Staying on Top of Workouts During the Holidays

Regardless of whether you’re a dedicated gym goer or more of a once a week workout kind of person, it can be extra difficult to keep up with your routine around the holidays. I was always really good at logging gym time this time of year in college because working out was a great study break as I prepped for final exams! But with work, a commute, and social/freelance obligations after hours, I’ve been struggling more sticking to a real gym schedule as an adult. With holiday parties starting to pop up on my calendar, I want to make sure I can squeeze in workouts without missing out on the fun stuff–and fun food! I’m a firm believer in everything in moderation, so I’d rather go to a party and eat (essentially) whatever I want and have a blast than deprive myself and complain about doing so all night (it’s always such a downer when people do this anyway…). Knowing I’ll get a workout in the next day makes me feel better about diving head first into the cheese plate!

So, how can you stay on track during the most wonderful time of the year?

1) Do a workout that doesn’t feel like a chore. ‘Tis the season for all things fun, after all, so don’t burden yourself with a less than desirable workout. For me, music is everything, and I’ll pick a spin class based on the playlist. A lot of studios do classes centered around certain artists or genres, which is always extra energizing–bad music can really ruin what would otherwise be a good workout class experience! Stay on top of the schedules at your favorite studios to make sure you don’t miss these kinds of classes.

2) Make it social. Find a friend or coworker and go to the gym together and then make it fun by treating yourself to salads or smoothie bowls after (or be extra festive and swing by a holiday market or put on a Hallmark movie to watch together). You can still be social after work while crossing a workout off of your to-do list!

3) Do a free trial class while on vacation. No need to pay for an overpriced class when you can use a local studio for free or at a discount, wherever you may be traveling. I’ve found some fun spin places in Florida that are much more affordable than the ones in DC, even after the free trial class is over, but be sure to take advantage of newcomer deals if you’re traveling somewhere for the holidays!

4) Walk around town. You need to do your holiday shopping and errands anyway, so if the weather isn’t too miserable, make a point to go on foot (until you’re carrying too many bags to walk comfortably!). Alternatively, take a 30-45 minute walk around your neighborhood while photographing all of the adorable Christmas decorations!


5) Try a new location. Even if you’re staying in town for the holiday season, you can still try a new studio to give yourself an extra dose of motivation. I used a friend’s gym in her apartment building the other week (where she snapped the super blurry photo of me above, haha…excuse how silly it looks but I don’t have a roll of pics of me working out and didn’t want to go photo-less!) and went on machines I hadn’t used in months. It was nice to switch things up and felt rejuvinating to be working out in a new environment (with new people watching, too!).

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