NYC Recap

Whew! I’m back from a fun-filled four days in NYC and honestly, I feel like I crammed in almost everything on my must do and see list (which was mainly food-related, #sorrynotsorry). Seriously, looking back on what I ate this weekend makes me feel a littleee sick, but there were so many new places I had been dying to try!

Here’s a quick rundown of the trip…

I got in on Thursday evening on the bus (after making it through awful traffic in the tunnel, which is literally the worst and is pretty much unavoidable when coming in at night) and met my friend Molly from college, who I’d be staying with that night. We had a delicious Thai dinner at a restaurant near her apartment, and then did some window shopping in the Time Warner Center (and I picked up some goodies at Sugarfina—the green juice gummies are delish, and I got my dad some dark chocolate cashews for Father’s Day!). We came back to Molly’s house to catch up and watch Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (weird movie, but still funny and I love Anna Kendrick!).


I spent all of Friday morning wandering around the city, which is exactly what I wanted to do! I grabbed a delicious bagel at Absolute Bagels on the Upper West Side (Molly said it was a must, and I hadn’t been there before!). My whole wheat everything bagel with lox cream cheese was so good (I’m getting hungry just writing this) and I’m glad I went on a weekday (I’d been warned that the line would be insane on weekend mornings!). After breakfast, I stopped by HomeGoods on the Upper West Side (it was a must, don’t laugh at me!) and then headed downtown to try Cha Cha Matcha! I realized that while I’m not a huge fan of matcha (I had actually never tried it before), the donuts there are adorable and delish (I didn’t let myself finish the whole thing, though!). The shop itself is also beyond cute and there’s a reason why it’s all over Instagram…I took way too many pics!



After wandering around some other stores in the West Village, it was time for lunch. ByChloe did NOT disappoint and I can’t believe it took me so long to try it! It wasn’t open when I lived in NYC, and I’m almost never downtown when I visit because most of my friends live on the Upper East or Upper West Side. I did spend a lot of time in the West Village this trip, though! Anyway, at ByChloe I got the most delicious salad and sweet potato fires and again couldn’t finish the whole thing (I brought the rest of the salad to my friend Austin’s for later and was very thankful that I did, because it’s amaze). After lunch, I was wiped out and napped at Austin’s while she was at work. What a life…I love vacation!


On Friday, Austin and I and her awesome friend Olivia who I’d met before all went out for drinks (but first, Austin and I made sure to try the most adorable pink-themed restaurant, Pietro Nolita, pictured above). I was obsessed with the “Pink AF” slogan and their delicious cocktails. We also stopped at Genuine Licorette, which I’d be wanting to try for the longest time (you may remember when I tried to recreate the drinks at home–but the real ones were way better).



On Saturday, Austin and I headed to my favorite used bookstore on the Upper East Side, and then I met up with a friend in Brooklyn after making an obligatory stop at Smorgasburg. I’m not normally a pineapple fan, but I had been curious about Joe’s Juices after seeing pics on Instagram (naturally…) and went for the pineapple because it was all that was left! It was actually delicious, not to mention super photo-worthy, of course.



All in all, it was a fabulous, food-filled (still recovering) weekend! If you’re heading to NYC soon, let me know, because I have plenty of other recs from when I lived there…wish I could go back every weekend!

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Wanna know something weird? The last time I spent a full summer in DC (that is, more than just two weeks) was when I was going into my JUNIOR year of college. How crazy is that?! As much as I love being back in the area, my allergies have been so, so terrible this week. I (knock on wood) don’t get sick frequently during the year, but when spring allergy season comes around, I suffer hard. Anyway, this week’s roundup is short and sweet. I hope everyone has a fabulous, allergy-free weekend!

On my playlist: This peppy lil’ jam.

On my nightstand: Finished Sugar (loved it!) and just started this thriller (not sure what took me so long!).

On my mind: My good friend Ashley has started a blog/Insta! Follower her over at @largecoldbrew 🙂

On my wish list: I’m lusting over this brown tote bag and am thinking about getting it for my Paris trip in August (more details on that later!).

