Rug Revamp


I honestly think that the right rug can truly make a room feel “done” (or as close to done as you’ll get if you’re me). I’ve tried out a few different rugs in my bedroom but realized that something with bright colors works the best against my dark wood floors. For awhile, I tried to go for more neutral colored decor to make my space really feel cabin-like and serene, but it just felt like something was missing.

I love browsing Etsy to find the perfect vintage rug and have found such amazing deals that I’ve stopped defaulting to traditional websites selling newer items, but then I stumbled upon this option and changed my mind because it totally looks vintage! (I purchased it from Birch Lane, but it’s the Loloi brand and is sold on other similar sites as well, just search the style to find where it’s cheapest at the moment!). Immediately, I knew it would work perfectly in my space (I ordered the 5 by 7.6 inch size), and I’ve been so happy with the pop of color it adds to my room.


As for other decor updates–I snagged the pair of brass sconces for $20 at the Georgetown Flea in January and love the midcentury modern look! The bench at the end of my bed is something I’ve had for awhile now and people always comment on it–it’s great because it can fold up for storage, and it actually is something I scored on Amazon Prime! I wrote an article for Apartment Therapy about it, because it really is such a useful piece!


My duvet cover is from Amazon as well, but I’ll admit that white was a bold choice (#spillprone). However, it’s super cheap (only $15 at the moment; I believe it was $25 when I bought it) and easy to replace if needed. I just am not coordinated enough to drink coffee/snack in bed without spills/crumbs ruining things, so I’ll never be able to justify expensive bedding! I talk more about the mirror/chair area in the background in this post, if you’re curious!

Photos by Kimberly Graydon

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