Design Fangirling


Just a few things I’m obsessing over at the moment (the above chair/blanket situation included)…

HGTV Magazine. Love reading it, and the campaign dresser styling in the latest issue made me want to scream–in the best way (but I didn’t, because I was reading the issue on a plane and didn’t want to freak anyone out…).

Emily Schuman aka Cupcakes & Cashmere now has a home line for Lulu & Georgia (a site I absolutely LOVE). She also has a few items available at Nordstrom (oh my goodness, that marble lamp!).

I came across this ginger jar tray on Etsy and it’s the. cutest. thing. ever.

Speaking of ginger jars, how cute is this wrapping paper?!

Target has the best home decor. I spotted these insanely affordable lamps in Lauren Nelson’s home tour (which is giving me tons of inspiration as I plan out my new apartment decor) and think they’d make a great addition to any room!

Ahhh, I’m in love with this floor mirror and tray table. Ikea, people!

Any design finds you’d like to share? Have a happy weekend, all!

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Decorating for Less: My Tips


I’m all about decorating on a budget. I personally believe that it’s even more satisfying to see a room come together when you know you scored everything in it for a great deal. That’s not to say investment pieces aren’t important too, but as 20-somethings, many of us are still figuring out where we’re going to live permanently, so it can be somewhat freeing to know that you can always get rid of that mattress if you absolutely need to (not that I’ll ever get rid of mine–my bed is seriously the comfiest thing ever!). A couple of months ago, I came across this Everygirl article on tips for saving money while decorating an apartment, and I thought the suggestions were great! Since I have used many of these tactics myself, I thought I’d share my take, and hopefully it will inspire you to follow suit!

The article recommends joining local Facebook groups, which has been super useful in my experience. If you live in a college town or area where people are constantly moving in and moving out each year, you’ll see a TON of furniture/accessory postings on Craigslist or maybe even in your apartment building, if you truly live in the heart of a student-oriented area. If you go to a college or university, odds are your school has a “free and for sale” Facebook group open to members of the campus community only (so you know it’s relatively safe), and this is a great way to find all sorts of items for cheap (when I say all sorts, I mean all sorts. Use your imagination here. But most of them are relevant to this post). When I was in graduate school, I was able to purchase a coffee table, vanity, set of side tables, a Kate Spade wallet, and more from this group, all for no more than $25 each. Talk about a deal! I’m still working on finding a similar type of group in the “real world.”

The Everygirl also suggests browsing thrift stores and estate sales. Goodwill can have some great stuff, you just have to be patient. In Florida, I found a set of banana leaf print porcelain plates and screamed out loud in the store (will have to post pictures once I’m moved in to my new place!). In Philly, I found a cute bar cart for only $11, which I repurposed with marble contact paper–the end result was super classy-looking!

The last tip I have tried out myself is purchasing furniture from friends! As you may recall, I picked up an awesome bar cart from a friend who just didn’t use it anymore. All of our other friends kept insisting that it should go to me, because they knew how much I would love it (thanks, everyone!). If you live with a roommate who is moving out, it may be worth asking her if there is anything she would be willing to sell–the best part is you can see the item’s condition up close AND cut out transportation logistics.

What do you think of these tips? Any others to keep in mind?

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My Fave Instagram Accounts

IMG_3667 (1)

Let’s be real, guys. Instagramming is HARD. Now that I’ve started posting blog photos, I have so much more appreciation for those who can perfectly “stage” a shot and think of witty phrases and find objects to style. While the above photo is my own (and I’m pretty darn proud of it for now!), there are lots of ig-ers who have entire pages filled with cute pics like this one. I always love when other bloggers share their favorite accounts to follow (but I often find myself searching and clicking on random hashtags until I find an account that I can’t get enough of!). But I’ll save you that step. If you’re looking to fill your feed with even more cuteness, check out these 10 accounts:

@meganpatty_ I love Megan’s blog, Sparkles & Sprinkles, and her Insta embodies everything you’d expect based on that name! I love her use of bright, cheerful colors, but let’s be real, I’m totally also on her page to swoon over her adorable golden retriever puppy.

@notes_from_monroe I started following Anna when she lived in Australia (she’s in NYC now!) and could not get enough of her adorable apartment (seriously, it is perfection) and loved following along on her adventures with her pal @theladymimosa (also a must-follow!) If you love home decor and all things chinoiserie, these are your girls!

@carlyahill Carly’s account makes me wish I still lived in New York largely because all of her food adventures. Seriously, she manages to find all of the cutest spots (but they’re mainly downtown and still would have been a trek from my UES apartment…at least that’s what I tell myself to ward off the jealousy!). Check this out if you live in NYC or need some inspiration for your next visit!

@historyinhighheels Ok, an academic who is also a fashion/lifestyle blogger with a cute apartment and research that takes her to Italy? Officially jeal. If you love food, fashion, decor, education, and travel, this is for you!

