Sunday Snippets, Vol. 1


Happy Sunday! I thought it would be fun to kick off a new series where I share articles that have caught my eye from around the web. I thought Sundays would make the most sense given that I have more time to browse around the internet and prepare these posts over the weekend; plus, for me, Sunday is all about unwinding with a good book/blog post/magazine. Hopefully you can do the same and start your week off on the right foot! These post won’t be weekly, but my goal is to publish them every time I find enough share-worthy articles that you all may enjoy. A caveat: the stuff I post on here is going to be more design/lifestyle/fashion-related since that’s what most of you are here for, obviously! I also read some great higher ed related pieces this week that I’ve shared with friends and family (I work at a university by day and am passionate about these issues, too) but am going to stay on topic on here–just wanted to assure y’all that I’m doing more than just reading about Taylor Swift. 😉

As for this week’s pieces:

The High-Paid DC Millennials Who Are Using Side Hustles to “Ball Out.” So, so interesting…side-hustling to afford Territory Food subscriptions is a thing. My coworker told me about this piece and it piqued my interest right away.

-Taylor Swift’s 30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30. Our fave 1989 baby turns the big 3-0 this year. I had to include this, and any die-hard fan has likely already read it, but I actually really appreciated some of her advice!

I Lived in a 280-Square-Foot Apartment for a Year–This is What I Learned. Not only is living in a small space like this entirely possible, it can also be totally stylish according as seen in this piece.

When Weddings Ruin Friendships (and this follow-up piece with reader-submitted questions). If you’re into etiquette or friendship dynamics, this one is for you!

Marshall’s Is Launching an Online Store and We’re Officially Never Leaving Our Beds. My only reaction to this is !!!! You guys know how much I love shopping on (it’s seriously so convenient and the selection is amazing), so I’m curious to see how Marshall’s stacks up/differs.


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