local–it took a lot of pressure off having to find a place by October 1, since we knew we could always live at home for a bit). Once our apartment application was approved, I called the moving place back to let them know that the logistics would be a be more difficult than I’d anticipated–the room I was moving into was located up a flight of narrow wrought-iron spiral stairs! Luckily, the moving company was confident that they were up for the task–and they did a great job. Everything that I wanted to go upstairs made it up safely thanks to three movers and their teamwork/hoisting skills. The only real issue I’ve encountered was when I purchased an awesome mid century modern dresser in April and needed to get it up there (I usually can lift other items by myself or with Carrie’s help, but this was ridiculously heavy, even with the drawers removed!). It was nearly impossible to find a Task Rabbit/service who would hoist just one piece of furniture (as opposed to a whole move’s worth), though I found one eventually and they were in and out within 15 minutes!

Since I did hire movers and knew that the upstairs move-in process would be lengthy and expensive, I tried to carry up as many boxes as possible the day before our official move-in date (our landlord gave us the keys early) because I figured the more things I could carry myself, the less costly the next day would end up. However, going up and down two big flights of stairs was definitely a workout–but it was also a great way to begin unloading things bit by bit.


I’ve been loving sharing a little tour of our space with the internet, and everyone’s nice comments on the feature have made it even more fun. Without further ado, enjoy the piece!


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Carry On Bags Under $50

I love a good travel bag. But I also love finding one that’s affordable, can double as possibly a gym/shopping bag, and is easy to use as a carry-on without having to squish it under the seat toooooo much. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites of the moment, including one that I recently ordered myself–this Everlane number! I’m excited to have a backpack option, since I walk to work every day (sometimes with my work laptop) and don’t want to wear my shoulders out too much! We’ll see what this one is like when it arrives–the only problem with using a backpack as a work bag is that I sometimes feel too casual bringing it to meetings–you know what I mean? However, I’ve heard excellent things about Everlane and have been meaning to test the brand out for ages, so I’m psyched for this piece to arrive!

A few other bags I’m loving:


This monogrammed tote looks way pricier than $35! I love the classic black with the gold lettering, but you can choose among several different color options. Etsy has some great options!


Speaking of Etsy, how fun is this seersucker bag for only $20?!


Francesca’s is killin’ it with their bags lately. This weekender is a great price while still being spacious.


Zara has so many adorable bags for summer, and this one is only $20!

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 10.05.28 AM

Target does it again with a preppy striped weekender.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 10.06.30 AM

Umm, I kind of LOVE this leopard option.

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A Few Recent Purchases

Hado Photo
Hado Photo

I always love when other bloggers share their recent purchases–I’ve discovered so many fun new brands by reading other blogs, and I love taking a peek into other people’s shopping carts. I’ve been trying to curtail my shopping big time, but I still picked up a few things:

  • This travel tote. I had only first heard about the Lo and Sons brand just a few weeks ago, but everyone I’ve talked to since discovering it has had RAVE reviews. Since I love a good weekender bag (and this one was on sale for $84), I figured I would see what the fuss was all about. Unfortunately it arrived the afternoon after I left for a five day trip, but I’ll definitely be using it for other travel later this summer and will report back with a full review after that! I picked the gray and am hoping it doesn’t get too dirty.
  • This print. I purchased my first Vintage Barbie and Ken print a couple of years ago (pictured above) and had been wanting another one for awhile but just couldn’t decide which to get (this one was a runner-up)! However, this one was calling my name a few weeks ago (you know I love anything that’s a little bit sassy/ironic) and I had to place an order. Since framing can be so expensive, I searched for an affordable white 13 by 19 frame–which is a less common size as it is–and really lucked out when I found this one on Target.com for only $14.99 plus shipping. Talk about a score!
  • This round straw bag. I had first noticed this bag on Kate’s blog and thought it would be way more expensive than it actually was (it’s $17.90; I would have guessed $170!). However, when I first discovered it, it was already sold out on Forever21.com. I checked back on it every now and then, and the other day, I noticed it was back up and for sale. I’m excited to use it this summer, and it looks pretty roomy!
  • Water shoes. Ok, this isn’t really a “fun” purchase, but I picked a pair of these up on Amazon Prime because I recently bought a Groupon for a Splash Cycle class! A friend had told me about Splash Cycle last summer–it’s basically SoulCycle in a pool–and it sounded like so much fun. I’m not sure when I’ll take my class (the voucher is good through the end of August), but I’m going to try to save the credit for a really hot Saturday or Sunday when I want to get a workout in but just can’t fathom going to the gym. (I’ll definitely do a post after I try the class). I read online that the studio does provide water shoes, and while I’m not normally too much of a germaphobe with those kinds of things, I figured I would order a $7 pair just to 1) feel a bit cleaner and 2) have on hand for the future. If only real spin shoes were so affordable; I hate paying those rental fees every time I take a spin class!
  • These hair ties. I ordered these on Prime when I purchased the water shoes (side note: I actually chose not to renew my Prime membership in May after three years, because I wanted to cut out some unnecessary/impulse spending–and we all know Prime can be a huge trap because it makes it so easy to order things on a whim!). However, I did take advantage of a one-week free trial in June, though I proudly only placed this one order. I’ve been wearing hair ties like these for several months, but I think this is the “original” brand and I wanted to try them out. Sure, they’re a bit bulky to wear on your wrist, but the whole no-crease thing is definitely a plus.

What have you snagged lately?

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