Copy Cat: Lauren Nelson’s Bedroom

I absolutely love Lauren Nelson’s style and was super, super excited when she revealed her new UES bedroom. It’s preppy and nautical and simple and just came together so well that I had to share it with you all! I’ve included some bits and pieces in this post, but click here to see the full tour on Lauren’s blog.

You all know how much I like finding adorable pieces for a bargain, so I decided to “recreate” Lauren’s look using a few decorative items I found online…

Via Lauren's Instagram
Via Lauren’s Instagram

If you like the above look, try this…

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 6.36.31 PM

This Target mirror is absolutely adorable and is much, MUCH cheaper than designer versions! I’m absolutely loving Lauren’s pick from Serena and Lily, though!


If you like the above look, try this…

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 6.40.51 PM

Lauren’s Wishbone chair is pretty affordable (and is on Amazon!), but if you’re interested in a slightly cheaper option, I like (and own!) this one.


Get the geometric pillow look with this and this option, below:

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 6.45.11 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 6.49.15 PM


Don’t you absolutely love her space?! All of the blue and white is so calming, and I love how clutter-free her room is without looking boring!

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Life Hacks

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 6.29.16 PM

After a four day trip to New York (more on that soon!), I’m ready to get my life back into order with laundry, grocery shopping, gym time…you know the drill. Thankfully, I’ve come across a lot of articles that will make getting re-organized that much easier, so I just had to share them with you all!

Working at a school is awesome because I’m able to partake in a (very good) meal plan during the year. However, now that classes are no longer in session, the cafeteria is closed and I have to bring my lunch for the next three months! Luckily, this article has some healthy spins on delicious sandwiches and salads, and I just may have to try a few!

A good friend and I are in the process of planning a Charleston trip, and this handy guide to planning a girls weekend in the beautiful city will certainly be much appreciated!

If you’re wondering what on earth to do with your hair during sweltering DC summers (the humidity is REAL), these tips are for you!

Keep receiving bottles of rose as hostess gifts? Here are a bunch of fun ways use ‘em up (not like you can ever have too many!)

I breezed through a ton of Serial while on the bus this weekend, and it’s pretty addicting! (I know I’m super late to the game, but I have a hard time getting into podcasts). Here are a few more podcast recs if you’re bored AF on your commute and need something new to try.

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5 Things to Do Before You Move


It seems like everyone moves over the summer. My lease is up in August, and I’m planning on renewing it for another year, but lots of my friends are in the process of looking for new places, moving in with significant others, etc. And it seems like whenever I talk to people who ARE staying in their apartments, it’s the first time that they’re doing so since college!

Being on the go is just a fact of life when you’re in your 20s, but if I’ve learned anything over the past several years since college (which have been filled with five different moves), there are definitely ways to ease stress before the big day…

1. Make a list of everything you need to do for the move. I did this last summer and it was SO helpful. I had some time off before I started my job and was able to take care of a ton of things then (like scheduling movers!) and crossing items off a physical list was so satisfying. It also definitely helped to have tasks written down in one place so that I could be sure I wasn’t forgetting anything. Most people would probably prefer to do this digitally, but it’s the concept that counts!

2. Give yourself time to sell or donate unwanted furniture. If you’re ready to part with the IKEA shelf you’ve had since apartment number one, Craigslist has you covered! Just make sure that you list items early enough in advance that you’re not scrambling to find a buyer right before moving out. If you have furniture that isn’t in good enough condition to sell or donate, you can definitely call people to pick it up and toss it, but keep in mind that this can come with a hefty fee. If you live in an apartment building, talk to your landlord before putting big items out on the street, as the last thing you’d want to do before moving is get your building ticketed! Click here to see how I handled getting rid of a less than perfect piece of furniture without causing any trouble or having to put in much effort!

3. Say bye to your neighborhood! Even if you’re just moving from one neighborhood to another within a larger city, don’t forget to make one last trip to your favorite coffee shop, bookstore, ice cream place, whatever. Of course you can always come back, but moving day (which may equal an upgraded, more exciting apartment!) will feel less sentimental (it always does, no matter what) if you feel like you made the most of your old digs/surrounding area.

4. Take care of canceling your internet, changing over renter’s insurance, updating your mailing address, and the like. I absolutely dread these tasks but feel so much better once I bite the bullet and just do them. Of course, you can’t do many of these until the last second, so add them to your master list (see tip number 1) to keep these important to do’s on your radar.

