A Personal Trainer Answers Your Fitness Questions


Let’s switch it up a bit today and talk about fitness! As many of you know, I work at a local gym, Bodysmith, on Saturdays, and through this job, I’ve gotten to know a lot of the personal trainers, who have answered all sorts of my health and fitness questions. Last week, I decided to sit down with Will, a longtime trainer, who was kind enough to share tons of knowledge with me and my readers (LOL-ing at the weights dropping in the background as I transcribe our recording!).

I asked Will how long he’s been working full-time as a trainer, and he could tell me the exact day–May 19, 1987! He said that at this point in his career, most of his clients “have a disfunction of some sort, like a hurt knee or a sore back.” But, as you would guess, many people also contact trainers because of a desire to lose body fat. “The misunderstanding I commonly see there is people saying that they want to lose weight,” Will says. “They need to change that language and say, ‘I want to lose fat. Because losing muscle is losing metabolism, and metabolism is your skeletal muscle. If you lose muscle, you have to eat less. People think deprivation is the key to losing weight, when it’s a matter of distribution.”

Will’s overall nutrition advice is simple: “If Mother Nature did not make something firsthand, do not eat it.” (Of course my reaction was, “Uh…ever?!”). “That’s tricky,” he noted, “because we’re in such an industrialized society. Paleo is a great idea, but eliminating carbohydrates is dangerous.” He mentioned in our conversation that eating five or six small meals throughout the day, rather than the traditional three, can help one lose weight. “It’s a matter of nourishment,” he explains. “If you’re only eating three meals a day, your body has to store all of those calories to distribute them over 24 hours. If you’re eating every three hours, you’re telling your body, ‘We are not starving; we are not in danger of starving,’ and it will get rid of the excess.” So what does this mean when it comes to trends like intermittent fasting? “Do it for a little while, see how it changes your body, but don’t eliminate a macronutrient like carbohydrates or fat or anything else, for an extended period of time,” Will stresses.

Generally, Will’s clients see the most success when it comes to strength. But, he emphasizes, in addition to doing movements properly, one shouldn’t look in the mirror when training. “You know where everything is on your body; you don’t need to look at yourself in the mirror–every time you look at yourself in the mirror, you’re out of position. Your head follows your eyes. Places like this gym used to be tiny, and they put mirrors on the wall to make them look larger.”

If you want to get stronger but you’re afraid of bulging muscles…what do you do? “Don’t be afraid of heavy weights,” Will says. “If you think that lifting weights is going to make you bulky and that’s not something you want, go up to the biggest person in the gym and ask them how long it took them to get that big. More than likely, it’s more than 10 years.”

And if someone isn’t able to work out with a trainer but wants to workout from home, what is their best bet? Luckily, it’s simple. “Move your body physically every day,” Will says.

Will also left me with what he considers to be the definition of fitness: “The definition of fitness is the ability–key word, ability–to meet the needs of everyday life with ease, maintaining a reserve for emergency situations. Fitness is an ability, not an appearance. Body fat management is a component of fitness, but it’s one of 15. Too many people focus on the appearance of their body before the functionality of it, and that causes a lot of problems.”

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Your Craigslist & TaskRabbit Questions Answered, Part 2

A woman in McLean delivered this fun desk chair to me!
A woman in McLean delivered this fun desk chair to me!

In my last post, I talked a bit about some of my Craigslist strategies and my experience using TaskRabbit, and today I’m back with some additional pointers, having received some new questions in the meantime.

A reader commented on my last post wondering if I’ve ever used TaskRabbit for hanging art.

While I personally haven’t, it’s definitely something they can do! However, there’s no need to spend $50+ on this–I usually opt to hang art on my own because it’s pretty simple. You just have to accept that you’ll likely make some errors and have extra holes in the wall, but this is nothing you can’t resolve with a bit of spackle. You definitely don’t need a level or fancy tools to hang pictures, either. Despite math and hand-eye coordination not being strong suits of mine, I will toot my own horn and say that I have a great eye when it comes to filling space and can estimate measurements like a pro (I’m way too impatient to go the route of cutting newspaper-sized prints out and arranging them on the wall where you want your pieces to go, but many people recommend that, too!). Putting together a gallery wall or even just hanging a print or two is much simpler than it looks, promise!


Is it rude to ask a Craigsist seller if they can deliver?

