Happy Hour Recipes with Ruthie of The Wild Carrot

As promised, I’m baaack–this time with some fun, easy-to-make recipes for your next happy hour or dinner party!

I was excited to collaborate with Ruthie on this post because I do love entertaining; I’m just not super comfortable in the kitchen and am looking to expand my recipe repertoire, if you will. Ruthie promised that her recipes would be super easy, and while I don’t think I nailed them 100 percent (it’s me, after all!), I did really enjoy piecing everything together because it did remind me 1) how many fun ingredients I could be incorporating into my usual meal prep (minced garlic, anyone?) and 2) how fulfilling it is to make something delicious AND be all set for the week in terms of leftovers (I filled up three tupperwares with leftover salad, which will be perfect paired with my usual lunch/dinner foods.).

Ruthie provided me with the recipes for her Truffled Turnip Fries and Classic Caesar Salad. If you know me, you know that fries and salad are two of my fave foods (ordering a salad + a side of fries is the way to go, obviously), so these were ideal meals to whip up at home. They really are perfect for a happy hour, because most people are looking to indulge a little with something salty but like having a healthy option available, too. (Though the fries are actually super guilt-free anyway, so no worries there!).


I modified the turnip fry recipe a bit because I didn’t want to splurge on the truffle oil, since I don’t do a ton of cooking as it is and wanted to stock up on ingredients that I know I’ll use. I’m sure it would have made the fries extra tasty, but I honestly liked them as they were! They would also be great with a little ketchup or honey mustard on the side.

When picking up ingredients for the salad and its dressing, I couldn’t find avocado mayo and ended up purchasing olive oil mayo instead. But OMG- regardless, the dressing was so good. My mom makes homemade dressing and always served it when we were growing up, but I don’t think to make my own often enough anymore. It’s just so much tastier than what comes in the bottle at the store and is obviously much healthier. What I especially liked about this dressing is that it has the classic Caesar taste without being too strong or heavy. I feel like I could actually eat these leftovers for a few days in a row and not get tired of the taste like I normally might.

Ok, so now for the end results!


These pictures may look a little funny since they’re just of the fries and salad (aka not a full meal), but I wolfed down this combo anyway because it was so good! If I were making an actual dinner, I would probably pair these things with a bowl of soup, a veggie burger, or really anything else with protein.


Thanks for following along with today’s collab–and be sure to hop on over to Ruthie’s blog for recipes galore!


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