An Amazing Cane Headboard DIY Inspired by Serena & Lily


I’m so excited to share this post with you guys, because I know how much everyone loves a good DIY- and while this one is a little more advanced, the end product is absolutely STUNNING!

As you may remember, the other day I rounded up some Serena & Lily lookalikes that I found while browsing Soon after, a reader named Alicia messaged me on Instagram sharing her own DIY replica of a Serena & Lily headboard. From the moment I saw her pictures of the piece, I was blown away!

Alicia fell in love with the Harbour Cane Headboard on Serena & Lily’s website, but she wasn’t thrilled about the price tag and figured she could make her own instead. (As she put it, “Who doesn’t want to save $1,150 plus?!).


First things first, she did a search for DIY caned headboards on Pinterest and found this tutorial, which she ended up modifying slightly. With the help of her dad, Alicia recreated the look using a roll of woven caning (six feet’s worth to fit her queen bed) and crown molding/baseboard, which she painted using this shade from Home Depot). She and her dad then added a center piece of wood to make the result appear more similar to the Serena & Lily product and used these to secure the corners. Alicia says she also used lots of staples to hold the caning and make sure everything was tight!

Alicia then shipped the piece up to DC from her parents’ home in Florida via Greyhound bus! (I’ve heard of people doing this and was always curious about how the process worked, but that’s a post for another day). She’s since attached it to the wall above her bed using command strips.

While the project isn’t beginner level (as Alicia put it, “There were definitely saws involved!”), it’s so worth it given that the total cost of making this beautiful piece was $100 (minus the Greyhound shipping!). Alicia, you have me SOLD. Definitely check out the full tutorial for more detailed instructions (I also found this one on Apartment Therapy that’s also Serena & Lily inspired), and let me know if you decide to make this yourself!

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