How to *Actually* Read More


Happy Friday before a three-day weekend! This week was full of fun things and not so fun things–the best part was definitely being handed some super exciting design opportunities (stay tuned!) and going with my mom and sister to see Crazy Rich Asians, which did not disappoint (go see it, now!). The worst part was the AC going out on Tuesday night in 92 degree weather, prompting me to sleep downstairs on the couch and pray that my 9 percent phone battery would make it though the night! This weekend, I have a couple of photo shoots (one at someone else’s place on Saturday for Houzz, and one at my apartment on Monday, which is for one of the design projects that came about, woo!), work at the gym, and then a friend’s cookout on Sunday, which makes me feel more Labor Day Weekend like! In between all of this and running around like a crazy person trying to finish styling my apartment, I’m also hoping to get in a bit of reading, and that brings me to this post!

I’ve written a post about this before, but I thought it would be a fun topic to recirculate given that 1) I’ve been trying to read a lot more the past several months after hitting a bit of a roadblock last fall/winter, and 2) a few other bloggers I follow have posted their own tips!

I have to admit…reading is something that truly brings me a sense of calm and enjoyment. When I was little, I’d look forward to going to the library to pick out more Babysitter’s Little Sister books (anyone else read those?!), and my dad and I read Harry Potter together when it first came out. However, I know reading isn’t truly enjoyable for everyone, and if you’re not a book person, you don’t need to force it! (You’re probably wayyyy more up-to-date on movies and TV shows and other things I’ve cut out a bit more to make time to read!). That said, if you’re not the biggest fan of reading but want to get more into it, just start small. Try an audiobook on your commute (I “read” most of Crazy Rich Asians this way and loved it–even when I was seeing the movie I’d weirdly remember where I was when a certain scene was happening!), or just challenge yourself to read a couple of chapters a week. No biggie!

I definitely go through ruts when I don’t feel as compelled to read at the end of the day, and this is usually when I’m in a busy period at work, have a lot going on personally, or have other things to focus on (I always get really bad about reading for months after a move, for example!). But in general, it comes down to basic prioritization for me. Katie recently said that she used to relax with a TV show and has made a point to unplug with a book instead, and I 100 percent have been trying to do the same. I love being able to finish books and talk about them with you guys on the blog, which provides me with an extra dose of motivation. However, I’m also motivated just by the idea of tackling my  “must read” list. If I don’t ever sit down and just start something, I’ll just feel behind and overwhelmed! If you’re the opposite and have no idea what to read next, visit blogs (a lot of lifestyle bloggers I follow also cover books) or talk with your friends or even just browse through Amazon. Even if I’ve never heard of a particular book but it’s gotten amazing reviews, I’ll be inspired to add it to my cart or wish list. I also have always wanted to write a book one day and am starting to get really close to wanting to sit down and flesh something out, so I also consider reading to be research in a way!

I also love Lauren’s recent post about how she’s made time to read more. I 100 percent agree that getting a library card is a game changer! I have more books than I can count at home but still go to the library all the time–it helps that there’s one near my office. If you want to read more but hate the idea of spending money on something you’ll probably just read through once…well, problem solved! And her point about keeping a book with you wherever you go is also key. I always end up kicking myself when I have to wait for an appointment or am meeting a friend who’s running late and have nothing to read on me. Oh, and always, always bring books with you when traveling, even if you  don’t think you’ll have the downtime. I went on a work trip and read two in a span of a couple of days, simply because we didn’t have a ton of activities in the evening and we had a flight each way. You’ll never regret being too prepared!

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The Problem with “Free Stuff” on Craigslist


I’ve talked more times than I can count about scoring gems on Craigslist– the best way to approach sellers, what to search, and how to find diamonds in the rough. But I’ll admit that I’ve never succeeded in picking up anything marked as “free,” and after recently getting “stood up” a couple of times, I think I’m best off steering clear of freebies.

Both times, I had been communicating consistently with the sellers, only to get “ghosted” (ha) when it came time to setting up an exact time. I always try to communicate consistently with people interested in my items, even when I need to tell them that someone else offered a higher price/their pickup time won’t work out after all, etc, so I thought it was incredibly rude to just curb all communication. Have some dignity, people!

Aside from the fact that no money involved = less motivation, my only guess is that people realized it was easier to set the free items outside rather than deal with scheduling a pickup time with a stranger, or that they were inspired by my interest and decided hey, maybe this item isn’t worth parting with just yet. Who knows, but the moral of the story is that there is no such thing as a free lunch…or ghost chair…or flat screen.