Lol, literally as I’m writing this someone just messaged me about something and asked if I could deliver–no car, sorry! However, I ask people this all the time, and more often than not, the answer is yes! I recently purchased a super cool chair from someone who lives way out in Dumfries, VA, by meeting her in Pentagon City where she had a work meeting, and another seller from Laurel, MD, brought something to her office in Logan Circle for me to pick up. It doesn’t hurt to ask at all–I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how simple these arrangements have been and have scored some super cool items that I would’ve ruled out otherwise. You never know unless you try!

Do you bargain with the seller when you’re making a purchase on Craigslist?

I actually rarely ask for bargains. If the items is something I know is super popular and really want (like a campaign dresser or something of the sort), I won’t ask unless I get a really good vibe from the seller and am confident he/she won’t backtrack and pass me up for someone else. However, if I like an item but could live without it, I may ask for a slight decrease in price (ex: trying to knock down something from $50 to $40 or $75 to $60). I’ll never lowball someone or ask for a lower price on something that is worth a ton (I’ve seen West Elm couches in great condition posted for $30, for example–you’d be crazy to try to negotiate on a transaction like that!). If something has been listed for more than five days, I am more inclined to ask about a lower price than if it’s just been posted, as the seller likely wants to get the item out of their house at this point and will be more flexible!

Not really Craigslist-related, but have you ever ordered from any of the vintage furniture sites/Instagram accounts?

I haven’t. I follow a ton of these accounts (One of a Find Charleston is a favorite), but I’ve never placed an order because shipping is often between $150 and $200 extra. Living in the DC area, I find enough similar items listed on CL or Facebook marketplace or even at local stores like Miss Pixie’s that I don’t feel compelled to pay a high shipping cost. However, these Instagram pages can serve as great inspiration and help me keep track of styles that I like so that I can keep my eyes peeled for similar options locally.

Photos by Heather Bien 

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My White Wicker Chair


I felt this chair deserved a post of its own partly because of how complicated it was for it to actually end up in my home! I often go back and forth with myself after responding to Craigslist postings, because more often than not I don’t really “need” something I see on there, but at the same time, I find it difficult to turn down what I know is a good deal on a cool piece–and as Colby assures me, I’m just picking up investment pieces for down the road ;). So this time, I emailed the seller, got a quick response, and made plans to travel to Virginia to pick it up the next day. But then I decided that the trek was too long, I didn’t need the chair (true), and my time would be better spent doing errands and things at home rather than spending an hour-plus (realistically an hour and a half to two hours if I metro-ed one way) picking up a Craigslist item. Right after I backed out (and immediately regretted it), the seller told me it was totally fine because someone else could come by the next morning, which made me feel better–as someone who sells a ton of items on CL too, I hate letting people down when they think they have a sale, because I know how annoying it is!


The next day, I was out running an errand and still thinking about the chair (I think I was actually gazing at the pictures of it on the Craigslist ad, haha) and how I shouldn’t have passed it up, when the seller emailed me and told me not only that her backup person flaked but also that she would be attending an event in DC and could bring the chair to my house for no extra fee. Umm, serendipity or what? I immediately replied saying yes, and within a couple of hours, the chair was mine!


I love these photos Heather shot of it the other week…it matches my new white dresser and really pops against the brick wall.

Do you have any ridiculous CL stories like this one? I’m glad the seller wasn’t phased with me being so flip-floppy…it was meant to be!

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Easy Plants via Whole Foods


Happy, happy Friday! This week was a super busy one with work, so I’m excited to unwind this weekend with the H Street festival, a friend’s party, and a little shoot at my apartment on Sunday with a local company that I love (more on that soon!).

Thank you so much to everyone who took my reader survey this past week, which I linked to in last Friday’s post! I generally shy away from feedback but am so appreciative of everyone who chimed in. It sounds like interiors and personal posts are the most well-received, so I’ll certainly keep doing those–and I’ll continue to add plenty of DC-related content but not too, too much, since many of you don’t live in the area. Fashion/beauty posts are less popular among this group, which is fine with me–I like to do those posts from time to time, but that area of blogging is already pretty saturated as it is. However, I will note that I have some different types of posts queued up for next week, so I’m excited to share these with you guys, too!