On the agenda: Spending the weekend in NYC catching up with friends from college and grad school! (I’m also looking forward to checking out a bunch of new-to-me places, mainly several new restaurants and coffee shops like Cha Cha Match and ByChloe!).

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On my playlist: Best decision of the week was rediscovering LFO and “Summer Girls.” Total 90’s/2000s throwback, y’all.

On my nightstand: After reading Behind Closed Doors and being sufficiently creeped out (but also so, so intrigued!), I decided to opt for a lighter novel and picked up Sugar, which I’d heard great things about and am loving so far!

On my mind: I’ve been running around like a crazy person getting my apartment ready for a relatively spontaneous shoot that’s happening on Saturday. I can’t wait to share pictures when the piece is published!

On my wish list: This book and this book. Both look like my kind of summer reads! Also, I’m obsessed with this ginger jar keychain from Anthropologie.

On the agenda: Going to a housewarming party on Saturday + spin class on Sunday but otherwise probably taking it easy-ish since I head to NYC for four days next week! I can’t wait. 🙂

Oh, and a few fun links for you:

  • The best desserts in DC…right this way
  • Recipes that incorporate Trader Joe’s everything bagel seasoning…I’ve already used it on avocado toast and it’s amazing!
  • I am so, so excited about this Gray Malin collab, especially since Laduree is now right down the street (not pictured in the link, but there will be special macaron boxes available later this summer with a Gray Malin design!)


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Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 7.23.58 PM

I’ll be heading up to NYC in a few weeks for a four-day weekend, and I can’t wait. It seems like after I left, several more of my friends ended up there (thanks, guys)…but on the plus side, it means there are always plenty of people to visit!

I’ll have Friday to roam around the city a bit while everyone’s at work. Since there are so many places I’ve been wanting to try, I really don’t mind spending the day alone! I’m thinking I’ll FINALLY grab a bite to eat at ByChloe, maybe head up to the Strand, and try Cha Cha Matcha. Oooh, and I’ll have to make a point to try the cookie dough my friend was raving about!

The people I’ll be staying with all live on the Upper West Side, meaning that I’ll have to make a point to head crosstown and visit my old neighborhood on the Upper East Side! I love walking by my favorite bars and restaurants up there and popping into favorite shops (even Paper Source is more exciting in NYC!).

S0 many people tell me that they could never live in New York, but I absolutely loved my time there and am so glad I can still take an occasional visit or two each year! The two years that I lived there absolutely flew by, but at the risk of sounding cliche, I truly made memories there that will last a lifetime. As several of my friends and I have left the city, we’ve still remained close and joke about good times at our favorite Friday night spots or embarrassing scenarios from our early 20s. New York, I’ll always love you and can’t wait to see you soon!

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Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.09.44 PM

On my playlist: Is it bad that the Eric Church concert was two weeks ago and I’m still addicted to listening my favorite songs of his? But I’m also loving this one by Imagine Dragons (I know I’m a few weeks behind…).

On my nightstand: Planning to start (and likely finish) this thriller over the weekend. Has anyone read it? I’ve heard good things!

On my mind: I really, really appreciated all of the nice comments on my Everygirl home tour which ran last week! It was such a dream to have my space featured on the site, and I was so happy to hear from so many supportive, fellow decor-obsessed ladies! Thank you 🙂

On my wish list: Honestly not much at the moment, which is good for my wallet! I purchased a Gray Malin print during a sale a few weeks back and am excited to pick it up from the frame shop this weekend and hang it up (cue happy dance–I’m very impatient!).

On the agenda: Probably going to keep making Annie’s ranch popcorn recipe (YUM) and have plans to meet up with some new blog friends (woo!). Plus need to read, relax, work out, think more about an idea I have for a project…the usual!

