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I’m back, after taking a somewhat unintentional break! As I mentioned on Instagram the other day, I’m still working to figure out a balance with blogging and freelance work. Blogging brings me so much joy, don’t get me wrong! That said, I’ve been fortunate enough to have picked up a lot of writing assignments on the side over the past couple of months, too. All in all, at the end of the day, it’s more tempting (and realistic) to focus my energy on the side gig that helps pay the bills, especially when I’m writing content that’s similar to what I’d ordinarily be posting about on here for free. That said, even being “away” for a few weeks made me realize how much I value my DC to a “T” community (here and on Instagram), so I promise I’m going to post on here as much as I can, it just may not be as frequent as before. If only there was more time in the day!

Since it’s been awhile, I thought I would share a few things I’ve been loving over the past few weeks (and I have a post coming soon with reader favorites, too!):

-Bad on Paper Podcast. If you follow a lot of lifestyle bloggers, you’ve probably heard of Grace Atwood’s podcast Bad on Paper, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on here! Grace and her friend Becca host a weekly podcast that started out primarily covering YA books but has branched out to feature all kinds of guests, including other podcast hosts, fashion bloggers,  you name it. I’m not really a podcast listener on the day to day (I know, I know…I grew up in a family that listened to a LOT of talk radio and I was over it a long time ago), but Bad on Paper is an exception. Grace and Becca have a great dynamic and share a lot of amazing reads, products, trip recaps, and the like, which makes for fun listening. I usually catch up on episodes while I’m in never-ending Uber Pool rides, to be honest, as it makes the time fly by! Grace and Becca will be hosting the pod live in NYC on April 1, and I wish I could go see it!

-Nashville trip planning! I’ve posted about this on Instagram as well, but I’m headed to Nashville in May for a long weekend with some of my college girlfriends, and I cannot wait! I’ve been to Nashville once a few years ago but was by myself visiting a graduate program and didn’t get to do any of the fun exploring, unfortunately! (I do remember that the hotel room I was in was verrrrry cheap and located on the ground floor, and every night before bed I would push one of the flimsy desk chairs from the room against the door in case anyone tried to break in…). This time, we’ve booked an awesome Airbnb and thanks to all of the recs I’ve received from you all, have our must-see’s set out for us! Being the Type A person that I am, I’ve already started compiling a Google doc with everything that was recommended to us or is something I’ve come across on Instagram/Pinterest/Google/etc. If you have any must-dos or sees, please send ’em my way.

-Warby Parker frames: A friend of mine mentioned a few weeks ago that he needed new glasses frames and asked if I wanted to come with for stylistic input (so flattered, M 😉 ), so off I went to Warby Parker for the first time! Well, being the worst glasses owner of all time (i.e.: I don’t wear them ever and then when I do always end up leaving them in an Uber/crushing them in a purse/losing them under my bed and never being able to find them–all things that have happened within the past year), I realized it was time for me to step up my game and purchase a new pair for myself, too! Seriously…my backup backup pair was out of commission by this point, so I was getting desperate! I honestly don’t know what took me so long to visit Warby Parker, because the whole experience was so seamless (or maybe the margarita I had beforehand made it seem that way). We didn’t get to the store until about 20 minutes before closing, yet in that short amount of time I was able to try on multiple frames, pick out new glasses (only $20 with my United Healthcare insurance!), and also grab a new pair of prescription sunglasses. Both pairs arrived within a week, and I’ve been loving them so far. I always thought picking out new glasses had to take hours and cost hundreds of dollars–as it had in the past–and I was so, so wrong!

-Fire stick: This is actually embarrassing because I’m probably close to a decade behind the times, but I finally got a Fire stick (I keep referring to it as a “Kindle Fire” because I literally live in the dark ages) to watch Netflix/Amazon/etc on the tv I have in my room, and I’m loving it so far. I have been having a little bit of trouble with internet connectivity upstairs and may need to call Verizon (the worst task ever!) but am glad I am finally living in ~modern times ~ even if it took me this long! Again, let me know if you have any tips/troubleshooting advice, because I’m clearly very out of the loop!


-Beauty supplies at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. While I rarely share beauty products on here, that may have to change, because I’ve been stocking up on a ton of new makeup/lotions/shampoos lately thanks to frequent trips to TJ Maxx and Marshall’s (oops). Over the past few weeks, I’ve spotted brands like Drybar, Living Proof, Becca Cosmetics, First Aid Beauty, Urban Decay, and many, many more at these discount stores–and the products aren’t gross/expired/strangely colored, promise! While shopping at stores like these obviously means you won’t have the same comprehensive selection that you’d find at a Sephora or ULTA, you can find some pretty legit products for way, way cheaper than market price. Oh, and while we’re at it–I’ve added these shelves to my bathroom (I purchased two sets and stacked them on top of each other) and they’re perfect for product storage. They’re not amazing quality (as to be expected based on the low price), but I’ve jazzed them up with some gold knobs from Amazon and love the streamlined look. I’ll have to do a full “tour” of the setup sometime soon!

-You on Netflix: I posted about this on Instagram, but I binge-watched You on Netflix a few weekends ago and thought it was so good. If you’re not familiar with the show, it starts Penn Bagdley (Dan from Gossip Girl) as a bookstore clerk who becomes obsessed with a young graduate student and will do anything to have her all to himself (hint: there’s a lot of murder involved). While the show was definitely dark and creepy, I was hooked from the beginning. What made it better was that the bookstore is actually a real store on York Avenue in NYC (they just changed the name for the movie) and everything else surrounding it is there in real life (my former wine store made several appearances!). What I didn’t know when I was watching is that the show is based on a book by the same name, which I’ve since requested at the library.

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