10 Things That Cross Your Mind When You’re Selling Old Clothes

  1. Ok, I’m going to go through my entire closet Marie Kondo style and sell or donate anything that doesn’t give me joy. Bonus points if I find something that I personally never wear but would probably resell for a lot. Ahh, I’m going to make so much money after this. What should I buy??
  2. It’s a good thing I did laundry last night, because now my whole wardrobe is at my disposal. I’m going to fill this whole bag right here and then start another one and head down to the consignment store as soon as it opens.
  3. These boots cost over $200 alone. I know that resale prices are lower, but like, wow, they’re totally gonna want these, even if they sell them for less. So I know I’ll at least be making one sale today, and probably a big one at that.
  4. Ooh, Lululemon. Another brand they’re totally going to want. This workout tank was never that flattering on me, but someone else will L-O-V-E it.
  5. Waiting at the store for my name to be called. Who knew half of the city had the same idea to come here right at opening on Saturday?
  6. Write down what seems like every piece of identifying information (except for, like, my social, ha!) on the donation sheet the salesperson had me complete.
  7. Salesperson who was nice a moment ago adapts the most snobby expression ever as he starts going through my stuff.
  8. Salesperson tells me he’ll take three of my items. I ask him why he didn’t take the Lululemon tank, and he points out a small stain on the back.
  9. Eww, that stain obviously wasn’t from me! I just washed everything! But actually, now that I think about it, I did wear that shirt last weekend while eating froyo with the kids I babysit…
  10. Salesperson asks me if I’d like to receive $52 in store credit or $17.99 in cash. I take the cash and vow never to spend my time selling clothes at a consignment shop ever again. If only I had made enough money to justify that Milly dress in the window…
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Long Time, No Talk


It’s casually been a month since I last posted…oops. Here’s to hoping more posts will go up while I’m on vacation! In the meantime, a few fun links…

  1. How perfect are these adorable AND affordable gingham flannel sheets? Brb, ordering a pair. You’d never guess where they’re from…
  2. Has anyone seen this movie? I’ve heard great things so far and am putting it on my must-see list! Who doesn’t love Emma + Ryan + musicals?
  3. What are you reading? I just finished two Liane Moriarty books and am plowing my way through several others that have been on my to-read list. Thank goodness for vacation!
  4. Need some living room inspo? I’m loving everything about this design scheme.
  5. The best brunch in every state, because, duh.
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Thanksgiving Essentials


I hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful Thanksgiving break! Here is what I’ll be enjoying this weekend (in addition to family, friends, sleep, and FOOD!).

1) Gilmore Girls. Lots and lots of Gilmore Girls. #TeamLogan all the way, but mostly I can’t wait to catch up with Rory and Lorelai and see what on earth has been going on in Stars Hallow and beyond for the past 9+ years…I’ve read quite a few plot theories online and am curious to see what actually happens!

2) Pizza. As if food wasn’t a big enough part of the weekend already…my sister and I plan to make a homemade pizza for our GG marathon on Friday night. Bring on the cheese, please!

3) Christmas music. I started listening to it last night and although it’s a bit early, I feel like it’s starting to be socially acceptable to crank up my Pandora station now that it’s nearly December 😉

4) Reading. I love reading for fun and picked up a lighthearted book that got good reviews. Hopefully I’ll finish more than one book over the course of the weekend (I guess it’ll depend on how long it takes us to power our way through Gilmore Girls!).

What are you up to this Thanksgiving break?

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Christmas is just a click away


File this away for when you’re feeling lazy, ladies. That’s right, this is a list of gifts that you can order on Amazon Prime (which sells more than just textbooks and toilet paper) meaning that these items will arrive on your doorstep just two days after you click “purchase!” Whether you have a last minute holiday party coming up and need to find the perfect hostess gift, or you want to check a few items off your list in advance, this is the shopping guide for you!

1) At only $14, this mug is a no-brainer! Any girl on the go will appreciate having a cute way to transport her morning coffee.

2) Even super popular Rifle Paper products can be purchased via Prime! This $18 calendar is just one of many adorable options. Bonus: the calendar images are awesome for framing later on.

3) A book or two is never a bad gift idea. I’m excited to crack open this one.

4) Kate Spade earrings will let her ring in the new year with style.

5) Classy and classic, Le Creuset cookware is always in style. Though it’s a high-end brand, this set of bowls retails for only $21.

6) Why head to the drugstore when you can purchase Essie polish on the computer? This holiday sampler makes for a great stocking stuffer.