I wanted to share a new product that I love (more on that below) as well as a great resource for buying plants–Whole Foods! Sure, every city has its boutique plant shops–and I love those as well–but Whole Foods has had some affordable, aesthetically-pleasing options lately, so I wanted to share them with you on here.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 8.10.06 PM

Last month, I fell in love with this little terrarium (it cost $30, but it’s so worth it–it adds so much life to a space!) and this little box of succulents (only $10!). Both were featured in my recent room shoot with Heather, so I finally have some nice pics of them. The best part about these plants is that they require minimal care–just water them once a week or so (I honestly think you can likely get away with even less than that), and they’ll be fine. Plus, how cute are they for a small apartment?


The product I wanted to share is my new candle from Otherland. Elizabeth had the “rattan” scent burning when we shot her Houzz tour in September and I knew I had to scoop up one of my own. I love supporting small, women-owned companies, and Otherland is no exception. The smell is so amazing and the packaging is super cute, too!

What products are you loving lately? I love hearing about new brands (particularly for decorative accessories and the like), so send any recs my way!

Photos by Heather Bien 

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An Easy, Delicious, and Healthy Dinner for Under $5

…this dinner is so much more than the title suggests. In addition to being easy, cheap (it’s like $3 per serving!), and healthy, it’s also filling, fast to make, delicious, and will guarantee you leftovers for lunch the next day. Perfection, right? What it’s not? Photogenic (hence the one icky-looking photo in this post…sorry, don’t gag, I promise it’s yummy!).


I made up this dinner on a whim a few weeks ago and have been whipping it several times since because it’s just that good. You guys know I’m not a cook in the slightest. Cooking doesn’t bring me joy, it just makes me feel impatient and hangry…I hate the idea of putting in a ton of work to create something that will only get destroyed (well, I guess enjoyed is a better word, but it’ll literally get chopped into pieces) within an hour. However, I make an effort to make most of my meals at home, especially for dinner, so I had to find something that would work for me. (My coworkers and I constantly talk about whether we’re people who prefer spending money on food over everything else or feel the complete opposite…you can guess which side I’m on).

While browsing Trader Joe’s website/Instagram one Sunday (yes, I really do this to get grocery inspiration #dontjudge), I learned about their corn and quinoa salad that I’d somehow passed by on previous shopping trips. I picked it up later that day and ate a few bites of it plain because my weekend eating habits are always out of whack and I’ll realize at 2 pm that all I’ve had all day is like, an English muffin with peanut butter and a few pieces of chocolate (#balance).

Image via Trader Joe's
Image via Trader Joe’s

The salad is super good on its own, trust me–and as Trader Joe’s says“This wouldn’t be Mexican Style Corn & Quinoa Salad if it didn’t contain a healthy amount of Mexican style corn. But we go beyond the corn here. Brightly colored layers of grape tomatoes, kale, red & green cabbage, and a mixture of white quinoa and brown rice accompany the corn. It’s made complete by a fresh lime wedge and a packet of roasted poblano cilantro dressing that recreates the delicious crema you’d find on elote and esquites. When all contents are emptied into a bowl and mixed together, you’ve got a salad that’s sweet, fresh, and flavorful.” 

I mean, YUM!

That night, I decided that the corn would go really well with black beans (hello, DIY burrito bowl), and this dish was born! All you need to do is grab a frying pan, add some of the corn and quinoa salad, throw in some canned black beans (a can of black beans is seriously like 79 cents, so I always have a ton of them on hand in my cupboard), and add in some taco seasoning (you’ll probably only go through about an eighth of the packet, so just grab a chip clip and save the rest for next time), and stir everything together on medium heat. Place everything in a bowl and top with fresh avocado, or the cilantro dressing that comes with the , or some hot sauce…whatever you’re feeling at the moment. Then sit down and enjoy! The whole thing takes less than five minutes to prepare–faster than the time it would take you to pick up takeout!

This dish is packed with protein, tastes like your favorite Mexican food (which I could eat every day), and is vegetarian-friendly…what more could you want? I’ve enjoyed bringing leftovers to lunch at work, which has been a nice alternative to my usual sandwiches.

What are your favorite easy healthy dinners? (And let me know if you make this one!).

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The Big Charleston Recap


Happy Monday! I’m back with a long recap about my solo trip to Charleston (I was there Wednesday through Friday of last week) and have so much to share, so get ready for a lengthy post!