5. Eat up all that canned food! You don’t necessarily want to be moving across town (let alone across the country) with boxes of food…save money and cardboard boxes by eating up your food during the weeks leading up to your move. It’s fine to save a couple of things (you’ll need food in your new place, after all!), but think how nice it’ll feel to start over with empty cupboards. You can also donate any unopened, unexpired canned and packaged goods to a local food panty rather than hauling them with you!

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3 Things That Got Me Through Grad School


I have a lot of friends going to grad school all of a sudden, which is super exciting and makes me want to go back and do it all over again (well, kind of)! My grad program was only a year long and really flew by (so cliche, but true). A few things that got me through (other than coffee, of course)?

Workouts: I used the university gym almost every day and also loved taking classes off campus when I had extra time/money. I learned that Flywheel classes in Philly were only $18 with the student discount (they’re generally about $30), so that made for a fun indulgence every now and then. As much as I like listening to my own music/thoughts while I work out, there’s nothing like the energy that comes with a group exercise class, and Flywheel really helps me torch some major calories. It was also nice to leave campus every now and then and head downtown for the class.

Socializing: This obviously varies from program to program, but your grad school experience likely isn’t going to be nearly as social as your time in undergrad was (they call college the best four years of your life for a reason!). However, I was pleasantly surprised that I still had ample free time to spend with friends from my program. I loved hosting small groups of people at my apartment or exploring the city with a friend or two. In fact, three of my grad school friends and I are still in a group chat that we use daily! Even though we were in a one year program, people still wanted to get to know each other (not to mention that the friends you make in grad school will always be valuable professional contacts down the line!). Don’t expect the same go, go, go experience of event after event after event that you had in college, but don’t lock yourself up in your room/the library and give up on meeting anyone, either!

Nesting: This may not be for everyone, but taking the time to make your apartment or dorm room feel like home can really improve your quality of life! I knew that I would likely only be staying in my apartment for a year and would leave after the program was over (which is pretty much what happened), but I still wanted to come home every day and feel relaxed and like I was living somewhere that was more than just temporary. I also did the bulk of my studying in my room and really liked having a nice desk setup and a big kitchen table for projects–making a space practical is key!

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Productive Things to Do When You Have 15 Minutes


You know when you find yourself with a jam-packed weekend or post-work schedule but still want to feel productive? As satisfying as it can be to take a day to just get your life together (think: clean, do laundry, have a long catch up date with a friend on FaceTime, grab a meal with family), it just can’t happen every single week. Even in busy times, though, it’s still more than possible to cross pesky tasks off your to do list. Here are a few simple but productive things you can do in 15 minutes or less:

-Write a letter to a friend. Have a close friend who just moved, started a new job, or had another exciting (or possibly difficult) life change? A handwritten note is always a nice touch, and it shouldn’t take you too long to write something and pop it in the mail. Whether she’s settling in to her first home or going through a tough breakup, your friend will most certainly appreciate a good old fashioned note more than a regular text or email.

-Read a chapter (or even a few pages) of your latest book, or go online to your public library’s website and reserve a few new things. Or jot down an idea for a book/article/blog post that YOU want to write.

-Read a blog or two. It can be hard to keep up with fellow bloggers and stay on top of all of the new content out there, but leaving a nice comment every now and then is always a great way to let someone know how much you appreciate their content. Plus, you may find yourself inspired by things other bloggers are posting about, like a new workout class or an awesome place to buy apartment decor.

-Mail in insurance claims/pay bills. I always dread doing these types of tasks but feel so much better when I just bite the bullet and get ’em done. Honestly, filling out boring forms can feel SO satisfying when you know it’s one less thing you’ll have to do later.

-Pack your lunch for work tomorrow or write down your meal plan for the week.

-Reach out to a potential business contact or acquaintance. If you’ve been itching to email that blogger or are curious about whether your college classmate has an opening within her company, don’t hesitate to shoot off a quick message! Whether you’re looking to schedule a coffee date or an informational interview, it’s never too early to get the ball rolling. I’ve already met some great people through blogging and it only takes five minutes to type out an Instagram message and begin making plans!

-Organize a junk drawer.

-Do a speed clean. Vacuum your floors, put away the dishes sitting in your drying rack, clean up your bathroom area, organize your coat closet…all of these are super simple tasks that will make a serious impact on your day-to-day life!

-Call a friend or loved one or schedule a quick FaceTime date.

-Organize your iPhone apps. I’m actually so bad about this and rely upon my younger sister to do this for me, haha. But honestly having all of my apps sorted by category feels weirdly refreshing (you can tell how type A I am by this one!).

