My White Wicker Chair


I felt this chair deserved a post of its own partly because of how complicated it was for it to actually end up in my home! I often go back and forth with myself after responding to Craigslist postings, because more often than not I don’t really “need” something I see on there, but at the same time, I find it difficult to turn down what I know is a good deal on a cool piece–and as Colby assures me, I’m just picking up investment pieces for down the road ;). So this time, I emailed the seller, got a quick response, and made plans to travel to Virginia to pick it up the next day. But then I decided that the trek was too long, I didn’t need the chair (true), and my time would be better spent doing errands and things at home rather than spending an hour-plus (realistically an hour and a half to two hours if I metro-ed one way) picking up a Craigslist item. Right after I backed out (and immediately regretted it), the seller told me it was totally fine because someone else could come by the next morning, which made me feel better–as someone who sells a ton of items on CL too, I hate letting people down when they think they have a sale, because I know how annoying it is!


The next day, I was out running an errand and still thinking about the chair (I think I was actually gazing at the pictures of it on the Craigslist ad, haha) and how I shouldn’t have passed it up, when the seller emailed me and told me not only that her backup person flaked but also that she would be attending an event in DC and could bring the chair to my house for no extra fee. Umm, serendipity or what? I immediately replied saying yes, and within a couple of hours, the chair was mine!


I love these photos Heather shot of it the other week…it matches my new white dresser and really pops against the brick wall.

Do you have any ridiculous CL stories like this one? I’m glad the seller wasn’t phased with me being so flip-floppy…it was meant to be!

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