Weekend Antiquing


I took advantage of the not-as-gross-as-predicted weather this past weekend and squeezed in one of my favorite activities–antique/thrift shopping!

On Saturday, I made my way up to Petworth to check out Mom N Pop Antiques. I’d first heard about this place through Instagram and had seen people share some pretty neat finds, but I hate to say I wasn’t a huge fan when I checked it out in person. It’s one of those antique shops that requires you to really dig, which is cool, as not everything is neatly set out and the store has lots of little nooks and crannies. (As someone who loves the thrill of the hunt, I generally appreciate this kind of setup!). That said, items weren’t necessarily grouped by category and there was just too much stuff to really poke around, and the feel was more “garage sale” than “boutique” (I like how places like Miss Pixie’s still feel very clean and organized, despite also having a hodge podge of items for sale). I did leave with a super tiny pineapple figurine that I thought would be fun for some kind of art project (maybe hot glue gunned to serve as a handle on a little box?).

I also really liked the wall art pictured above–the piece was really light in person and I considered picking up for $21, but I also wasn’t sure 1) where it would go or 2) if I could cover up a small chip I noticed. In the right type of room, it would look absolutely stunning!

On Sunday I went back to the Georgetown Flea for the first time in a few weeks. It’s always one of my favorite places to shop; the weather had just been so bad lately that I doubted any vendors would be outside the past few weekends. Unfortunately, this was still the case on Sunday–it was a total flop, I think almost everyone was worried about the wind coming later and chose to stay inside! I used to swing by all the time when I lived in Georgetown, but now that I’m in Dupont I have to make a bit more of an effort to go. I also will say that the Flea can be hit or miss, as I’ve mentioned before, but I was motivated to go back after spotting some really good finds right before the new year. I’ll have to give it a few weeks and wait until the weather is a bit warmer once again!


A few weekends ago, I popped into the Opportunity Shop in Georgetown, which I love. I was in the neighborhood already and hadn’t been in for months, and I’m so glad I took a few moments to browse because I ended up leaving with this BEAUTIFUL bust sculpture. It was a little pricey, but I fell in love with it–I think busts are so versatile, even if they’re a little quirky! Many of my favorite designers have incorporated pieces like this into their homes. It’s such a classic look!

What antique finds have you picked up lately/where are your favorite places to browse?

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