-Go through your makeup collection and TOSS old products. That Chapstick you bought two years ago definitely has to be expired by now, and those weird eye shadow colors that you never use can certainly be trashed. Doing an overhaul here and there is not only helpful, it gives you a great excuse to go pick out some new products. 😉

-List clothing on Poshmark or make a pile to donate. If you need some extra cash, Poshmark is a great way to earn money relatively quickly. If you’re more concerned about clearing out your space, go through your closet and then drop off a donation bag at Goodwill. Or drop off a cute but not-for-you item at a friend’s house. One of my friends and I traded clothing all the time in New York and I left her apartment with a week’s worth of outfits and some new jewelry!

-Do a quick toning workout with weights, or grab a foam roller and give your muscles some relief!

-Get that piece of clothing you’ve been meaning to return out of your closet, and head down to the store/post office to return it!

-Clean out your fridge.

-Make a new playlist for your workout or commute.

-Coordinate a girls night out with your friends (note: a few of my high school friends and I are trying to plan a night where all four of us will be free, and we ended up picking a date in JULY. Start planning soon, cause people are busy!).

-Make yourself drink a cup of water (I’m terrible at this).

-If you have a sibling or friend in college or grad school, send them a quick gift via Amazon Prime (I’ve sent my sister Amazon’s college snack boxes before, but I’ve also ordered her books and posters).

-Paint your nails. Do a face mask. Pamper yourself. 🙂

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Craigslist DONT’S


I often mention on here how many great finds I’ve scored on Craigslist while living in DC (including the adorable coffee table shown above!). I’m not sure what it’s like in other areas, but Craigslist here is awesome because DC is full of young, stylish professionals who move frequently and therefore find themselves parting with amazing items from West Elm, CB2, and the like.

However, as much as I love Craigslist, I’ve definitely encountered a few snafus as both a buyer and a seller that I thought I’d share here, both for your entertainment and for future reference!

1) Note that “Curb Alert” literally means just that. A few weeks ago, I wanted to get rid of my round coffee table. It was a great piece (which I had originally purchased on Craigslist!), but it was fairly wobbly and not something I felt comfortable selling as a result. Rather than leaving the table out with the trash (and worrying about whether or not it would get picked up or if my building would receive a ticket), my landlord suggested that I leave it outside with a “free” sign, and we agreed that posting an ad in the “free” section on Craigslist wouldn’t be a bad idea either. I posted a “Curb Alert,” which means that an item is literally sitting on the curb and is available to the first person that stops by to grab it. However, shortly after posting the ad, I received an email from someone asking me to hold the item (answer: no, as the whole reason I put it outside was so that I wouldn’t have to be home and wait for someone to pick it up), and another person emailed and asked when they could come by (answer: whenever you can…if it’s still there, it’s yours!). Eventually the table did get picked up, probably within an hour or so, though I don’t know whether it was due to the Craigslist ad or if someone just stumbled upon it while walking through the neighborhood. Moral of the story: The free section of CL isn’t a bad thing, but understand what “curb alert” means before contacting the seller!

2) Don’t be afraid to make a reasonable offer. The key word here is “reasonable,” and in my opinion, it’s better to do this after emailing back and forth with the seller to express your initial interest. While some people do make an offer right off the bat, I think it’s better to establish your interest than to make an offer and risk a seller telling you that someone already emailed them willing to pay full price. Once you say you like an item and the seller confirms that it’s still available, it’s a much better time to start playing the numbers game. However….in my opinion, there isn’t a huge difference between $70 and $80, but there’s a significant difference between $10 and $20. Most people are not going to go through the trouble of selling something on Craigslist in exchange for $10. Additionally, if an item retails for $50 or more and is already listed at a very fair price point (such as $20), I personally don’t think it’s fair to bargain down. No one wants to make $10 back on what was originally a $50 purchase.

3) Don’t hide the item’s flaws. Craigslist isn’t a dating app! It’s key to expose any flaws beforehand rather than leave a buyer surprised when they show up to your front door. If there are slight scratches or marks on an item, note these (and better yet, include pictures) in your ad. It’s fine to qualify these shortcomings and say something like, “There are a few scratches on the top of the bar cart, but they could easily be covered with a tray.” But don’t blindside your buyer, whether on purpose or by accident!

4) Don’t lead someone on. Again with the dating app metaphors…but seriously, don’t give a buyer the impression that an item is going to them and then later reply that you sold it. This happened to me recently and it was super frustrating. When selling, be courteous and make sure everyone is on the same page. It’s that simple!

What CL tips do you have?