Have you ever scored anything for free on Craigslist? I have picked up things marked as “curb alert” before, and this is way easier because you don’t have to email anymore, but it also requires being local and speedy.


Oh, and I’ll leave you with this amazing find in the free section–it wouldn’t have worked out for me to pick up anyway, since I 1) have no more room for something this size after scoring another midcentury dresser last week and 2) live about an hour away from Burke, VA, where the item was located…but how beautiful is this piece?! Things like this normally go for $400+ on CL!

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A Few Room Updates

Version 2

After checking in with a little life update yesterday, I figured it was about time for a room update! I’ve been making lots of changes around here but needed to get some photos taken before I could share everything on the blog, and last weekend was the perfect time to do just that.


I talked about the cane chair DIY I did a few weeks ago but didn’t have great pictures to show at the time. I was able to capture some when the lighting in my room was good, so you can see the (mostly) finished product here. The sunburst mirror on the wall was a recent $8 Craigslist find, and the rattan and bamboo mirror that’s leaning on the vanity table (because it’s SUPER heavy) is something I purchased at Miss Pixie’s back in the fall–for only $45!

IMG_0334 (1)

I need to decorate the vanity table a bit more, but to be honest I don’t really sit over here because the lighting in this area isn’t great most of the day, and there isn’t an outlet for me to plug in a lamp. But it’s still a fun little spot to look at, and the table is a great place to toss mail, clothing to donate, etc.


Oh, and the mirrored end tables (kind of shown in the first picture in this post) are an update, too. I was struggling with what to use as nightstands after selling my IKEA ones (I had originally put the lucite tables from our nook area there, but I wasn’t loving that look, and then I was debating going mismatched but wasn’t sure if I liked that style, either). I stumbled upon these mirrored end tables on Craigslist (honestly, where else) for a good price and took them home. While they don’t provide storage, I like that they don’t take up too much visual–or physical–space but still serve a purpose.

Are you a fan of mirrored furniture? I used to think it was a bit overdone, but I really like how it looks next to exposed brick–it’s such a fun contrast and really provides a bit of a “rustic glam” look!

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Latest Obsession: A Cane Bag from Zara


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I had a big work event on Friday night and didn’t get home until nearly 10 pm, and then I was busy working at the gym Saturday morning. The rest of the weekend was full of food (Jeni’s ice cream being one of the things I consumed–yum! If you haven’t tried the salted peanut butter flavor with chocolate flecks, you need to RUN over there now!), a workout class, and taking some pictures of my apartment to share on here! Today is also my first day of school–something I was pretty sure I wouldn’t say ever again when I completed my masters program a few years ago! I’m doing a certificate program in nonprofit management while I work full time and will just be taking one class per semester, but I still need to ease back in to the writing papers/reading not for pleasure life, haha.


If you know me, you know that I love anything cane/rattan. And by anything, I truly mean ANYTHING. Yes, I have tons of cane furniture throughout my apartment, but I also love how the design looks on things like bags and shoes. So of course I couldn’t resist when I spotted a cane Zara bag online a few months ago–well, actually I did try to resist at first–I kept my eye on it for weeks as it went in and out of stock, but eventually I knew I had to add it to my collection. (I’m not seeing it available at the moment, sorry!).

IMG_0589 (1)

I was able to get some outfit pictures with it over the weekend (yes, I finally did an outfit shoot!). The black pants I’m wearing are my fave pair–they’re from LOFT and are great for work and weekends alike. The black lace top was a lunch break Nordstrom Rack find (there’s a store conveniently close to my office!) that will be perfect for going out, date nights, and the like as the weather gets a bit cooler (not gonna lie, I wasn’t the most comfortable while taking these pictures in the 80-degree heat!).

IMG_0588 (1)


I also am thrilled with my new pairs of Jack Rogers and like how these sandals are a little dressier than the usual style. I’ve worn them to work a couple of times and love how versatile the platinum color has been. I’ve definitely been a little more casual with my summer workwear, although I think this style of Jacks is definitely more office appropriate.

Hope everyone has a great start to the week! I finally had time to sit down and queue up a few posts for the coming days, so check back here later this week for lots of new content!