I booked my trip in the beginning of September. I’d been wanting to go to Charleston for ages, and I’d managed to find a JetBlue flight that was only $130 out of DCA (I frequently see even lower fares on JetBlue’s site, so check often!), so I decided to bite the bullet. While the Wednesday through Friday ticket fare was cheap, it meant it would be harder to find someone else to travel with, as not everyone has the same amount of vacation days left over, etc (our calendar at work is July 1-June 30, so I’m just at the beginning of my “year,” whereas most people are reaching the end). However, I decided right away that this would be a solo trip for me. Traveling by yourself is something you’re told you’re “supposed” to do in your 20s, and while that was a motivator for me, I also knew being alone (especially in a small, safe, relatively nearby city) wouldn’t be a huge deal to me. I do a ton of stuff alone in DC, so I wasn’t super worried about it feeling that different.

Even the Charleston airport was adorable with stickers and themed candy!
Even the Charleston airport was adorable with stickers and themed candy!

I left DCA around 8:30 am on Wednesday morning and was on the ground in Charleston by 9:50. I had started typing in Uber pricing to my Airbnb while in the gate at DCA, and it was looking close to $20 to go about 20 minutes, which didn’t seem ideal (I was expecting it to be like $9!). I thankfully thought to quickly look up public transportation options and found out about a bus that took only 20 minutes to go from the airport to downtown and cost $3.50. While I did miss the 10 am bus by only a few minutes and had to wait for the 11:00, I was totally fine just sitting in the airport with my book and didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything because my flight was originally due in at 10:30 anyway.

Earlier in the week, I had decided that because my Airbnb wouldn’t allow me to check in until 5 pm, I would just pack super light and spend most of Wednesday wandering around the city. Armed with my trusty NorthFace backpack (with this fold-up Everlane tote inside for souvenirs) and a crossbody, I was all set. Honestly, there are so many students in Charleston that walking around the city with a backpack actually made me blend in, haha. It definitely wouldn’t be ideal in a jam-packed city like New York, but walking around with “luggage” wasn’t a huge issue. Armed with recs from Katie and Heather in addition to some things I’d googled on my own, I was ready to set out and explore!



My first stop after getting off the bus was Hominy Grill, which I’d recently read about on Lauren’s blog and knew I had to try. Like Lauren, I ordered the fried green tomato BLT (with pimento cheese, YUM), a sweet tea, and a side of mac and cheese (eating healthy wasn’t my forte on this trip, and I’m 100 percent ok with that…when in the South, you have to try a bit of everything!). I scarfed down my meal and then began walking around King Street, stopping in a bunch of places like Skinny Dip (the cutest store ever with a patio on top–I got a drink that was a mix of frose and frozen red wine, yum!), Candy Shop Vintage, Sugar Bakeshop, and the Darling Oyster Bar. Eventually, it was past 5 and I took an Uber to my Airbnb to rest/nap (it was like 85 degrees in Charleston, and I was sweaty and exhausted!).


After resting, changing, and briefly talking to my host (I was staying in a guest room in a couple’s home–they’re about my age and the guy is a student at the med school in Charleston), I set out to grab a cheap, quick, and healthy (finally!) dinner at a Mediterranean place downtown. While eating there, I got a call from the leader of the ghost tour I’d signed up for several weeks ago asking me where I was (it was 7:50, and the tour was supposed to start at 8:30 per the company’s reminder email). Well, it turned out that they’d recently changed the tour times for fall and I was the only person on the list they’d forgotten to call and correct. Since my schedule was so open they just moved me to the tour on Thursday night, but the experience was a little frustrating since I’d already Ubered all the way downtown and would have to go back to the Airbnb. I ended up grabbing a beer and catching part of the Caps game (so many DC sports fans in Charleston!) at a bar before calling it a night.



On Thursday, I got an early start and grabbed breakfast at a cute place near my Airbnb before taking a bus (which was free!) down to the City Market area. I arrived a few minutes before the market opened and spent a long time walking around, trying mini biscuits from Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit (so good), and then taking a long walk nearby. I stopped by some of the cutest houses, worked my way down to Rainbow Row and the Battery (love all the old, historic homes, especially because I live in a historic property in DC!), and the Waterfront to see the famous Pineapple Fountain and relax on a bench before working my way up to King Street. I grabbed a late lunch at an Italian place that served salad, pasta, and garlic bread for only $12 (all of which was delish) and then stopped to charge my phone for a bit (ugh, but so necessary when by yourself) before grabbing ice cream at Jeni’s (yes, we have it right nearby in DC, but it’s so good–and no line here!).

