My 2019 Wellness Purchases

I've been addicted to acai bowls lately after years of thinking I was allergic/negatively affected by them--so good for a post-workout snack!
I’ve been addicted to acai bowls lately after years of thinking I was allergic/negatively affected by them–so good for a post-workout snack!

On Sunday, I talked about organization tips to kick off the year, and today I’m focusing on physical wellness and a few of the ways I’m trying to improve this area of my life!

First things first, finding a gym. This has been a DILEMMA for me since moving to Dupont, seriously! When I first moved to my current place, I had already belonged to a popular gym chain with a few locations throughout the city that I used when I was living in Georgetown, but the location closest to my new apartment was still about a 15 minute walk away. I just didn’t think I would go (when you live in the city, who wants a 30 minute commute to the gym?), so I cancelled that membership. I spent fall 2017 mostly doing spin classes (and thanks to Groupon and the like, I found some good deals) and using ClassPass. Then, around this time last year, I decided to free trial a few gyms in the area before joining a very low key one right in my neighborhood. That worked out well until I started working at a gym this summer and learned I would get a free membership there. However, I still found myself choosing spin classes over the free gym (crazy, I know), and when I stopped working there a few months ago to focus on my freelance work, I resumed using ClassPass (switching over to the lowest credit option and simply adding more on as needed). I was also walking to and from work, which was about 45 minutes of exercise in itself. Then in mid-November, my office moved to a new location, which is overall more convenient during the workday but is about 10/15 minutes of additional walking uphill from my apartment. I now take the bus to work and have been relying on…guess what…spinning for workouts. But one of my goals in 2019 was to find a cheaper option that I still love, so I decided last week that I would rejoin my neighborhood gym from last spring (which is actually undergoing renovations, so in the meantime, they have a partnership with a super fancy gym nearby #nocomplaints). If you’re still following, this has basically been a long-winded journey of finding a workout option that doesn’t eat up all of my precious decorating money but still feels enjoyable. I think that convenience is key when it comes to working out and like that I’ll have the option to run to the neighborhood gym before work and come back home to shower and get ready, in addition to the fact that having a gym membership right nearby makes it difficult to make excuses not to go!

Kind of an aside, but…I also know several people who have recently gotten Peloton bikes over the holidays–and as someone who loves spinning, I’m intrigued, but I guess my thoughts on this are mixed. Price aside, I definitely don’t have space for one in my current apartment, for starters, although the idea of working out from home is obviously appealing, especially in winter months (my cousin in Utah just got one and I’m sure he’ll get a ton of use out of it!). That said, my coworkers were commenting on how I definitely have a “class personality,” and it’s so true–I love the social and motivational aspect of working out in a room full of people (even though I don’t really talk to people in the class unless I run into someone I know, it’s still fun to make conversation and be inspired by others). So I don’t know! Same thing about “workout from home” programs like BBG- I have several friends who are starting them, but I like the gym/class atmosphere a bit more (even if it means venturing outside in the cold!). Would love to know your thoughts on both of these things if you do at-home workouts!

Next up is this portable light therapy energy lamp. I am definitely someone who is affected negatively by the lack of daylight during winter, and I don’t know what took me so long to think of ordering one of these. I’m not sure if I’ll use it at home or in the office or both (I work in a corner with no windows!), but it just came in this weekend and I’m excited to see if it makes a difference. Spending time in Florida and being in the sun over the break definitely helped my mood, and I have a friend who has a large one of these that she sits in front of while she meditates each morning, she swears it feels like she’s actually sitting out in the sun–wellness goals! (I also picked up a bottle of Vitamin D pills when I placed my order, since I figure the real thing can’t hurt, either!).

Lastly, this is a boring (but very practical) purchase–I ordered this cordless water flosser off of Amazon and it also just arrived over the weekend. I’ll report back on if I think it makes a difference hygiene-wise, but I’m one of those people who is terrible at flossing (I blame it on just being over it after years of oral surgeries/appliances), so I know I need to make a change and this device has gotten great reviews. I actually first saw a similar one for sale on Prime Day and should have just snagged it then!

What are your wellness goals/purchases for 2019? I always love to hear what other people are doing and using!

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