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What I’m Loving So Far This Week


Long time, no post! I’ve been super busy preparing for a big work event on Friday and combined with after work activities, getting sick for part of the weekend, etc, I haven’t had a ton of time to devote to the blog, oops! However, I did want to pop in with a quick mid-week post to share a few things on my mind:

1) Jack Rogers on sale (again!). You’ve probably heard about the official Jack Rogers summer sale by now, but if you haven’t and are in the market for a new pair of sandals (or booties for fall!), head on over to the site, because there are still lots of good styles left. I have been rotating wearing the four (!) pairs of Jacks I scored on sale earlier this summer and am trying to hold off this time since I’m more than stocked up, but that doesn’t mean you all can’t partake! 😉

2) KIND protein bars. Guys–I picked these up on a whim at Target a few weeks ago because they were on sale (I think 2 boxes of four for $6) and they are a game. changer. They’re not only delicious but are super filling–I’ve been eating a packet before my Saturday morning gym shifts and am usually good for the first three hours…only during the fourth hour do I start to get super hangry, haha. But seriously–I’ve tried more breakfast bars/granola bars than I can count, and these are so delicious (chocolate banana!) and full of fiber/protein, so they’re definitely worth keeping on hand or in a desk drawer for emergencies. I just spotted a few other flavors at CVS and picked them up, too.

3) Our new living room dresser! It feels funny to talk about a “living room dresser,” but this seems to be the trend at the moment, and I’m not opposed. I’ve seen people using dressers as TV consoles, makeshift bar carts, etc. My roommate and I needed more storage, and the console table that we’d had in our living room was also cracked and had seen better days, so we decided to replace it with something that could hold a bit more. I stumbled upon an amazing genuine midcentury piece (it’s American of Martinsville–the brand is going for $$$ on sites like Chairish) on Craigslist for only $30, and we couldn’t say no. I’ve had fun styling it and will hopefully post a picture on here soon (it’s tough to get a good shot downstairs!). I believe that older furniture is just made better than modern replicas, so it’s nice to be able to find a quality piece that not only looks nice but didn’t cost a fortune!

4) El Centro brunch. On Saturday afternoon, a coworker and I grabbed brunch at El Centro on 14th Street and it was an amazing deal (flag this if you’re local!). For only $39, you get unlimited servings off their extensive menu of Mexican food, plus bottomless drinks. We honestly sat upstairs on their balcony for three hours catching up and enjoying our margaritas! I’d highly recommend El Centro for big groups, too–there was a table of about 20 behind us having a blast!

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Exploring the Bloomingdale Neighborhood of Washington, DC


Happy Wednesday! If you were following along on my Instagram this past weekend, you may have noticed that I ventured over to the Bloomingdale neighborhood of DC to check out their farmer’s market (it’s open seasonally from 9-1) and try the highly recommended Big Bear Cafe. The verdict? I loved both, and everyone local needs to scoot on over there soon if they haven’t already!


My Sunday was pretty much wide open when I woke up (aside from having plans to head home and see my family–including my new baby cousin–in the afternoon). I sometimes struggle when I don’t have concrete plans set out for the weekend. As much as I cherish my alone time, I sometimes feel “behind” or just boring when I don’t have things lined up to do. However, Sunday was a perfect example of how relaxing it can be to just have a free day to explore someplace new. After using my free birthday spin credit at Zengo Cycle (woohoo!), I decided to Uber Pool on over to Bloomingdale to catch the last half hour of their farmer’s market. Not gonna lie, I was largely tempted because of the adorable photos I’d seen of it on Instagram over the past several weeks!

Processed with VSCO with al1 preset

The farmer’s market was small and a little Gilmore Girls-like, with a singer, a few different stands, and tons of photo-worthy fruit. I was starving from my workout and had heard great things about Big Bear Cafe, so I decided I’d see what the fuss  was all about. I ordered a breakfast sandwich with delicious runny eggs (perfection!) and an iced coffee, and sat outside and people-watched. Part of my wished I had a book with me, but it was also super calming to just sit at my table and pretend I was at a little cafe in Europe (I was texting pictures of the leafy outdoor space to my mom and sister, and they immediately were jealous!).

Processed with VSCO with al1 preset

Processed with VSCO with al1 preset

Other than this mini adventure, I honestly hadn’t spent much time in Bloomingdale before, so I’m glad I decided to pop on over. My roommate and I had actually looked at one apartment unit in the area, but I don’t know if we would’ve loved the location in the long run (busy street far away from public transportation). So while I remain biased toward Dupont/Logan Circle in terms of where I’d rather live full time, I absolutely love that DC has so many fun, unique neighborhoods (each with their own strong fan base!).


Next up, I NEED to finally check out the Red Hen in Bloomingdale. It’s an adorable Italian restaurant with hard-to-snag reservations, and I keep only finding openings at times that don’t work super well for me…however, their pasta looks amazing, so I’ll have to make it a priority soon!

