3 Ways to Have a Better Morning


I’ll admit that I’m totally not one of those people who rolls out of bed every morning as soon as the first alarm sounds. There are more than enough times where I can barely get up and do the bare minimum to get ready for the day (these are the times when bed making = optional). That said, there are other days where I either know I have a busy schedule ahead and want to carve out some me time when I can, or just know that mornings are and always have been my most productive time of day and want to try to use this to my advantage. My mom always reminds me how even when I was a little kid, waking up in the morning and tackling a difficult homework assignment that was bothering me the night before made a huge difference.

In no particular order, here are three things that I try to do in the morning when I can.


1) Work out. I’ll never be able to be one of those people who works out every morning, as I just generally feel much better when I’ve had food in my stomach and have energy from the day that I want to burn off. However, on days where I know I’ll have after work commitments (my office has a lot of evening events, for example), I’ll make an extra effort to squeeze in a workout early. I usually sign up for a class on ClassPass rather than going to my gym in order to give myself an extra dose of motivation–cancellation fees are a major no-no! My favorite spin studio, which happens to be in my neighborhood, also offers morning classes at a discounted rate (it’s still somewhat pricey when shoe rentals are factored in, but it’s cheaper than paying for SoulCycle or Flywheel), so I like to go to those when I can. I’ve come to really appreciate this little studio even though I rarely talk to anyone else as I come and go (#sleepy). It’s just nice to have a place that I like in the neighborhood, and the eight minute walk to and from my apartment helps me get amped up for the class and then for the day. If I have time (I usually don’t or convince myself not to spend the money), I’ll grab an iced coffee or a yogurt on my way back home from whichever studio I go to, which is an added perk.

2) Read! This past January, I read in bed for half an hour or so before work for what seemed like almost every day! I would go downstairs, make a cup of coffee and maybe grab some breakfast, and then climb back into bed and enjoy some uninterrupted reading time. Unfortunately, as work and life has picked up a bit since then I haven’t been able to do this as much (I’m never one to turn down extra weekday morning sleep), but I’ve still made an effort to try every now and then and have really enjoyed it.

3) Check something off my list. As I said, there are some days where I barely do the minimum in the morning, but other days, I somehow become extra productive. Earlier this week, I carved out time to see the cherry blossoms before work since I know how crowded the Tidal Basin gets later on. It was so nice being down there with a small crowd and getting some walking and pictures in before starting the day. Other days, I’ll tackle a quick organization project or do something like assemble a gift bag I need to bring to an event later in the week or even just stay in bed for a bit and write a blog post. I love being able to check something small off my list before the day starts.

What’s on your daily morning agenda, and does your daily schedule change all the time like mine?

Photos by Kimberly Graydon

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