Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

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My last gift guide of the season is here! First things first…thank you to everyone who’s been following along, these have been really fun to make! I haven’t been using affiliate links for any of these posts, so click away to your heart’s content! I just wanted to have the opportunity to share some of my favorite products with you guys without worrying about the accounting and maintenance involved. If I do end up featuring more products on the blog, affiliate linking is definitely something I’ll consider doing (I’d been doing it for awhile in the past, but most of the stuff I talk about on here is thrifted or not necessarily linkable, so it doesn’t always make a ton of sense). I do receive products in the mail from time to time but I’m not required to review them and do not receive monetary compensation unless I’m doing a sponsored post (though if I could get paid to eat Dove chocolate, I’d be ALL about it ;)). This could all change down the line, but just wanted to make this all clear for the moment, since each blogger follows their own process and it can definitely be confusing!

Now for the gift guide! My family goes for a mix of fun and functional when it comes to stocking stuffers, and I think lots of other families do the same. (Side note: do you guys do stockings just for the “kids” or for parents, too? We always just had them for me and my sister, but I feel like lots of people do them for kids and adults, which is a cute idea!). Below are a few of my current favorites (you can scoop up most of these things at a store near you, since we’re getting pretty late in the game for online ordering!).

Mini dry shampoo: Something like this is perfect for a stocking and is great to keep on hand in your work bag or desk drawer. I’ve used the Batiste version a ton and know many other people who swear by it!

Gummies: You can’t go wrong with a bag of their favorite candy!

Dove chocolate: Speaking of candy, Dove sent me some of their new flavors to try out, and they’re amazing! I opened the box at work and gave a few of the bars to my coworkers and then sampled the raspberry and almond brittle ones on my own…so good! I’m normally most into plain dark chocolate and don’t go for fruity desserts, but the raspberry flavor was amazing. I was also a huge fan of the nutty almond brittle, which was a perfectly crunchy and delish, and then I used some of the milk chocolate bar when I made chocolate pretzels over the weekend! Look for these in stores near you!

Essie nail polish set: I love Essie nail polish and have a gigantic collection of different shades, although I don’t do my nails much anymore so I should probably consolidate them! I do like trying out the mini bottles (which are also easier to store), and this set would make a great gift.

Candy cane spoons: Hot chocolate season is in full swing, and these peppermint spoons are a fun addition to a regular cup of cocoa.

Fuzzy socks: I basically live in my fuzzy socks in the winter…they’re perfect for lounging, sleeping, and even wearing under tall boots on really chilly days. This set is perfect to split up among recipients!

Bath fizzer set: Bath products also are perfect stocking stuffers since they’re the type of product people don’t usually buy on their own (if only I had a bathtub in my current place!).

Satin loafers: Ok, these may be a little too large to fit into a stocking, but I came across them while browsing online and had to include them in this post because they’re so cute!

Ornament: A festive ornament can go right from the stocking to the tree!

Phone card case: I find these card cases super useful for stashing metro passes and business cards.

Cocktail kit: This is such a fun gift idea and I always love including it in roundups–perfect for spicing up their flight back home!

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