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Do you enjoy alone time or absolutely hate it? I keep reading articles that insist that all 20-somethings should travel solo at some point, and that’s definitely something I’d like to do. But even doing everyday activities alone is a start! Don’t get me wrong: I’m all about taking some time for myself, whether that means reading, going shopping or to a workout class alone, or doing some work at a coffee shop without friends around. But I don’t feel like doing those things puts me out of my comfort zone in any way.

A few weeks ago, I decided to sign up for a cocktail making class by myself–on purpose! I wasn’t super nervous about it, but when I arrived, it was clear that most of the other attendees were either friends or couples. And everyone was about 10 years older than I was, at minimum!

I happened to choose a seat right next to the only other person who appeared to be attending solo, and while we didn’t leave the class as BFFs, we had a good time chatting with one another as our table sampled five delicious cocktails. The instructor was engaging and funny, and everyone at the class was having a good time (I mean, isn’t that kind of the point of a cocktail making lesson?!). It turned out that showing up alone wasn’t a huge deal at all. Sure, this particular type of activity may have been more interesting to do with a friend, but it was also the perfect venue to chat with new people and unwind during the middle of the week. So all in all, I survived and it was fun!

Have you traveled or taken a class like this alone before?

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If you follow me on Instagram (or if we’re friends on Facebook), you’ll know that I was so, so thrilled to see my home tour run on The Everygirl yesterday!

I’ve been reading The Everygirl for years and love all of their adorable, inspirational articles. I seriously lust over all of the home tours I’ve seen on the site, so it’s really neat to see my own little space featured alongside so many beautiful spaces!

I learned back in February that my tour would run this spring, but I wasn’t exactly sure when (and that’s why some of the answers are a little dated, like the one about my Seattle trip!). When a good friend texted me yesterday morning telling me that the piece was up, I basically freaked out in the best way.

Alsoooo, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve redecorated my space a little bit since the piece ran…not too drastically, but I’ve definitely moved some things around and added a few new pieces here and there. I’m supposed to be doing a shoot with another site later this summer, though, so I will update you all on when that happens/runs!

Thank you so much for all of your nice comments and support! It’s weirdly scary to share your home on the internet, so I am thankful for all of the positive feedback! <3 I’m also going to add a “home tour” tab above so that you can see all of the features that have run so far!

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Oh, Hey There!


Long time, no blog! I’m back to share a few things I’ve been loving lately and a few exciting adventures I have planned:

Loving Lately:

DC Things: I’ve been making an effort to try to do more of the things that have been on my DC list for ages. I don’t know what’s been stopping me from trying out that cute coffee shop or wandering into a store I’ve been itching to see. Last weekend was pretty much wide open for me, so I decided to check out Laduree (of course!), Little Red Fox (an adorable coffee shop), BToo (which sells the amazing waffle donut shown above), and Salt and Sundry (a cute store that sells home goods). It’s probably a good thing I didn’t find these places before, because they’re all equally amazing and tempting!


Spinning: I’ve still been spinning a ton lately, but I tried a new studio that’s much more convenient for me and managed to snag a Groupon deal that, when combined with another promo, allowed me to purchase 3 classes for $36! That’s basically the price of one SoulCycle, so I was thrilled!

Reading: I’ve read several good books so far this month (seriously can’t wait to write my May roundup, because I’m excited to share all of my recent reads with you), but I also ordered two new books that I can’t wait to start. One is about the complexity of female friendships and is SO applicable to life as a 20-something, and the other book is also nonfiction and profiles the paths that various women take following their college graduation. Can anyone tell I was a sociology major?!


Looking Forward To: 

The Cape: My college friends are spread out all across the country (literally from Boston to Alaska and everywhere in between), but this July, six of us (basically the whole East Coast crew) are meeting up in Cape Cod where we’ll be renting a house for three days! I am so, so excited to see everyone and have a relaxing weekend together. We’ve had a blast going to weddings together this spring, but our time together has always flown by wayyyy too quickly and we decided that a little summer trip was just what the doctor ordered! I’ve only been to the Cape once before, the summer before I started college, so I’m excited to re-discover the area. Thank goodness one of my coworkers has spent years on the Cape and was able to help us choose an Airbnb in a great location and provide us with a long list of restaurants, shops, and more!