I then window shopped for a bit (I didn’t want to buy a ton on this trip because I was already spending a lot on food/drinks/the Airbnb) and popped back into Skinny Dip for a watermelon beer on the patio.

I then made my way to Candlefish where I picked up a cute candle and matches and talked with the cashier a bit–turns out she’s also from my hometown, went to my high school, and is in school at CofC! She gave me some dinner suggestions, but I opted to wander a bit before deciding on Miller’s All Day–and I’m so glad I did.


Not only is the aesthetic in the restaurant adorable (they have fun blue chairs, a midcentury-themed lounge, and cool signs) but also the happy hour was super cheap (my amazing cocktail was only $4) and the bartender was the nicest woman ever. She, another local girl who was also dining at the bar alone, and I talked for over an hour about everything from travel to DC to dating to apartment hunting, and it was so much fun! I definitely am a big talker and was going a little crazy eating most of my meals in silence up until then! That dinner went so long that I only had about 30 minutes to kill until it was time for the ghost tour. Everyone else in the group was super friendly, the guide was great, and the tour was creepy at the right times but also full of historical information. I was honestly wiped out by the time it was over (and had walked about 18,000 steps that day), so I booked it back to the Airbnb and promptly showered, set my alarm for 4 am, and got ready for my 6 am flight back to DC.



While the trip was short, almost everyone I met was super friendly and approachable, the city was easy to navigate, and I didn’t feel too too lonely minus wanting someone to talk to during meals. (My phone was also dying a ton and I had to charge it frequently which meant that I didn’t even really look at it while I was eating!). The experience of staying in an Airbnb with a couple was a little weird just because I never even met the girl (she was in the kitchen at one point when I walked out of my room into the bathroom, but she was getting ready to leave for work and I had just woken up), but the couple seemed normal enough and the room was large and clean. I’d just expected it to be a much more social experience than it was, but I also made a point to be gone the whole day because it was a little further away, so I was also fine just doing my own thing. I don’t think I’m in love with Charleston the way some people are (spending all day outside in 85 degree heat is brutal, even coming from DC!), but I did find it very charming and would definitely go back…who’s in?!

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DC to a T Reader Survey


Happy Friday, friends! I’m on my way back from Charleston and thought I’d post a little reader survey (only eight questions, nothing too extensive) for the first time, now that this blog has officially been up and running for almost two and a half years, eek! A lot of other bloggers post these from time to time, and I love being able to weigh in and share my opinions…now it’s your turn! I want to be posting content that you want to read, so please let me know your (fully anonymous, promise) thoughts!

Cheers to the WEEKEND. xo

Headshot by Hado Photo

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Where to Go Apple Picking Near DC


Well, it’s finally October, which means it’s officially socially acceptable to embrace all things fall, right? In college, we’d go apple picking a ton at a place relatively near our campus in Maine, and it’s something I’ve missed since moving back to DC (there definitely wasn’t anywhere local to go when I lived in Manhattan!). Growing up, my family and I go Butler’s Orchard or Homestead Farm fairly frequently, which are great local places to visit if you want to get into the fall spirit. My friend Anna and I have now made the trek to Butler’s Orchard twice to stock up on tons of fall goodies, and our trip there this past Sunday was full of all things apple and pumpkin.


Butler’s Orchard is about an hour outside DC, and you’ll definitely need a car to get there, but all things considered, it’s not too far of a hike out of the city. Since Anna was coming from the suburbs, I met her at the Rockville metro station and we finished the drive from there, which took about 25 more minutes (if no one has a car, you could try to Uber from this point or from Shady Grove, but it may be a bit pricy!). Butler’s Orchard was pretty packed since it was a sunny Sunday, but we did a lap around the indoor store and stocked up on tons of apples, syrups, and of course, apple cider donuts! The store has everything from apple pie samples to local cheeses to salad dressings and dips.


