September Reads/The Two Books You Need to Read, Stat!


This month, I read a whopping TWO books and am totally ok with that. It was an especially busy month with work, work travel, social things, and life things that sometimes just made me want to unwind with a movie, TV show, or nap rather than sit down and read anything, no matter how lighthearted. I also picked up a couple of books that I just didn’t like that much and abandoned them, haha. But mostly, I was slow because I didn’t want either of the books that I did read to end! And you know that’s the sign of a good book. My reading list is so long that lately I just force myself to finish books as soon as I can so that I can move onto the next, but there’s something to be said for just slowing down and savoring each chapter.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was my first September read, and I picked it up after watching the movie on Netflix. I’m not normally a YA reader but made an exception for this book and am so glad I did. I actually mailed it to my sister at college when I finished it because she’d watched the movie this summer and loved it as well (like everyone else!). If you’re behind, the book/movie tells the story of Lara Jean, an inexperienced high schooler whose secret letters to several crushes accidentally get sent out, only for her to have to deal with the repercussions of several guys now knowing how she feels about them. She then begins a fake relationship with one of the guys, which, you guessed it, leads to real feelings. It’s a super cute read and is actually part of a longer series (there are two additional books), so if you like this one (which is under $8 on Prime, so just order it already!), there’s more where it came from!

From the Corner of the Oval was my second read of the month and omg, I am OBSESSED. I actually first heard about the book through Katie and then realized it was a super huge deal at the moment and it would take me forever to get off the library waitlist, which was a bummer. I actually snagged a galley at a used bookstore last week (and was assured that it was the exact same as the published copy) and didn’t want the story to end (I honestly came back from the bar on Saturday night at midnight and kept reading, that’s how hooked I was!). The book is a memoir written by a young woman named Beck, who lands a job as a stenographer for Obama via a Craigslist ad (and I thought *I* was the queen of Craigslist…). She falls absolutely in love with her new world, and majorly falls for a hot male staffer (referred to as Jason), which leads to tons of drama…I won’t spoil the book, but things get MESSY (but very relatable and real). Beck’s observations of Obama are amazing and the story–while largely about her personal life and experiences as a 20-something–made me laugh, cry, and nod. I knew I would find the book interetsing because I’ve read other great memoirs by Obama staffers, but I didn’t expect to want to become friends with Beck–the book truly felt like a conversation, and her approachable tone, honesty, and pride in her work mixed with the right amount of self deprecation made her a relatable and engaging narrator. What made it even cooler is that Beck was living right in my neighborhood on Swann Street during her time at the White House, so I felt like I was retracing her steps with her! Katie and I can’t get over how amazing this book is and continue to text each other observations! Please pick it up ASAP!

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