So You Need a Book Rec?


I wanted to pop in with a quick post today because I did some blog housekeeping this weekend to make my books section easier to navigate. It was very text-heavy before, which made it a little more difficult to scan through! I went back and added photo collages for each month of book roundups (just like the one I used in my most recent book post on Friday). Hopefully this will make it easier to find new reads–books are something I get asked about a lot, and I always tell my friends to go here first and click through these past posts to see what I liked the most! Similarly, I often rely on other blogs for recs and love when people make their book posts visual so that I can quickly see everything they’ve been reading lately. Overall, though, this is also a fun way for me to archive everything I read, because at some point you honestly start to lose track! Click here to scroll through–happy reading/browsing!

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