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Finding and Working Part-Time Jobs


I have had a LOT of jobs over the past several years. A LOT. When I add up all of my post-grad internships, part-time/freelance gigs, and full-time positions, I’ve had (and this is not including internships in grad school) 13 jobs in four different states since finishing undergrad–sorry x 100000 to my poor accountant (dad) for making these past several years an absolute nightmare tax-wise!

How this crazy situation happened…

To clarify, most of these jobs were part-time (I firmly believe in staying in a full-time job at least one year if possible and also believe that one should never choose to leave a full-time position without having something else full-time lined up. As tempting as it may be to peace out of a bad job situation and move home–if that’s even an option available to you–this isn’t the most sustainable decision in the long-run for many reasons!). However, because I did switch industries (I went from PR/magazine journalism to K-12 education to higher ed), I do have plenty of experience starting over in new full-time work settings, which could potentially be a post for down the road!

Growing up, I had a couple of part-time jobs here and there in high school. I worked as a day camp counselor one summer and then at a local bakery the summer before I started college. (Taking home free bread and pastries every day was a dangerous but wonderful perk! I found that job by going door to door to several businesses with my resume until one of them told me I could work there.).

In college, I was fortunate that I had the opportunity to focus on extracurricular activities that were meaningful to me and relevant to my passions. However, during my second year in New York, it came time to search for a part-time job again, this time in a huge city with (thankfully) tons of work opportunities available at any given moment. During my last six-ish months in the city, I worked at a college counseling firm (something I wanted to do prior to beginning my master’s program in higher education). For the first couple of months, the company could only really afford to have me come in three days a week, so I decided to piece together a couple of other things in order to give myself full-time hours and pay, and I’m so glad I did. I spent two other week days working for a former magazine internship supervisor (she was so fun and energetic, and it was great to do something in another industry I love), and at night, I checked students in to media-related night classes a few times a week–this literally just involved sitting outside the classroom and signing people in and setting up A/V equipment. This was actually the perfect setup because once everyone went to class, I could do my own work while sitting at the check-in table, and I managed to work on several of my grad school application essays during this time!

I also really enjoyed the fact that no two days in a row were the same, since I was hopping between tasks and offices rather than sitting at the same desk for the same amount of time each day. While the hours were a little more nontraditional (the evening job would go from about 7 to 10 pm), I still had weekends totally free and got to enjoy having a little bit of daytime flexibility without running from place to place. *As an important caveat, I was fortunate that I could piece together these part-time jobs and still get by due to being under 26 and having parents with health insurance. I really wouldn’t be able to ever make the same arrangement work now without paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket (another thing that’s been drilled into me–don’t ever skimp on health insurance and think you’ll be ok without it, even for a couple of months!).

So, you want a part-time job but don’t know where to look…

I’ve found many of my part-time jobs on Craigslist, including my current one at a gym in my neighborhood in DC and my previous one at an accessories store in Georgetown. In NYC, I found the two part-time jobs through word of mouth and via Media Bistro, a popular website with journalism job postings. I also freelanced a bit, writing pieces for a moving/organization company in the city. In Philadelphia, I worked as a restaurant hostess at a popular tavern-like (and dog-themed!) spot near campus for about a month during the time between graduation and moving back to DC to start my full-time position. I found that job by literally just calling dozens of restaurants in the area and asking them if they needed summer help until a couple of them told me to come in for an interview. Now that I’ve worked at a bunch of different places, I thought I’d share some reflections on part-time work.

What I like: 

It’s super social! If you’re working at a front desk or as a hostess, you’ll be talking to people all the time–coworkers, customers, etc. Working with fun and interesting people makes the time fly, and it’s a great way to get to know new people in your city.

The perks! By working at the front desk of a gym, I not only get paid but now get a free membership there, which is amazing (I didn’t even realize that was one of the benefits when I took the job). I have another friend who works at a yoga studio in NYC in exchange for free classes and loves the arrangement and know other people who work at boutique fitness studios and get similar benefits.

Learning a new skill. It’s definitely comforting to have a “back up” skill that you can use no matter where you go or what happens in your life. Even trying something just for a summer gets you ahead a little bit.

Having multiple sources of income. Obviously the main reason to get a job! It’s definitely nice to have a couple of different paychecks come in each month. It doesn’t need to be glamorous…is my gym job a side hustle? No. But is it a great supplement to my full-time work? For now, yes!


