Mixing Antique & Modern


I know that I’ve showed this nook tons of times before, but I haven’t gotten great pictures of it since I (well, a TaskRabbit) hung this black Urban Outfitters sconce back in January. I love how the area looks with this addition–and the extra light was certainly much needed–but I also appreciate the modern touch that this light fixture adds to the space.


While I 100 percent have an appreciation for antique and vintage pieces, I never want my home to look too stuffy or “old lady,” especially because I’m still in my 20s and kind of have the freedom to decorate however I want right now (without having to compromise on styles with a significant other or pick up after kids!). The stuffiness can happen when I actually am in my 70s or 80s…though, honestly, that may just be a stereotype, because my 87-year-old Grandma has the chicest style. 🙂


In order to add some “youth” to my collection of cane furniture and vintage-looking wall decor, I’ve picked up a few key pieces (in addition to the sconce, of course) that I think work well with this small space–1) this small Serena & Lily stool (also, whoa, the prices on these have gone up a ton since I purchased my set last year), which is airy-looking and doubles as an excellent plant stand, 2) a classic jute rug that keeps the space looking light, and 3) a crocheted hanging plant pot. The lucite CB2 nesting tables, which I purchased off of Facebook Marketplace, are also a vintage/modern hybrid, given that these pieces become popular in the ’70s but their clear, clean look translates well to today.


I’ve loved working in this little space in the mornings or on days that I’m tackling assignments at home, and I even recently had my landlord install a pendant light on the other side of the room (yay, even more light!), so I’ll have to get a few photos of that sometime soon!

SarahLyon_3-10-19-46Photos by Kimberly Graydon

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