A Few DIY Ideas

I absolutely love doing DIYs–I’m definitely not usually doing ones that are too difficult, time-consuming, or expensive, because #patience, but there are plenty that are quick and easy and still make a big impact. I find myself frequently thinking of ideas for future projects, and here are a few I’d do if I had more time/room at the moment!

Gold bamboo mirror: I love anything gold and anything bamboo, so gold bamboo patterns are just perfection to me. I’ve seen these gold bamboo picture frames on Amazon, which come in a ton of different sizes, and think they’d be adorable with actual artwork in them, of course, but it occurred to me the other day that they would also look amazing holding a mirror. I had been reading an article somewhere else about how easy it is to go into a frame store and ask for a mirror insert. How fancy would this look in a little apartment?! The pricing is great, too!


Mid-century modern furniture legs: I would love to purchase these cheap mid-century modern style furniture legs and spray or stain them. It would be the easiest way to upgrade IKEA furniture without spending $$. I may need to do this one ASAP! How perfect does the image (above) from the Lowe’s website look?

Framing a small rug: I was scrolling through an apartment tour recently where the owner had taken a woven rug and put it in a cool frame and hung it above her couch. It made such an impact visually and allowed her to showcase one of her favorite pieces (without worrying about it getting dirty, etc!). It led me to browse Etsy for fun rugs/crocheted items that would look nice framed. I feel like the framing process could be slightly more difficult or costly than it looks, but it’s still a neat idea to file away if I find the right piece!

IKEA mirror as a lamp: I’ve seen this mirror/lamp hack done a few times, and it doesn’t look too complicated and produces an amazing result! I would totally spray my materials gold, which another DIY-er did and it looked absolutely gorgeous. Sconces can be so expensive, so this is a great alternative for under $20!

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