What I’m Loving So Far This Week


Long time, no post! I’ve been super busy preparing for a big work event on Friday and combined with after work activities, getting sick for part of the weekend, etc, I haven’t had a ton of time to devote to the blog, oops! However, I did want to pop in with a quick mid-week post to share a few things on my mind:

1) Jack Rogers on sale (again!). You’ve probably heard about the official Jack Rogers summer sale by now, but if you haven’t and are in the market for a new pair of sandals (or booties for fall!), head on over to the site, because there are still lots of good styles left. I have been rotating wearing the four (!) pairs of Jacks I scored on sale earlier this summer and am trying to hold off this time since I’m more than stocked up, but that doesn’t mean you all can’t partake! 😉

2) KIND protein bars. Guys–I picked these up on a whim at Target a few weeks ago because they were on sale (I think 2 boxes of four for $6) and they are a game. changer. They’re not only delicious but are super filling–I’ve been eating a packet before my Saturday morning gym shifts and am usually good for the first three hours…only during the fourth hour do I start to get super hangry, haha. But seriously–I’ve tried more breakfast bars/granola bars than I can count, and these are so delicious (chocolate banana!) and full of fiber/protein, so they’re definitely worth keeping on hand or in a desk drawer for emergencies. I just spotted a few other flavors at CVS and picked them up, too.

3) Our new living room dresser! It feels funny to talk about a “living room dresser,” but this seems to be the trend at the moment, and I’m not opposed. I’ve seen people using dressers as TV consoles, makeshift bar carts, etc. My roommate and I needed more storage, and the console table that we’d had in our living room was also cracked and had seen better days, so we decided to replace it with something that could hold a bit more. I stumbled upon an amazing genuine midcentury piece (it’s American of Martinsville–the brand is going for $$$ on sites like Chairish) on Craigslist for only $30, and we couldn’t say no. I’ve had fun styling it and will hopefully post a picture on here soon (it’s tough to get a good shot downstairs!). I believe that older furniture is just made better than modern replicas, so it’s nice to be able to find a quality piece that not only looks nice but didn’t cost a fortune!

4) El Centro brunch. On Saturday afternoon, a coworker and I grabbed brunch at El Centro on 14th Street and it was an amazing deal (flag this if you’re local!). For only $39, you get unlimited servings off their extensive menu of Mexican food, plus bottomless drinks. We honestly sat upstairs on their balcony for three hours catching up and enjoying our margaritas! I’d highly recommend El Centro for big groups, too–there was a table of about 20 behind us having a blast!

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