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I’m writing this post while watching the snow fall out my window after having had the laziest start to the morning, and it’s kind of the best thing ever. While I spend a lot of time making my home someplace that I want to be, I admittedly like to cram a LOT into my weekends (especially in the mornings), and I don’t spend much time just lazing around in the apartment (unless I’m taking one of my glorious 2.5 hour afternoon naps, which is totally a thing on the weekends). On a typical Sunday morning, I’d probably be out the door early heading to a workout class or running errands or doing fake “errands” (like browsing the Georgetown Flea), but it’s definitely nice to have an excuse to sit around and do nothing but read, nap, and write.

I thought this would be the perfect time to write about some of my favorite cozy winter items, as it looks like there may be some more snow in our future this coming weekend (woo!), and the chilly weather in general is definitely here to stay.

I first wanted to share these weighted products that a PR company kindly mailed my way last week–and they’re AMAZING. I was gifted a small, fuzzy weighted blanket and a weighted eye mask, both sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, and I immediately put both to use after opening the package on Saturday afternoon. If you haven’t heard about the weighted blanket trend, you’re definitely missing out–they’re said to help with anxiety and insomnia, first and foremost, but they’re also just super cozy and make you feel a little more snug and “glued” to your bed, if that makes sense (I’ve always been someone who likes sleeping with a lot of layers, so I like this feeling). I had ordered this weighted blanket off of Amazon over the summer and definitely like it, but the fuzzy one I received (while smaller) takes things to another level because it’s just so warm and perfect for this time of year. And the eye mask, omg- I napped while wearing it on Saturday afternoon, and it was so peaceful and the pressure was just right–totally soothing without feeling too heavy. It’s also said to help relieve headaches and sinus pressure, which is a total win. In general, I haven’t really been able to sleep with eye masks (and I tried wearing this one for a full night but woke up with it buried under my sheets), but this was perfect for a quick rest. I already am looking forward to using it again during my next nap!

Speaking of fuzzy items, I wanted to share this super soft vest I just ordered from J.Crew factory. With sales, the total cost came to like $23, which is such a steal! It likely isn’t something I could wear it work, unless I kind of kept it at my desk to throw on when the office gets cold, but I think it would be ok in many more casual workplaces, and it will be perfect for lounging around on winter weekends. It’s also gotten great reviews!


Last but not least, while this isn’t a purely “winter” buy, this modern-looking black sconce is recent purchase of mine that’s made such a difference during these dark evenings that I figured I would share! I knew I wanted more light in my little sitting area upstairs, and I’d tried different variations of lamps and sconces, but nothing was really cutting it. As a caveat, sconces can be pretty expensive, and I shopped around a lot before coming back to this one, which I had first spotted on the Urban Outfitters website over the summer. Once I settled on this one, I knew I would need some professional help to hang it up (I pride myself on being able to do a lot of home-related tasks, but using a drill is a little beyond my capacity), so I hired a TaskRabbit and less than 45 minutes later, the sconce was hanging in my room! I’ll need to get some nicely-lit shots the next time I have someone take photos for me, but above is a picture I took when it was first hung. The look is definitely a little trendier than I often go for, but so far, I’m loving it, and it’s really brightened up the space and isn’t purely aesthetic. (My only complaint is it looks like maybe in an older iteration, the sconce arms were able to be bent into different positions, but that is definitely not the case now–although the image on the Urban Outfitters website suggests otherwise. Also, the size of lightbulb mentioned in the description is incorrect–you’ll need an E12, just as one of the reviewers luckily noted!).

What products are you loving this winter, and have you been taking advantage of the time indoors to make any new home improvements? xo



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