7) Any party hostess will surely be thrilled to receive this gorgeous gift.

8) The perfect addition to her holiday look.

9) Even Lilly items are available on Prime! This luggage tag comes right in time for holiday travel.

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Rocking a wristlet



Finding an ideal going out bag can be tough. You obviously want to look stylish and it’s nice to have an option that matches a bunch of different pieces, but is it really worth dropping $$$ on something that will likely get suffer spills and be tossed on sticky bar counters (I’m looking at you, oh-so-beautiful Tory Burch crossbody)?

Lately a bunch of my friends have been gravitating toward wristlets or clutches rather than crossbodys, and I have to say, I’m kind of getting into this look! There are so many cute, affordable options out there that I may have to follow suit… 😉 And guess what store has too many adorable options to count? T.J. Maxx, of all places! Take a look at the roundup above and let me know which is your favorite one! I spotted a similar clutch with a charging component in Francesca’s the other day and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Yes, it’s basically the same concept as sticking a portable charger in your bag, but the built-in element makes it impossible to forget to grab this handy little piece before going out. Oh, technology, you just get better and better…

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Snack City


Feeling a little uninspired at the grocery store lately? I get it. Now that pumpkin spice season has come and gone and you’ve tried basically every appetizing pumpkin-based product on the Trader Joe’s shelves, it’s time to find some new options…I’ve got you covered with the below ideas!

Clementines. Even the smell reminds me of winter. Clementines are perfect because 1) they’re almost always juicy (unlike oranges, which can sometimes be kind of dry) and 2) they’re super portable if you want to tote a few (or five) in your work bag for an afternoon snack.

Carrot chips and guac. Love guac but feel guilty binging on chips? I’m with ya. I spotted a bag of carrot chips at Whole Foods the other day and thought they’d be perfect for dipping (or, you know, regular carrots will do the trick too, but I like the texture on these).

Brussels sprouts. Why spend the $ on getting them in your salad at Sweetgreen if you can make them at home? (Ok, they taste way better at Sweetgreen, but they’re totally in season right now and easy to roast in your own oven). They make the perfect addition to any dinner.

Cheese cubes. So what if they remind you of kindergarten just a bit…cheese cubes are delicious, pre-cut, and great for entertaining. I picked up a small container of cheddar cubes the other day and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were cheaper than buying a whole block of cheese (sometimes they can be a bit expensive, so check the price before you buy!). Yummy and filling for a quick snack.

Halo Top. I know it isn’t really ice cream season, but I think we can all agree that it’s always an ok time for Halo Top. You’ve probably spotted the cute jars all over Instagram, but if you haven’t, here’s the, uh, scoop. At only 300 calories or so per pint, this super trendy ice cream won’t ruin your post-holiday (or pre-holiday!) diet.

What’s on your shopping list? I’m always up for suggestions.

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Hats off



Growing up, I hated wearing winter hats. My hair always got staticky, the hat never looked exactly right, etc, etc. But lately, I’ve been loving the pom pom hat trend and had to round up a few of my favorites. Honestly, you can’t go wrong wearing any of these options this winter! Who says you can’t stay warm and look stylish?

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Entertaining essentials


With the holidays approaching means more party invites and more entertaining at home!

I love decorating and re-decorating my bar cart shelves. Right when it looks all finished, I stumble upon more cute glassware (seriously, even Target has been killing it with their glasses lately!) or find another accent or two to add and start decorating all over again. Whoops. I also can’t get enough of fun entertaining pieces like cute marble cutting boards and copper baskets.

Whether you’re decorating from scratch or just adding in an update or two, here are my fave bar cart accessories.

1) You honestly can’t have too many prints above your cart.

2) Coasters are always a must, but designs that reflect the holiday season are even better!

3) Cheese, please! This tray is too cute.

4) A festive bottle stopper does the job in style.

5) Obsessed with the fun “cheers” phrases on these.

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Deck your home…Christmas decorations without the kitsch


No inflatable Santas here! These home decor pieces will knock your socks stockings off.

1) You can’t go wrong with anything deer-themed (and no, for once I’m not talking about the Snapchat filter). Whether you hang up some fun antlers or add a cute candle holder or two, this holiday (or really year-round) trend is a winner. (Wall hanging, candle holder)

2) We all know the classic song…but that aside, how adorable are these silver bell ornaments?! (Small ornaments, large ornament)

3) Omg. This plaid blanket though. It’s only $25! (Plaid blanket)

4) Plaid or fuzzy pillows are always the right answer…always. (Fuzzy pillow, plaid pillow)

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