We didn’t end up picking apples because there was a big festival going on and we’re both heading out of town later in the week (I leave for Charleston tomorrow!) and didn’t want to stock up too much aside from what we grabbed in the store (lots of honey crisps!). However, I’ve been apple picking and berry picking there when I was younger, so it’s definitely a good spot, and there’s another orchard down the road that you can visit if Butler’s is too crowded. Just note that you’ll likely want to have some cash on you, just in case–these places are small and it’s unclear whether the other orchard takes credit cards, though Butler’s does.
IMG_1921 IMG_1920 IMG_1914

We also had to grab pumpkins and gourds and take cheesy fall pictures, which made us feel like we were back in kindergarten in the best way possible.



Where are your favorite places to do fall things near DC? I’m always looking for fun day trips (my mom and I are going back up to Frederick to do some antique shopping and check out the leaves on Saturday) and am constantly making a list of new places to go!


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A Few DIY Ideas

I absolutely love doing DIYs–I’m definitely not usually doing ones that are too difficult, time-consuming, or expensive, because #patience, but there are plenty that are quick and easy and still make a big impact. I find myself frequently thinking of ideas for future projects, and here are a few I’d do if I had more time/room at the moment!

Gold bamboo mirror: I love anything gold and anything bamboo, so gold bamboo patterns are just perfection to me. I’ve seen these gold bamboo picture frames on Amazon, which come in a ton of different sizes, and think they’d be adorable with actual artwork in them, of course, but it occurred to me the other day that they would also look amazing holding a mirror. I had been reading an article somewhere else about how easy it is to go into a frame store and ask for a mirror insert. How fancy would this look in a little apartment?! The pricing is great, too!


Mid-century modern furniture legs: I would love to purchase these cheap mid-century modern style furniture legs and spray or stain them. It would be the easiest way to upgrade IKEA furniture without spending $$. I may need to do this one ASAP! How perfect does the image (above) from the Lowe’s website look?

Framing a small rug: I was scrolling through an apartment tour recently where the owner had taken a woven rug and put it in a cool frame and hung it above her couch. It made such an impact visually and allowed her to showcase one of her favorite pieces (without worrying about it getting dirty, etc!). It led me to browse Etsy for fun rugs/crocheted items that would look nice framed. I feel like the framing process could be slightly more difficult or costly than it looks, but it’s still a neat idea to file away if I find the right piece!

IKEA mirror as a lamp: I’ve seen this mirror/lamp hack done a few times, and it doesn’t look too complicated and produces an amazing result! I would totally spray my materials gold, which another DIY-er did and it looked absolutely gorgeous. Sconces can be so expensive, so this is a great alternative for under $20!

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What’s New Lately

Snapped this during Elizabeth's Houzz shoot!
Snapped this during Elizabeth’s Houzz shoot and felt like it encompassed all of the below!

Food, books, and a home tour–basically the usual! But before I dive into several fun things (I drafted most of this post a few days ago), I did want to acknowledge the horrifying stabbing that happened in my neighborhood (or next-door neighborhood?), Logan Circle, earlier this week. It feels silly to write something brief before moving to light and fluffy content, but I didn’t want to skip over this, especially since it hit so close to home, literally. To put it simply, it’s absolutely frightening to me that a woman could get stabbed randomly while out on a run around 8 pm in an area in which she felt safe and at home (and one I know and walk through frequently). My thoughts are with the victim’s family and everyone else who was moved and terrified by this incident. It’s scary and unsettling that these kinds of things happen and can be so unpredictable.

True Food Kitchen: Have you ever eaten at a True Food restaurant? I hadn’t until last week, and I can’t believe I waited so long to try the one near me! True Food Kitchen is a healthy chain with a handful of locations across the country–though not many on the East Coast–and fortunately enough for me and other DC residents, one opened up in Bethesda not too long ago! I finally grabbed dinner there with my mom (who’s a big fan and has been a few times!) last week and loved it–I ordered a skinny citrus margarita, the hummus appetizer, and the teriyaki quinoa bowl with chicken. Everything was SO good (and I don’t even really consider myself a foodie!). I’ll admit that I hounded Mackenzie for recommendations first, since she is always talking about her love for True Food on her blog, and the hummus and teriyaki bowl were her fabulous suggestions!

Cooking for one: People often ask me if I cook my dinners at home or not, and I never really know what to say, because no, I don’t pick up meals to go or order in very often, but I definitely am not cooking gourmet dishes from scratch, either (cooking has never been something I’ve enjoyed very much!). So the extent of my “cooking” is preparing meals with easy ingredients and sides from Trader Joe’s–heating things up on the stove, really, haha. Needless to say, I was glad to come across this article on healthy meals you can make for one, because whipping up something for just one person doesn’t need to be depressing (and everything here looks really good). I’m definitely half sharing this on here so that I can file it away for myself if I need meal inspo!