Eric Church: I LOVE country music, but somehow I’ve never been to a country concert! I’ve been trying to focus more on taking advantage of experiences rather than purchasing things, and when I saw Eric Church was coming to DC, I texted a fellow country-obsessed friend and we made plans to go next Friday! Look for us there in our cowboy boots 😉

Writing for Houzz: After my apartment was featured on Houzz awhile back, I was invited to become a freelance writer for the website and I am SO excited! Peeking into people’s houses + writing about them + meeting fellow DC residents with adorable spaces is basically my dream! I have my first interview/shoot with someone this weekend and I can’t wait to write up the piece (and finally see one of the adorable spaces I’ve been stalking on Instagram for some time now!).

I’ve also started watching Girlboss on Netflix and am not sure what I think…entertaining, but not addicting, at least in my opinion. Also, the actress playing Sophia sometimes looks a little bit like Rory Gilmore to me! I can’t wait for Kimmy Schmidt to return to Netflix next week, though. Coincidentally, I requested next Friday off from work, so you can bet I’ll be binge watching all day…

Writing posts like these makes me realize how many exciting things are on the horizon, and even though things have been far from perfect lately (because life is always throwing us for a curve, amirite?), having something to look forward to always makes a dreary week a little bit better. What have you been loving or looking forward to lately?

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Life Lately via Instagram

I love when other bloggers do these posts (although I have to be honest, some of these pictures haven’t even made to Instagram yet). You know when you’re either on a roll blogging or get behind? I’ve definitely been a bit slow on posts since coming back from Seattle, but here’s to hoping I’ll be on more of a regular schedule now that my travel schedule has slowed down! (Meanwhile, many of my other friends will be away almost every weekend in April/May for bachelorette parties, weddings, and the like…’tis the season!).

My to-read list is growing, growing, growing, and these are just a few more books I added to the pile: a historical fiction book about the most popular man at the moment (Alexander Hamilton, duh!), a thriller that I’ve seen all over Instagram and have been meaning to read, and a library book that a few of my friends have enjoyed. Now where to start…



Ginger jar lovers, you can purchase this tray right this way



I saw the cutest sign in Georgetown on my way back from SoulCycle the other evening and had to stop and take a picture. I mean, it’s basically my life philosophy and how pretty are the tulips?



The. cutest. cookie. When I saw it on Instagram, I knew I had to try it (and ‘gram it). It was pricy for a dessert, but what can you expect from Dean and Deluca?



I went to several farmers markets in Seattle, and all of them had the prettiest flowers! My friend Chloe, who hosted me for an evening, picked up the prettiest (huge) bouquet for a mere $15.



My friends and I offset our multiple wine tastings with healthy breakfasts…this granola bowl was delicious and filling!


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4 Easy Graduation Gifts


Umm, how is graduation season right around the corner?! This time last year, I was finishing up my final projects and was so ready to complete my master’s program (actually that’s kind of a lie. I was excited for all of the work to be done, but I was getting so sad to leave!). Whether you’re graduating from college or from your millionth master’s program (seriously, a girl in my cohort was on her third master’s degree and was planning to go to law school next…talk about a lot of school), small graduation gifts are always fun (and who says you can’t just go ahead and treat yourself?). Here are some of my favorites…

1. The cutest grocery tote (seriously, these are a must in DC or anywhere else with a bag tax). It’s sassy but also durable and much more fun to use than that reusable bag from the bank or doctor’s office.

2. This would be super cute for a high school grad and is much nicer than typical dorm room posters.

3. A print featuring her future/former city or college town is always a nice personalized gift. I love having little pieces of artwork from everywhere I’ve lived (NYC, Philly, and DC) and this Rifle Paper NYC print is a classic!

4. This tote is actually perfect and is a not-so-subtle reminder to visit home more often!

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