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I spend A LOT of time on Pinterest…but I mean, can anyone blame me? I end up feeling so inspired every time I go on and then get sucked into a black hole of DIYs and boards and blogs that I stumble upon after clicking through pin after pin. (Oh, and if you’re not following me already, I’m right here!).

I wanted to share a few of the pins that have been inspiring me lately…they’re a bit random, but isn’t that kind of the point of Pinterest? One minute you’re looking at bedroom decor and the next minute you’ve pinned several images of golden retriever puppies and a few delicious recipes (ok, maybe that’s just me). 😉


I’m in love with everything going on in this room–the neutrals, the stacks of books in the fireplace, the fun mirror, that chair…ahh!


Hoping to try this margarita recipe (and I even have the same pink tray from the Target dollar spot!).


Such a clean, collected look for a bathroom or vanity.


So much going on here, and I love all of it.

living room

Obsessed with this little nook.

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Last summer, frozen rosé, or frosé, became a big trend in cities like New York and DC (Brixton on U Street makes an awesome version, if you’re local and itching to try it!).

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I had plans to catch up with a friend on Sunday night and decided to make my own frosé to celebrate! I was thinking about pouring rosé into an ice cube tray and then mixing it in a blender, but after consulting Grace’s recipe, I decided to follow that instead. Rather than using all of the ingredients she lists, I chose to blend strawberries with a small amount of water and pour that into the gallon-sized bag that I’d filled with rosé. I popped the mixture into the freezer for about 6 hours, poured it into glasses, and garnished with a strawberry. While I had been worried that the mixture would be too frozen and would need to be thawed a bit before serving, the consistency was totally fine (thought it wasn’t as smoothie-like as Grace’s appears to have been).


So if you’re looking for a fun drink to make for your next gathering or just want to try something new with that bottle of rosé you have lying around, I’d recommend this recipe (if you can even call it that–it’s so simple) 100 percent! If you make your own frosé, let me know how it turns out (my guess is I’ll make this again and again, but maybe with different bottles/flavors of wine–it’s perfect for summer!).

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Popping in again with a few Memorial Day sales you can’t miss! You’ve certainly heard of the usual suspects (J.Crew, Lulu & Georgia, etc) by now, but here are some smaller companies with AMAZING weekend discounts…act fast!

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.36.56 AM

JAYES STUDIO (50 percent off all sale items): I ordered two of these caddies in different patterns–one is for my desk at work, and one is for my vanity  at home. With the extra 50 percent off discount, each only cost $8 (plus shipping)–talk about a deal! I also love this bamboo tray (but I definitely have enough trays at the moment, haha). However, at $28 PLUS an additional 50 percent off, it definitely is a score!

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.41.03 AM

JOANN (lots of great coupons + $1.99 shipping on all orders): I have these palm leaf hand towels and love them. They’d look super cute in the kitchen or hanging on a bar cart.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.42.49 AM

SOCIETY 6 (20 percent off + free shipping): Society6 frequently offers deals, but this is a good one! I order most of my wall art from them, and I’ve never had a bad experience! The print shown above is one of my current favorites, #swoon.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.46.23 AM

PBTEEN (various discounts + free shipping): Now could be the time to scoop up this perfect pillow or anything else from the adorable Emily + Meritt collection!

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.50.25 AM

KIRKLANDS (additional 25 percent off until 1 pm): Move quickly, y’all! I love this tray (again, don’t need!), and have purchased several of my table lamps from the site.

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Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 8.22.46 AM

Happy Memorial Day, y’all! Where has 2017 gone? Not complaining, though, because this time of year means that it’s only a few weeks until summer hours kick in at work…can’t wait to have a little bit of extra time in the afternoon every day!

As many of you know, LLBean’s canvas totes are a true summer staple. I’ve had several over the years, and they’ve all held up extremely well. They’re perfect for a pool or beach day, travel, work or school…seriously everything!

I knew I wanted to get a new tote for summer, but rather than opting for a traditional monogram, I decided to jazz up my bag a bit with a fun phrase. In the spirit of all things travel, I chose to have “bon voyage” added to my classic navy and white tote…and I absolutely LOVE it!

I’ve already gotten a lot of compliments so far, and I love that my tote is unique–although if you were to go ahead and copy me or choose your own phrase, I wouldn’t be too mad 😉 Keep in mind that the first letter of the second word cannot be capitalized, though, so select your phrase accordingly!

Other cute phrases could be: Hit the road, Off we go, Out of office, Life’s a beach…let me know if you think of any others!

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