It can be difficult to find part-time work that’s relevant to your long-term goals. Since I love writing and design, my freelance work with Houzz has been a great way to build my resume in those areas, but I can’t say the same about every position I’ve done.

Finding the time. My schedule can get crazy during the week, so I don’t have time for unlimited shifts and don’t want to overschedule myself. And I maintain that your part-time work shouldn’t deplete your energy at your full-time job. Also, I really value balance and try to find shifts that are manageable and fit in with both my full-time work obligations and personal life. Since I usually see friends Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights, I try to keep those evenings open but don’t have as much issue with working on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Finding a local place to work. The worst thing is to find a great part-time job and then realize you’ll spend $10 a day getting there. Look for somewhere within walking distance or otherwise super convenient, and you’ll thank yourself later!


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What’s In My Work Bag + Tuckernuck Tote Review


Happy Friday! It’s been rare to have a full week in the office this summer due to travel, some work from home days, and time off, so this week was a bit of a change. Tonight I’m having a few friends over for wine and cheese on the roof and can’t wait–I actually had asked for a nicer cheeseboard for my birthday, which I’ll be breaking in…my old one was a little small, and I seriously set up little cheese plates all the time when I entertain. I love how easy it is to grab ingredients from Trader Joe’s and put together a fun little appetizer.

Earlier this week, I talked a bit about the Tuckernuck bag that I snagged on sale last weekend (the exact color I purchased appears to be sold out) and I’ve been using it for work this week. Since I walk about 20 minutes to and from my office each day, comfort is key for me when it comes to selecting a tote. I honestly should just use a backpack and sometimes do when I’m carrying a laptop, but generally I prefer having something more professional-looking with me to bring to meetings. I’ve used various Longchamp bags on and off during most of my working years, but I love how the Tuckernuck tote is a bit sleeker and maintains a sturdier shape. My only complaint is that the arm straps are pretty short, so while I can wear the bag over my shoulder, it sometimes feels a bit heavier than it is due to the length.

I don’t think the contents of my tote are too original, but I love taking a sneak peek into people’s purses (remember when bloggers would do “what’s in my bag” posts all the time?!), so I thought I would share what’s in mine.

Makeup bag: In the summer (but generally year-round since I often have events immediately post-work), I always keep my makeup bag with me. I get too sweaty walking to the office to really be able to put makeup on before I leave the house, so I always apply it quickly when I arrive. I use a little Lilly Pulitzer case that I’ve had since college, and it holds everything perfectly.

Practical beauty products: I also keep a mini hairbrush in my bag, along with a pouch that holds things like bandaids, hand sanitizer, and Neosporin. Such is life as a clumsy person/someone who is always getting blisters!

Glasses: I rarely wear my glasses but definitely need them for seeing far away, like when viewing a PowerPoint or reading off a whiteboard. I always feel better knowing they’re with me, even if I don’t use them most days. I also try to keep a pair of sunglasses in my work bag but don’t always have them with me.


A book: I often have a book with me, whether I know I’ll have some time to kill before a post-work commitment or just need to return it to the library (there’s one right near my office). Again, I like to be prepared–and I hate wasting time, so I like to have something to do if I think I’ll be waiting somewhere! I just ordered this thriller and am excited to start it, but first I need to finish The Alice Network, which I finally picked up the other night after being on the library waitlist for ages!

My lunch: I try to bring my lunch to work as often as possible, and I love throwing in a fun seltzer flavor, too. I tried Spindrift a few years ago but have only really gotten into it within the past few months–this all natural lemonade iced tea flavor (5 calories and zero grams of sugar!) is my current favorite. I’m horrible at making sure I drink enough water during the day, so I also keep my S’Well bottle on my desk as an extra reminder.

Umbrella: Essential, especially during DC summers. I don’t understand the point of those umbrellas that are huge but don’t fit into a tote bag. Thankfully mine is super lightweight and easy to carry, so I’m always prepared for the unexpected weather-wise!

Reusable bag: My friend Molly gifted me one of these a few years ago, and it’s so helpful–since DC has a bag tax, I like being able to avoid it–and be green!–when possible. This bag is so light that you won’t mind carrying it with you, and you’ll be super thankful to have it on hand for a last minute grocery run. It is also super sturdy and can hold a ton!

Business cards: I usually just keep these in my wallet, but the Tuckernuck bag has a great zip pouch, and I’ve stashed some in there–along with a pen–as well.

