What I’m Loving So Far This Week, #2


It’s been way too long since I’ve done one of these posts, but I’ll dive right in with a few things that have caught my eye recently!

1) Trader Joe’s Newest Products: It’s no secret I’m a big TJs fan any time of year (as are most of my friends), but I always love when new seasonal products get set out and stumbled upon some gems this week. Be sure to pick up a gingerbread-scented candle (mine is burning as I write this–so good), champagne gummies (not sure what I think of these, as they aren’t quite as sweet as other brands, but I love that TJ has hopped on the bandwagon), and the holiday bath products (hello, macaron soaps!), to name a few.

2) An interview with artist Riley Sheehey: I, like most of Instagram, am a huge fan of Riley’s work and have purchased several watercolor prints from her Etsy shop over the years, both for myself and as gifts. I love the feature on her that came out this past week–it’s always fun to learn more about the actual person behind a brand, and Riley seems wonderful!

3) Red Hen DC: Oh my goodness, I had been wanting to eat at Red Hen for SO long and finally had the chance to do so this week with my mom. We made a very early (5:30 pm) reservation a few weeks back, as it can be pretty difficult to get a table at a normal hour! The pasta (and everything else) was amazing and totally lived up to the hype. After I posted an Instagram story, several DC-area friends and bloggers replied and said just how much they love Red Hen as well!

4) Michelle Obama: A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to receive a (box!) ticket to Michelle Obama’s book talk in DC, and I was absolutely thrilled to go alongside one of my good friends from college. Michelle had the audience captivated the entire time, and everyone left feeling truly inspired and hopeful. Oh, and the cherry on top? Barack Obama surprised the entire audience by making a guest appearance toward the end, and it was incredible to see the two of them together–everyone was laughing, smiling, and enthusiastically screaming! Valerie Jarrett was an amazing moderator and the whole night was so positive and uplifting.


5) Plants! I’ve become more of a plant lady lately and have been adding more greenery to my upstairs. I’m hoping everyone will survive…my fiddle leaf fig died last spring after only a month or so, prompting me to stick to more low maintenance plants this time around (though I did scoop up a faux fiddle leaf over Black Friday and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail soon!).

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