@lilpoppybigworld This account has absolutely nothing to do with clothes or decor or blogging but it chronicles the adventures of the most adorable little hedgehog (I never even thought of hedgehogs as cute until I came across these pictures, but consider me converted!). The pictures are so creative and had me wanting to adopt my own 🙂

@kateymcfarlan I’m pretty sure I discovered Katey on Insta before I realized she had a blog, but I love her style and home posts (oh and she just announced her pregnancy, so more adorable posts to come, I’m sure!).

@styledbychloeliv I’ve also been following this page for awhile! Chloe is an amazing interior decorator living in New York and we’re seriously style twins (although I could probably say that about everyone I’ve mentioned so far, haha…I definitely follow people who all share a similar aesthetic!). I have loved watching her apartment evolve and it looks amazing!

@pineapplesandcoffeecups One of those perfect accounts that is always colorful, cheerful, and creative–also I’m glad there’s someone else out there with a huge addiction to cute mugs.

@agirlastyle This account has seriously made me want to live or study in Cambridge on multiple occasions…Briony’s “clever fiancé” (could her nickname for him be cuter?) is a student there and the two always seem to be having the best time–think macarons, punting boats, midnight croquet…BRB, heading across the pond for a bit!

What are your favorite accounts to follow? Do you follow these? (I love finding out that friends of mine follow the same accounts as I do, it’s like we’re both in on the same little secret, haha).


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Office Inspo


My new apartment has an awesome breakfast nook that I was planning on using to, well, eat breakfast, but I’ve decided that maybe it’s more practical to put my desk in there because I eat all of my meals on the couch anyway it would be nice to have a little more room for it so that I can really spread out when I work. For me, the slightest decorating idea turns into a Pinterest binge and I’ve found more office inspiration than I can keep track of–oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, Katey McFarlan’s office tour is the cutest thing ever and totally reflects my style–wish I could just order all of the stuff she has and dump it into my apartment, haha.

Let me know what you think of the looks below!


I’ve had my eye on this For Like Ever poster for, like, ever (sorry, bad pun), and I love how it adds a pop of color to a white/clear desk. PS: Curious as to how the poster got so popular? This article explains it all. Hint: it all started with a thesis project!


Could this office area be more cheerful? I think all of that color would be a little too loud for my space, but can you imagine how much fun it would be to work there?


I’ve had this imaged pinned for awhile and love the classic look and the books laid out on top of the desk. Great idea to use a desk as a nightstand!

Decisions, decisions. Which look do you like the best?

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Lilly For Days


I ordered this Lilly dress a couple of months ago on Poshmark (hop on over and shop my closet!) and planned to wear it for summer events, but I think it would actually be cute with tights as well when the weather gets cooler. Most of Lilly’s dresses have such loud prints that they’re definitely seasonal, but the darker colors on this dress definitely make it a little more fall appropriate in my opinion.

The dress is super comfy and has a fun print without being too juvenile. The tie belt is a nice feature in order to make the dress a little less boxy. Also, I’m still mastering the art of the outfit photo, eek.



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Ginger Jar Bar Cart


I already mentioned the other day that I’m a bit of a furniture fanatic…let’s just say that when it comes to bar carts, my crazy tendencies are even more magnified!

In my first apartment in New York City, I used a small console table from Pier 1 as my “bar cart,” but honestly it never had any bottles on it and mostly just held cute cups, straws, coffee table books, and the like. When I moved to Philadelphia, a friend of mine told me she was selling her gold, vintage-looking bar cart for only 30 bucks, and you can bet I jumped on the subway to her place to take that baby home (don’t worry, I took an Uber for that part) the minute she was free! However, since that cart is pretty large, I ended up eventually using it as a side table next to my bed (I was inspired by the image below), and I used a different cart (also a secondhand score!) for the actual bar supplies. Whew, that’s a lot to keep track of, I kind of have furniture ADD at times! Let’s not talk about the other cart I purchased from Goodwill and then fixed up and sold…


If you’re a normal person who only buys ONE bar cart and sticks with it (please teach me your ways), you may now be wondering how to style it. While there are a million posts floating around the internet on how to decorate a bar cart, I’ll have to say that coming across the above image on Pinterest definitely inspired me. Ginger jars have been and continue to be all the rage among bloggers and other interior decor-obsessed folks, and I love the idea of storing them on the bottom shelf of a cart.

I guess I would maybe worry about them getting knocked over by eager bar cart visitors (ha!), but otherwise I’m totally on board. Thoughts on this look?

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Pink & Gray Bedroom Decor

Abstract art + cozy bedding + fun pillows...what more could I want?
Abstract art + cozy bedding + fun pillows…what more could I want? (Image from Adore Home Magazine)

These two images popped up on my Pinterest feed a few days ago and I saved them right away—while these aren’t the normal colors to which I gravitate when decorating, I absolutely love how the pink looks with the various shades of grey and wood accents.


Image found here.

The colors and accessories are also giving me serious H&M home vibes—if you haven’t checked out their products before, hop right on over! I’ve ordered pillow covers from the site for less than $5 each, and the small décor items are super cute and affordable, too. Now if only this pillow was still available! I’ve rounded up a few items from the site that could easily be used to recreate the looks shown above.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 4.29.08 PM

Pink blanket, wood box, wood tray, fitted sheet, pillow


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