5 Easy Ways to Get Your Place Organized for 2019


I’m normally a pretty organized person, but there’s something about the new year that makes me want to do an even deeper dive and get everything in order at home (plus, Tidying Up–Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show, which I and seemingly everyone else I know started last week–provides even further motivation!). But if you don’t have a ton of time to tackle your entire place–or really aren’t a fan of decluttering and don’t even know where to begin–these tasks are all pretty quick and manageable and will put you in the right direction should you decide to begin a full blown KonMari organizing spree!

1) Clean out and organize your pantry. This is a simple task that can be so satisfying, because honestly (even if you’re like me and don’t really enjoy cooking), who doesn’t love an organized kitchen?! After ordering these plastic containers off of Amazon last week, I spent no more than 15 minutes filling them up with pasta, granola, and even marshmallows (hoping they’ll stay extra fresh, I feel like marshmallows always get gross!) and then sorting through the other contents of my shelf in the food cabinet that I share with my roommate. I’ll be honest- I’m not normally a huge proponent of spending money on fancy kitchen storage, but I know that plastic jars not only look nice but are the best way to deter pests, too, which is essential when living in a city apartment. And in sorting through my dried goods, I came across food that I didn’t even know I still had and that won’t go bad for quite some time, meaning that I found some new meal inspiration for the week, too!

2) Revamp your closet. No, not by buying new clothes…but by trying out new hangers! (Honestly, it’s more satisfying than it sounds, promise). I’d been using soft fabric hangers for the last several years but then, while scrolling through Meg Hall’s new Facebook group, which is all about mindful spending and decluttering–definitely join if this appeals to you–I saw that someone had posted about these white wooden IKEA hangers, and I loved how they looked. I ordered five packs of eight and they arrived within two days, which meant that I could tackle my closet on Saturday afternoon. With shipping, the total cost was about $40, which is definitely a lot for hangers, but they have already made SUCH a big difference (I shared a bit on Insta stories over the weekend). I don’t live near an IKEA and don’t drive, so ordering online and paying the $9 for shipping was totally worthwhile. I love how my closet looks and need to order more for the remainder of my dresses and winter jackets. (And of course I had to share a pic in the Facebook group, where everyone was very supportive and equally excited about trying them out!).

3) Go through random drawers and cabinets. We all have random drawers that are meant to serve a particular purpose (even if it’s a frivolous one–I legitimately have a half a drawer dedicated to cute cocktail napkins) but end up getting a bit cluttered over the course of the year. Spend five to 10 minutes tackling a drawer and tossing/donating stuff that you no longer need or haven’t used in recent months. Getting rid of excess stuff (that just becomes junk) can feel like such a relief!

4) Move furniture around. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m the biggest proponent of changing up a space every now and then (or, like, every weekend if you’re me). This isn’t really an “organizing” task per se, but it definitely counts as a refresh. If you don’t like how a certain area of your home looks or it isn’t living up to its full potential, try switching up furniture placement or hanging up some new art. It can really make all of the difference!

5) Go through your beauty products. I see so many bloggers with beauty product collections that could rival a major magazine’s beauty closet (seriously!) and most of us don’t have the space or need for that much stuff but continue to accumulate it anyway because we think we need to try every single new serum or nail polish color (definitely very guilty in this department, I have a drawer of about 30 Essie bottles…). While I love to try out new products, I also do frequent cleanouts of my bathroom drawers and toss anything that I haven’t used in several months. If you have bottles that are unopened or products that are gently used, consider donating them to a shelter or similar organization (my office collects hygiene/bath products that we then donate to an organization at the university where we work–everyone brings in mini shampoo and conditioner bottles from business trips or their collections at home). In terms of organizing the products themselves, I have a little drawer system where I sort items by category (ex: face masks and creams, lip products, nail polish, travel-sized cosmetics) so that I know what I have on hand at all times.

What are your organization goals for 2019, and have you watched Tidying Up on Netflix? I’d love to hear!

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