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Snapped this during Elizabeth's Houzz shoot!
Snapped this during Elizabeth’s Houzz shoot and felt like it encompassed all of the below!

Food, books, and a home tour–basically the usual! But before I dive into several fun things (I drafted most of this post a few days ago), I did want to acknowledge the horrifying stabbing that happened in my neighborhood (or next-door neighborhood?), Logan Circle, earlier this week. It feels silly to write something brief before moving to light and fluffy content, but I didn’t want to skip over this, especially since it hit so close to home, literally. To put it simply, it’s absolutely frightening to me that a woman could get stabbed randomly while out on a run around 8 pm in an area in which she felt safe and at home (and one I know and walk through frequently). My thoughts are with the victim’s family and everyone else who was moved and terrified by this incident. It’s scary and unsettling that these kinds of things happen and can be so unpredictable.

True Food Kitchen: Have you ever eaten at a True Food restaurant? I hadn’t until last week, and I can’t believe I waited so long to try the one near me! True Food Kitchen is a healthy chain with a handful of locations across the country–though not many on the East Coast–and fortunately enough for me and other DC residents, one opened up in Bethesda not too long ago! I finally grabbed dinner there with my mom (who’s a big fan and has been a few times!) last week and loved it–I ordered a skinny citrus margarita, the hummus appetizer, and the teriyaki quinoa bowl with chicken. Everything was SO good (and I don’t even really consider myself a foodie!). I’ll admit that I hounded Mackenzie for recommendations first, since she is always talking about her love for True Food on her blog, and the hummus and teriyaki bowl were her fabulous suggestions!

Cooking for one: People often ask me if I cook my dinners at home or not, and I never really know what to say, because no, I don’t pick up meals to go or order in very often, but I definitely am not cooking gourmet dishes from scratch, either (cooking has never been something I’ve enjoyed very much!). So the extent of my “cooking” is preparing meals with easy ingredients and sides from Trader Joe’s–heating things up on the stove, really, haha. Needless to say, I was glad to come across this article on healthy meals you can make for one, because whipping up something for just one person doesn’t need to be depressing (and everything here looks really good). I’m definitely half sharing this on here so that I can file it away for myself if I need meal inspo!

Liane Moriarty: I just purchased a ticket for Liane Moriarty’s talk at Sixth and I in November, and I can’t wait! She’s been one of my favorite authors for a few years now (and wrote Big Little Lies, if you didn’t know!), so it will be awesome to hear her speak live and snag a copy of her newest book, Nine Perfect Strangers. Sixth and I has so many great, affordable cultural events happening all the time (Mari Andrew, Pod Save America, Call Your Girlfriend), and I love checking their website periodically to see who/what is coming next–it’s so cool that Liane Moriarty is traveling all the way here from Australia!

A minimalist home tour: This home isn’t 100 percent my style, but I found it super inspiring nonetheless (probably because the renter is a fellow thrift-addict!). I love how calming the bedroom area looks and how many separate spaces were created within is a 250 square foot area. Also, the outdoor space is a gem! The renter notes in the comments that because LA doesn’t get much rain, the outdoor area is super useable and she can just leave the cute setup in place most of the time without worrying about things getting soaked–jealous!

Rattan basket: I spotted this adorable cane/rattan basket in another home tour a few days ago and fell in love, because, as you know, I can’t get enough of anything cane! I love that the price point is just right, too.

Country concerts: Tonight I’m going with a friend (my good grad school friend’s twin sister, who recently moved down here!) and her coworker to see Kip Moore play at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, and I can’t wait! I went to the Fillmore once this past winter with another friend to see Chase Rice, and it was a great venue–right off the metro, near some great restaurants (go to Not Your Average Joe’s; their happy hour is amazing and we’ll be heading there tonight!), and super reasonable ticket prices. I’m excited to rock my cowboy boots for probably the last time for a few months. 😉


Salon Apprentice: I mentioned this on Instagram the other day, but I got an amazing blowout at the Drybar fo’ FREE thanks to Salon Apprentice! It was my first time using the site after having read about it a few months ago, but it’s pretty simple (and almost like a version of Craigslist but for beauty services! haha). Basically, stylists in training in various major cities (there are a ton) post when they need a model/person to practice on, what hair type/length they need, and leave their email or phone number. You can then follow up and respond to their ad–I was lucky to find a time that worked for me, but it took a few browsing sessions, as most of the appointments are during the work day and I don’t have a ton of flexibility (you’ll want to give yourself at least an hour and a half rather than the 45 minutes it takes to do a traditional blowout). The stylist I worked with was still training at Drybar but did an excellent job and was so friendly, communicative, and complimentary (I think we’re going to try to do more “practice” sessions in the future, and she said she’d even do my makeup sometime, too! #nocomplaints). It was so fun being pampered at one of my favorite salons, and while the process wasn’t 100 percent as seamless as it normally would be there, it definitely didn’t feel like I was doing anyone a favor to be there! I used to get blowouts fairly frequently when I lived in NYC (oftentimes pre-job interviews!) but haven’t indulged as much in recent years, though going twice this month has made me remember why I loved them so much–I also came home and immediately ordered a small bottle of the Triple Sec spray for no reason other than the fact that it smells absolutely AMAZING.

Museum Day and Reese Witherspoon: My coworker let me know that this Saturday is free museum day in DC, so mark your calendar if you need a weekend activity! Most of the museums in the city are free year-round, but this is your chance to go to others like the Newseum, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and more. I have a jam-packed Saturday but downloaded a ticket for Women in the Arts because I’ve been wanting to go for ages but have felt silly even paying the normal $10 fee when 1) I could go to any of the 646237 other museums here and pay nothing and 2) I have a veryyyy short attention span when it comes to museums and likely wouldn’t stay for more than an hour. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make my way over at least for a bit! Saturday night, I’m seeing Reese Witherspoon on her DC book tour and am so excited to drool over her new release, Whiskey in a Teacup, which was luckily included with the ticket! Reese has been my spirit animal for ages, so it will be amazing to see her–even if from very much afar–after all of these years! And, a few DC blog girls and I are grabbing dinner before at the Wharf, so it will be fun to catch up with everyone.

Whew…I think that’s it! What’s new in your neck of the woods?

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