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Summer Steals to Scoop Up Now

I love when summer items go on sale before the absolute end of the season and you still have time to enjoy them before the weather gets cooler. I mentioned on Instagram the other week how I snagged some amazing pairs of Jack Rogers sandals on sale, and I’m glad that I’ll actually get a chance to wear them in the coming weeks!

I was doing some browsing the other day and noticed that a ton of other cute summer items are on majorly marked down at the moment, so I thought I’d do a big roundup here…

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 7.48.48 PM

Basket bag: I feel silly for taking so long to pull the trigger on one of these, but I wanted whatever I got to be cheap (except not, like, falling apart, clearly poorly made cheap, of course!) and it was hard to find something that wasn’t overpriced but also wasn’t going to break after one wear. I didn’t even want to spend more than $40 or so because I have so many other adorable straw purses that I don’t use enough. Needless to say, I was setting myself up to have a pretty limited search! Then, finally, I came across this option marked down to $25 on Amazon Prime and knew I had to scoop it up. I haven’t seen it in person yet (it’s supposed to arrive later today, woo!), but hopefully it will look just as cute as it does in the pictures.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 7.32.36 PM

Jack Rogers: Speaking of Jacks, there are still tons of styles on sale! The Lord & Taylor options that I posted about on Instagram the other week are all gone, unfortunately, but other stores have their own markdowns and you can still snag some pretty good deals! I love the raffia on this pair, and there are plenty of sizes available (I hate when you find a great deal and then realize that the only sizes in stock are 5.5s!).

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 7.35.22 PM

Hat Attack Straw Tote: The “it” tote of summer 2018 is marked down on Shopbop, and I’d be tempted to order it if I didn’t have so many bags already! The macrame look is so fun and different–it reminds me of the vintage-y accessories in Mamma Mia 2 😉

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 7.42.07 PM

North Face Backpack: Not so much a seasonal find, but an amazing deal for all the students out there! I used a black North Face backpack in grad school and still bring it on long trips or even to work when I’m carrying a ton of stuff. Sometimes you just have to go with the practical option!

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 7.45.34 PM

Straw hat: White Elephant Designs has several straw hats with fun sayings on sale, as well as some totes and other accessories. I have their “out of office” tote, which I ordered around this time last year, and it’s GIGANTIC–perfect for a beach day or picnic!

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City Weekends


How was your weekend? Mine was jam-packed–I managed to shop the Tuckernuck and Salt and Sundry sales, grab dinner with a friend and her boyfriend in Georgetown, log a few hours at my part-time gym job (something I started a few weeks ago), have dinner with my family at home (which turned into me and my sister rummaging through all of my old papers/cards from elementary and middle school…hilarious!), take a SoulCycle Soul Survivor class (a birthday present–I turned 27 on Wednesday!), visit the Wharf for the first time, and read this book, which was adorable (full review to come in this month’s reading roundup!)–whew! I also managed to take several 1-2 hour naps…weekend afternoon naps are the best!

If you haven’t been down to the Wharf, you need to go. It’s a lot like the Georgetown waterfront but much more popular at the moment. There are some chains like Shake Shack and Dolcezza that are also in other parts of DC, but there are plenty of unique restaurants and bars (I loved the Brighton, which is owned by the same people who developed the Brixton, American Ice Company, etc). It’s also the perfect place for blog/IG shoots thanks to the colorful mural above! I don’t know what took me so long to get there (although it is kind of out of the way), and I’m glad I finally made the trek over.


A few people asked me about the Tuckernuck and Salt and Sundry sales when I posted about them on Instagram. Tuckernuck had a big 30 percent off sale in store, and they’re still offering 25 percent off online. There are tons of great items left, so definitely place an order soon if there’s something you like! I picked up this poppy-colored Alexa bag in store and am planning on using it for work. It got amazing reviews, is super spacious, and is just such a fun shade–plus, with a 30 percent discount off of $53 (marked down from $175 originally), it was an amazing deal. Even the sales associate ringing me up commented on how popular the bag is among Tuckernuck employees! While there were people buying and trying on tons of items, I tried to limit myself and only picked up the bag and this scarf, which has gotten rave reviews among fellow blogger friends. I love how festive the orange is for early fall!

Salt and Sundry, one of my favorite shops in DC (which is dangerously nearby on 14th Street), had its own little summer sale as part of a greater neighborhood wide event, DC Dog Days. Everything in-store was 20 percent off, and they also had a little table of goodies marked down even further. I grabbed a couple of items including this Boy Smells candle–I’d been wanting to try one by the brand for ages. I’ve already used it two nights in a row and love the scent.

How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one!

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