Liane Moriarty: I just purchased a ticket for Liane Moriarty’s talk at Sixth and I in November, and I can’t wait! She’s been one of my favorite authors for a few years now (and wrote Big Little Lies, if you didn’t know!), so it will be awesome to hear her speak live and snag a copy of her newest book, Nine Perfect Strangers. Sixth and I has so many great, affordable cultural events happening all the time (Mari Andrew, Pod Save America, Call Your Girlfriend), and I love checking their website periodically to see who/what is coming next–it’s so cool that Liane Moriarty is traveling all the way here from Australia!

A minimalist home tour: This home isn’t 100 percent my style, but I found it super inspiring nonetheless (probably because the renter is a fellow thrift-addict!). I love how calming the bedroom area looks and how many separate spaces were created within is a 250 square foot area. Also, the outdoor space is a gem! The renter notes in the comments that because LA doesn’t get much rain, the outdoor area is super useable and she can just leave the cute setup in place most of the time without worrying about things getting soaked–jealous!

Rattan basket: I spotted this adorable cane/rattan basket in another home tour a few days ago and fell in love, because, as you know, I can’t get enough of anything cane! I love that the price point is just right, too.

Country concerts: Tonight I’m going with a friend (my good grad school friend’s twin sister, who recently moved down here!) and her coworker to see Kip Moore play at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, and I can’t wait! I went to the Fillmore once this past winter with another friend to see Chase Rice, and it was a great venue–right off the metro, near some great restaurants (go to Not Your Average Joe’s; their happy hour is amazing and we’ll be heading there tonight!), and super reasonable ticket prices. I’m excited to rock my cowboy boots for probably the last time for a few months. 😉


Salon Apprentice: I mentioned this on Instagram the other day, but I got an amazing blowout at the Drybar fo’ FREE thanks to Salon Apprentice! It was my first time using the site after having read about it a few months ago, but it’s pretty simple (and almost like a version of Craigslist but for beauty services! haha). Basically, stylists in training in various major cities (there are a ton) post when they need a model/person to practice on, what hair type/length they need, and leave their email or phone number. You can then follow up and respond to their ad–I was lucky to find a time that worked for me, but it took a few browsing sessions, as most of the appointments are during the work day and I don’t have a ton of flexibility (you’ll want to give yourself at least an hour and a half rather than the 45 minutes it takes to do a traditional blowout). The stylist I worked with was still training at Drybar but did an excellent job and was so friendly, communicative, and complimentary (I think we’re going to try to do more “practice” sessions in the future, and she said she’d even do my makeup sometime, too! #nocomplaints). It was so fun being pampered at one of my favorite salons, and while the process wasn’t 100 percent as seamless as it normally would be there, it definitely didn’t feel like I was doing anyone a favor to be there! I used to get blowouts fairly frequently when I lived in NYC (oftentimes pre-job interviews!) but haven’t indulged as much in recent years, though going twice this month has made me remember why I loved them so much–I also came home and immediately ordered a small bottle of the Triple Sec spray for no reason other than the fact that it smells absolutely AMAZING.

Museum Day and Reese Witherspoon: My coworker let me know that this Saturday is free museum day in DC, so mark your calendar if you need a weekend activity! Most of the museums in the city are free year-round, but this is your chance to go to others like the Newseum, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and more. I have a jam-packed Saturday but downloaded a ticket for Women in the Arts because I’ve been wanting to go for ages but have felt silly even paying the normal $10 fee when 1) I could go to any of the 646237 other museums here and pay nothing and 2) I have a veryyyy short attention span when it comes to museums and likely wouldn’t stay for more than an hour. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make my way over at least for a bit! Saturday night, I’m seeing Reese Witherspoon on her DC book tour and am so excited to drool over her new release, Whiskey in a Teacup, which was luckily included with the ticket! Reese has been my spirit animal for ages, so it will be amazing to see her–even if from very much afar–after all of these years! And, a few DC blog girls and I are grabbing dinner before at the Wharf, so it will be fun to catch up with everyone.

Whew…I think that’s it! What’s new in your neck of the woods?

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