Where to Go Apple Picking Near DC


Well, it’s finally October, which means it’s officially socially acceptable to embrace all things fall, right? In college, we’d go apple picking a ton at a place relatively near our campus in Maine, and it’s something I’ve missed since moving back to DC (there definitely wasn’t anywhere local to go when I lived in Manhattan!). Growing up, my family and I go Butler’s Orchard or Homestead Farm fairly frequently, which are great local places to visit if you want to get into the fall spirit. My friend Anna and I have now made the trek to Butler’s Orchard twice to stock up on tons of fall goodies, and our trip there this past Sunday was full of all things apple and pumpkin.


Butler’s Orchard is about an hour outside DC, and you’ll definitely need a car to get there, but all things considered, it’s not too far of a hike out of the city. Since Anna was coming from the suburbs, I met her at the Rockville metro station and we finished the drive from there, which took about 25 more minutes (if no one has a car, you could try to Uber from this point or from Shady Grove, but it may be a bit pricy!). Butler’s Orchard was pretty packed since it was a sunny Sunday, but we did a lap around the indoor store and stocked up on tons of apples, syrups, and of course, apple cider donuts! The store has everything from apple pie samples to local cheeses to salad dressings and dips.


We didn’t end up picking apples because there was a big festival going on and we’re both heading out of town later in the week (I leave for Charleston tomorrow!) and didn’t want to stock up too much aside from what we grabbed in the store (lots of honey crisps!). However, I’ve been apple picking and berry picking there when I was younger, so it’s definitely a good spot, and there’s another orchard down the road that you can visit if Butler’s is too crowded. Just note that you’ll likely want to have some cash on you, just in case–these places are small and it’s unclear whether the other orchard takes credit cards, though Butler’s does.
IMG_1921 IMG_1920 IMG_1914

We also had to grab pumpkins and gourds and take cheesy fall pictures, which made us feel like we were back in kindergarten in the best way possible.



Where are your favorite places to do fall things near DC? I’m always looking for fun day trips (my mom and I are going back up to Frederick to do some antique shopping and check out the leaves on Saturday) and am constantly making a list of new places to go!


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