How I’ve Created a Plant Lady Oasis in My Home


I’ve been trying to incorporate more greenery into my home over the past year or so, and I made a big trip to the hardware store last weekend to stock up on some new plant babies. I love supporting the independent plant store in my neighborhood when I can, but the truth is that the hardware store has a HUGE selection of plants for amazing prices. It’s truly a little known gem–I was telling some of my local friends about it and they were shocked that it was such a great resource!


I picked up many of the plants pictured here during my hardware store trip on Saturday, and they ranged from $3.99 to $5.99 each, which is a fantastic deal. I’ve tried buying some cheaper plants at Trader Joe’s, where many of my friends also like to go, but I’ve found that they just haven’t held up as well. The hardware store plants are very affordable but not cheap in terms of quality, at least in my experience–so wherever you’re located, don’t forget about this option if you’re trying to add some life to your space! (There’s also something about being in hardware stores that makes me want to tackle a major home project…all of the workers are so nice and helpful and there are tons of other people walking around picking up supplies for their own interesting projects…I seriously almost left with wood to build my own shelves because deciding that it would cause unnecessary stress!).


Once I had my plants, I needed to figure out how to display them. I still don’t know if I’m in love with my current setup, but it’s a start. The shelf is something I picked up at HomeGoods on Sunday and is the perfect size for my plants (at least until they grow!). It was a little overpriced but seems to be doing the job. I knew I wanted something with tiers–and in an ideal world, I would have stumbled upon the perfect little ladder shelf–but I couldn’t find anything I liked in stores or online and wanted to just find a solution already (#impatient). The bottom shelf holds books that were sitting on my side table (which I now need to store somewhere), and I love that there’s room for my little gold spray can, too.

I’ve also been pinning tons of plant decor inspiration. Follow along with me as I save more ideas that you can copy in your own home!


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