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Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! Mine was a little less busy than planned–I was going to work with Heather to shoot my apartment on Sunday, but we decided to postpone for a few weeks because the weather was disgusting–there was tons of rain which made for bad lighting, which wouldn’t have been the most ideal, especially since my apartment is generally super light-filled. However, I’m excited to see her in a few weeks and get some amazing photos taken then–she is super talented and did a great job shooting my space earlier this spring, so I’m excited to have her capture my latest updates! This coming weekend, I have a local wedding (I went to college with the couple and am so excited to celebrate with them and tons of our classmates) and not too much else planned, since I’m sure I’ll be exhausted by Sunday morning. I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about some of the things I’m loving at the moment, so here we go!



Roof Picnics + Lemonade Mimosas: On Labor Day, one of my coworkers came over in the evening after my photo shoot, and we decided to have a little roof picnic. (I’ll admit that we stayed outside for about 15 minutes before sweating our faces off and having to move inside). She was craving mimosas, but I told her those wouldn’t quite fly with me at 4 pm, so I picked up some lemonade instead to mix with prosecco, and it was such a refreshing alternative! I found this Minute Maid lemonade with only 15 calories per serving and am obsessed (and this is not in any way sponsored, it was just a fun way to mix things up!).

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: I’ll preface this by saying that I’m not normally a YA reader, so I didn’t have any major urge to read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before when I first heard about the book. However, when the movie came out on Netflix, I kept hearing rave reviews, and the other weekend afternoon I decided to sit down and watch it. The verdict? I loved it! I also just finished the book this weekend and couldn’t get enough. If you have a free couple of hours, definitely read/watch–so cute!


Vintage Game Night: Last fall, I had a friend in town and we took a little historic walking tour around Dupont, and one of the stops was the Woodrow Wilson House. The tour guide informed our group that every month, guests can stop by for a “vintage game night,” where they can explore the house, play old-fashioned board games, and enjoy drinks and appetizers for just $15. I had been wanting to go for ages but never made the time until last week! A friend who is new-ish to DC and I went and thought it was the cutest thing. (This would also be a cute date night idea, too!). There were a few other small groups there and I loved being able to do something more hands-on and DC-centric than your usual Wednesday happy hour.

Joining the DAR: Going along with the historic theme, haha…I’ve finally decided to join the DC chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution! My grandmother, who passed away 10 years ago, was VERY involved with the DAR for much of her adult life and did an excellent job keeping records of our ancestry. Since she had been a member herself and kept all of the relevant paperwork accessible for us, my application process was super easy, thankfully! I’ll admit that I’ve had mixed feelings about joining over the years for several different reasons and do want to make sure that my values and the organization’s align fully. But based on talking to Steph, who has become the sweetest blog friend and helped get me connected with the DC chapter, it sounds like a great group of women, and I’m eager to get involved soon! I’m also looking forward to honoring my grandmother in this way and learning why this organization meant so much to her.


A home tour I’m loving: This Refinery 29 home tour isn’t new to their site, but I came across it recently and love how glam the small space shown looks. I also am obsessed with the Craigslist-sourced peacock chair that’s featured in the tour!

Back to school: I’m two weeks into my nonprofit management class and am loving it so far! Going back to school feels a little weird–especially because somehow two years have already flown by since I completed my master’s, and it feels like it was just yesterday that I was starting that program! (Like, what do you mean I have to write more papers?!) However, the content seems super interesting and relevant to my career path, so I’m glad that I’m taking the plunge and slowing plugging away (with just one class per semester!) at this.

Charleston: Perhaps the best for last–I’m going to Charleston in October! I’ll actually be traveling by myself, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, and I’ve also been wanting to go to Charleston forever, so when I saw a good ticket price, I had to snatch it up! I’m generally fine being pretty solitary and don’t think I’ll have any trouble keeping myself entertained, although since the city is completely new to me (everyone on Instagram was surprised I’d never been, since Charleston is very much my ~aesthetic~) , I’m eager to get tons of fun recs! I’ve also started pinning tons of ideas and making lists on my phone for things to do while I’m there. The trip is only 48 hours long (and I’ll be there on a Wednesday-Friday), but I think it’ll still be enough time to check off a ton of fun spots! I was also super inspired by Katie’s solo trip to Charleston when I was booking it and will have to re-read her guide before I go!

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