A Few Room Updates

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After checking in with a little life update yesterday, I figured it was about time for a room update! I’ve been making lots of changes around here but needed to get some photos taken before I could share everything on the blog, and last weekend was the perfect time to do just that.


I talked about the cane chair DIY I did a few weeks ago but didn’t have great pictures to show at the time. I was able to capture some when the lighting in my room was good, so you can see the (mostly) finished product here. The sunburst mirror on the wall was a recent $8 Craigslist find, and the rattan and bamboo mirror that’s leaning on the vanity table (because it’s SUPER heavy) is something I purchased at Miss Pixie’s back in the fall–for only $45!

IMG_0334 (1)

I need to decorate the vanity table a bit more, but to be honest I don’t really sit over here because the lighting in this area isn’t great most of the day, and there isn’t an outlet for me to plug in a lamp. But it’s still a fun little spot to look at, and the table is a great place to toss mail, clothing to donate, etc.


Oh, and the mirrored end tables (kind of shown in the first picture in this post) are an update, too. I was struggling with what to use as nightstands after selling my IKEA ones (I had originally put the lucite tables from our nook area there, but I wasn’t loving that look, and then I was debating going mismatched but wasn’t sure if I liked that style, either). I stumbled upon these mirrored end tables on Craigslist (honestly, where else) for a good price and took them home. While they don’t provide storage, I like that they don’t take up too much visual–or physical–space but still serve a purpose.

Are you a fan of mirrored furniture? I used to think it was a bit overdone, but I really like how it looks next to exposed brick–it’s such a fun contrast and really provides a bit of a “rustic glam” look!

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