Trying out Facebook Marketplace


You’re sitting at your desk at home or at work and realize you have something to sell or get rid of, so you…open Facebook? Trust me, it works!

Have you purchased or sold anything on Facebook marketplace? I tried it for the first time a couple of weeks ago, on a complete whim! I always forget about the marketplace option given how useful Craigslist has been (and am honestly on Instagram so much more than I’m on Facebook these days!), but I had heard some good reviews and wanted to see if anything good had been posted. Lo and behold, I found something fabulous–a white campaign dresser for only $40!

The post had been up for about a day, but I messaged the seller to see if the dresser was still available, and she said it was! It didn’t appear to be in pristine shape, but it looked good enough, and better yet, she was willing to drive it over to me since it was already in the trunk of her car. This was such a nice gesture since I don’t have a car and live about 20 minutes away from her.

I had actually just scored another white campaign dresser on Craigslist that’s now in my bedroom (and after buying it, I sold my more antique-looking one, which I also had loved but could no longer fit), so I actually put this one…in my bathroom. Don’t laugh. I wasn’t sure where I wanted it to go, but it fit, and I needed a bit more storage in there for towels, extra sheets, etc. I consulted Pinterest to see if bathroom dressers were a “thing” (it turns out they sort of are!), and it doubles as a little vanity/makeup station.


I’m also in the process of trying to sell a few things on FB marketplace, so fingers crossed that I find a buyer! I like how efficient it is since you can contact people and it goes directly to them via messenger (versus having to send a traditional email), and it’s nice to put a face to someone’s name before meeting them.

I’ll keep you updated on how that experience goes…and will share a picture of the dresser once I get a good one!

Photos by Heather Bien

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