The Best Items at Target Right Now

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TGIF! Happy Friday, and most importantly, happy last day of work before the holidays! Tonight I’m seeing one of my best friends from high school who’s home for the break, and starting tomorrow I’m excited to unwind in Florida next week. I will likely be popping in with posts here and there, but I figure most people will be largely offline until after the new year (if you have to work between Christmas and New Years, hang in there–I did last year and know how hard it can be coming back on the 26th, whether you celebrate or not!).

My post today was inspired by Grace’s post last week, which was a roundup of her favorite Target finds. Her post prompted me to do some digging on the site (I’m always amazed with what you can find online versus in-store sometimes!), so I figured I would do my own version of a Target product roundup. Happy shopping!

1) This mini tulip table is too cute and is on clearance right now at an amazing price! I wish I had room for one (or two) of these!

2) If you can’t find a chair like this at a thrift store, this is the next best thing! While it’s not actually vintage, it for sure looks the part and would look adorable with a white furry throw draped over it.

3) I need to find this sparkling bottle–yum! I tried the regular wine last spring (mainly for the bottle, let’s be real) and it’s great!

5) Undereye brightening strips = gold, literally.

5) I’ve shared this leopard print belt on here before and may need to just pull the trigger and order it. Too cute!

6) I have way too much glassware, but if I had room in my cabinet for these, they’d be in my shopping cart.

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