What’s In My Work Bag + Tuckernuck Tote Review


Happy Friday! It’s been rare to have a full week in the office this summer due to travel, some work from home days, and time off, so this week was a bit of a change. Tonight I’m having a few friends over for wine and cheese on the roof and can’t wait–I actually had asked for a nicer cheeseboard for my birthday, which I’ll be breaking in…my old one was a little small, and I seriously set up little cheese plates all the time when I entertain. I love how easy it is to grab ingredients from Trader Joe’s and put together a fun little appetizer.

Earlier this week, I talked a bit about the Tuckernuck bag that I snagged on sale last weekend (the exact color I purchased appears to be sold out) and I’ve been using it for work this week. Since I walk about 20 minutes to and from my office each day, comfort is key for me when it comes to selecting a tote. I honestly should just use a backpack and sometimes do when I’m carrying a laptop, but generally I prefer having something more professional-looking with me to bring to meetings. I’ve used various Longchamp bags on and off during most of my working years, but I love how the Tuckernuck tote is a bit sleeker and maintains a sturdier shape. My only complaint is that the arm straps are pretty short, so while I can wear the bag over my shoulder, it sometimes feels a bit heavier than it is due to the length.

I don’t think the contents of my tote are too original, but I love taking a sneak peek into people’s purses (remember when bloggers would do “what’s in my bag” posts all the time?!), so I thought I would share what’s in mine.

Makeup bag: In the summer (but generally year-round since I often have events immediately post-work), I always keep my makeup bag with me. I get too sweaty walking to the office to really be able to put makeup on before I leave the house, so I always apply it quickly when I arrive. I use a little Lilly Pulitzer case that I’ve had since college, and it holds everything perfectly.

Practical beauty products: I also keep a mini hairbrush in my bag, along with a pouch that holds things like bandaids, hand sanitizer, and Neosporin. Such is life as a clumsy person/someone who is always getting blisters!

Glasses: I rarely wear my glasses but definitely need them for seeing far away, like when viewing a PowerPoint or reading off a whiteboard. I always feel better knowing they’re with me, even if I don’t use them most days. I also try to keep a pair of sunglasses in my work bag but don’t always have them with me.


A book: I often have a book with me, whether I know I’ll have some time to kill before a post-work commitment or just need to return it to the library (there’s one right near my office). Again, I like to be prepared–and I hate wasting time, so I like to have something to do if I think I’ll be waiting somewhere! I just ordered this thriller and am excited to start it, but first I need to finish The Alice Network, which I finally picked up the other night after being on the library waitlist for ages!

My lunch: I try to bring my lunch to work as often as possible, and I love throwing in a fun seltzer flavor, too. I tried Spindrift a few years ago but have only really gotten into it within the past few months–this all natural lemonade iced tea flavor (5 calories and zero grams of sugar!) is my current favorite. I’m horrible at making sure I drink enough water during the day, so I also keep my S’Well bottle on my desk as an extra reminder.

Umbrella: Essential, especially during DC summers. I don’t understand the point of those umbrellas that are huge but don’t fit into a tote bag. Thankfully mine is super lightweight and easy to carry, so I’m always prepared for the unexpected weather-wise!

Reusable bag: My friend Molly gifted me one of these a few years ago, and it’s so helpful–since DC has a bag tax, I like being able to avoid it–and be green!–when possible. This bag is so light that you won’t mind carrying it with you, and you’ll be super thankful to have it on hand for a last minute grocery run. It is also super sturdy and can hold a ton!

Business cards: I usually just keep these in my wallet, but the Tuckernuck bag has a great zip pouch, and I’ve stashed some in there–along with a pen–as well.

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