A New Glimpse Into My Room + Easy Art


Thank goodness for getting some updated home pictures taken the other week! I decorate and redecorate so often that it’s hard to capture all of my apartment changes in a timely manner (and let’s be real, I’ll forever be arranging and rearranging, so I’ll never be able to fully keep up!). However, I always love when I get a new batch of photos in from photographers that I work with, because it means I can finally share some new snippets of my home on here–this little nook in my bedroom being one of them!

When I first moved into this space in fall 2017, I placed a desk in this area–I primarily used it as a vanity/storage. Then, my building’s handyman kindly redid my closet doors (they used to slide open, and I had asked if it would be possible to install accordion doors instead, as this makes it much easier to see everything inside, especially since this part of my room doesn’t have great lighting at all times of day). This much-needed upgrade has been amazing, but it also ate up some wall space and made it so that the desk I’d placed in this nook didn’t fit as well. I turned it facing the other direction–it originally was flat against the brick wall–but I never fully loved how it looked there.

In the fall, though, I came across the gold standing mirror of my dreams on Craigslist! This thing was HEAVY, and I had to hire a TaskRabbit to help me carry it up to the loft (though I did manage to carry it up the three flights of stairs leading to my apartment all on my own, which was no small feat, trust me). I snagged it from a nice family redecorating their kids’ room and paid only $70, which was an amazing deal for such a large, well made piece.

I now love having a full length mirror to use while I’m getting ready each morning, and it just opens up the entire room so much, too. To jazz up the area, I placed a Chippendale chair (only $25 on Facebook Marketplace, score!) in front of the mirror and hung some artwork off to the side.


I’d shared a glimpse of this artwork when I’d gotten it made in the fall but never shared a final picture of it hanging, but if you’re looking to recreate the look, it’s so, so easy. I simply ordered an Ottomi placemat on Etsy for under $30 and took it to a local framing store (using a coupon, of course–custom framing is so expensive!). Within two or three weeks, the framing was complete, and I couldn’t be happier with the final product! I may have to order some smaller pieces of fabric and do more of these, as I love how Ottomi prints look grouped together.

I couldn’t be happier with how open and bright the area looks now–all thanks to a few thrifty finds and a little DIY!

Photos by Kimberly Graydon 

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