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I’m popping in with a quick post today before heading off to work–we had an early closing yesterday and a delayed opening at work today due to the “snow” (which really ended up being more like rain!), but I managed to squeeze in two workouts and tackle a lot of freelance stuff, so I’m grateful for the extra productivity!

I wanted to share two pieces that I came across on (where else?!) that I think are absolutely stunning and were such a great deal.

Image result for cheetah who shops mirror william stafford

Last week, I saw this sassy, stylish cheetah piece by William Stafford for sale and knew I had to have it. While I haven’t often come across designer art pieces at TJMaxx, I googled the photograph and saw that it had previously been for sale on sites like One Kings Lane and was popular on Pinterest (so I knew it was the real deal!). I’m so excited to add this piece to my home, though the exact spot is TBD! Unfortunately, it seems to be sold out at the moment, but I found it for a similar price on Wayfair!

I was browsing again yesterday and came across another William Stafford piece (aptly named “dirty habit”) that I must have missed the first time but is actually one I’d spotted on Pinterest a few years ago in this home tour and couldn’t track down. It’s certainly not everyone’s style, but I loved how it looked in the below image (it’s so perfect for a bar cart area!). If you like sassy black and white photographs that tell a story, this one is a must!

Bar Cart Styling Ideas - Bad Habit art print, exotic Python tray, mercury lamp, lucite bar cart, stacked books

The best part is that both images are huge (20 by 24 inches) AND come framed for only $80 each. If you wanted to frame a print of this size yourself, it would easily cost a couple hundred dollars, so this is a steal!

Are you a William Stafford fan/black and white photography enthusiast?

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