Happy Saturday! If you plan on making some home purchases this weekend, here are a few of my faves…scoop ’em up while the deals last!

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.37.24 PM

Get the classic wishbone chair look for only $50 with this replica.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.39.28 PM

Nordstrom’s half yearly sale is HERE and brings with it tons of great home finds, like these preppy pillow shams.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.40.39 PM

This cute towel is another Nordstrom find and screams summer!

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.43.07 PM

Take advantage of Waiting on Martha’s Memorial Day Weekend sale and scoop up a cheeky item or two, like this champagne bottle candle.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.45.18 PM

Target is always having holiday weekend sales and this stylish bookshelf is a great buy!

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A New Friday Series…FRIDAY FEELS

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 7.06.59 PM

TGIF, ladies and gentlemen! I’m going to do my best to maintain a new Friday series sharing my favorites from the week! Here are a few things I’m loving lately…

On my playlist: Loveeee this remix.

On my nightstand: I’ve been a BAD reader lately (blame it on Kimmy Schmidt coming back). But I’m hoping to crush a book or two over the long weekend!

On my mind: I was devastated to hear about the attacks in Manchester on Monday night. Thinking of all of those who lost loved ones and are living in fear due to this terrible event.

On my wish list: Um, this J.Crew top is absolutely perfect. And so are these shorts.

On the agenda: Drinks with a new friend tonight, going out with another friend this weekend (we decided to purchase these “passports” which allow you to buy 2-for-1 drinks at a number of DC bars…SUCH a good deal if you ask me! They have ’em in several cities; see if yours is on there.). Plus sleeping in, workouts, reading, blogging…long weekends are for catching up on life, if you ask me!

Happy MDW, friends!

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For as much as I love decorating, I wouldn’t say my desk area is too exciting (though I’ve actually seen some super cute cubicles/office spaces on Instagram!). However, I try to make sure it’s always stocked with the essentials (plus one or two fun things, just because!).

I always find it interesting to see what other people keep in their work bag or on their desk, and most of the time I see something mentioned that may seem completely obvious but totally slipped my mind. So…if you’re nosy like me or are starting a new job and don’t know what to bring, this is for you!

The most important thing on here? In my opinion, it would have to be the water bottle. I did a really bad job of drinking enough water during the day while at my first job out of college, and I ended up getting sick a lot because of it! I was constantly busy, had little time to get up and refill a bottle (and inevitably run to the bathroom) and did a terrible job at drinking enough during the day. It’s still something I struggle with (water is just so blah to me!), but I’ve done a much better job and am always so much happier when I don’t have a headache at the end of the day!

I’m also big on being well-prepared when it comes to things like bandaids, Advil, lip balm, etc. Everyone in my current office is big on brushing teeth all the time, and I always keep a travel-sized toothbrush on hand in my bag! It’s honestly perfect for when we have dinner events and I just need to freshen up a bit. Snacks are also key for stations like this when you can’t go home before an event starts but just cannot make it from noon to 6 pm without becoming absolutely hangry (anyone else get this way?). Protein bars are also perfect for mornings when breakfast just isn’t happening at home.

You can always find me with a notebook (and a planner for that matter…I write everything down by hand!), and you just can’t go wrong with a cute business card holder and pouch (seriously, how perfect is this brand?! Reminds me of Kate Spade!).

Anything you’d add?


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City-Themed Prints: DC Edition

When I lived in New York, I remember one of my friends asking if I thought it was tacky to have NYC-themed decor hanging up in her apartment. I mean, the city was right outside her front door…did it make sense to also have a New York-themed poster? However, there are tons of tasteful ways to incorporate hometown-themed decor into your apartment without looking like a permanent tourist! 😉  I personally own several DC-themed prints and wanted to share a roundup of a few of my faves! Oh, and number 5 is only $5!


Happy decorating, DC friends!

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Easy Ways to Redecorate

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 6.46.26 PM

I keep hearing about other bloggers who have the decorating bug, and I’ll be the first to tell you that I am the same way. As much fun as it would be to start over with a blank slate every now and then, it just isn’t feasible! I’ve found that when I have the urge to redecorate, there are still plenty of ways to do so without spending a ton of time or money. Here are a few of my tips…

1) Swap out your art. I have a huge gallery wall above my couch, and this makes it super easy to mix things up from time to time. No need to buy new frames–just toss a new print if you’re looking to change a room’s theme or color scheme. Prints can be super affordable if you download them yourself or repurpose greeting cards, wallpaper samples, and the like. Redecorating has never been so easy!

2) Move your furniture around. This Instagram quote is entirely applicable to my life. I move things around wayyyy too frequently but always end up loving what I do. Yes, it can be hard to move/lift heavy items by myself, especially when living in a small apartment, but I’ve become quite skilled 😉 The key is to remove heavy items or even take out drawers when possible and to be careful so as not to scratch or dent a piece of furniture while lifting it (or sliding it, as is the case for me sometimes) across the room.

3) Add a new accessory. Small items like lamps and area rugs can really pack a punch without costing too much or taking up too much room. If you love chinoiserie, look for a ginger jar-like lamp, or if you’re trying to create a modern living area, opt for one of these (or you can mix styles like I did above!). You’ll be surprised at how much something small like this can transform a room! Or maybe a new comforter or a set of throw pillows will give your bedroom a completely new look.

4) Clean, clean, clean. Maybe you don’t really need to redecorate at all! Tossing/selling/organizing unwanted or bulky items can really change a room or apartment for the better. I recently re-organized my shoes in my front closet and it’s so much cleaner in there. And here I thought I needed some fancy storage system! I also bought an under-bed bag from HomeGoods that has been a game changer (anyone else store stuff under there?!). Cleaning and organizing is definitely not a “once a year” or even “once a season” activity, though. I’m constantly evaluating whether I still need things or if it’s time to take them down to the consignment shop or donation area at my office.

5) If you really want an entirely new look…Maybe moving around a few pieces of furniture just won’t cut it for you! If you simply want to start the decorating process from scratch, anyone will tell you that Pinterest is an incredible resource when it comes to identifying your style, and I completely agree. I also personally enjoy matching my style to the place in which I’m living, but that’s just something that I find fun! When looking at older buildings in Georgetown, I was definitely drawn to the “rustic glam” look. However, if I were to live in a high rise, I may opt for more modern furniture and decor. This obviously isn’t necessary, but you might be surprised how your living environment informs your decorating choices!

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Get the Look: Classy and Classic

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.05.37 AM

Happpppy weekend! Did you catch the home tour I posted about on Thursday? This apartment is seriously the cutest thing ever, and I was inspired by several of the pieces featured. I’m all about finding home decor for less and decided to see if I could recreate the home’s classic look using pieces from one of my favorite stores…TJ Maxx, of course! Honestly, don’t knock TJ Maxx until you’ve tried it. I have friends who refuse to set foot in there but know others who swear by everything from their coffee mugs to their workout gear. In my experience, TJ Maxx is a great resource if you’re looking for home items that don’t break the bank, and their website makes it super easy (too easy, haha) to stock up on adorable decor without leaving the house! I am so, so pumped for TJX’s newest home store to open later this year…there better be one in or near DC!

Here are some of my favorites for those looking to create a calm, classic look at home.

Ginger jars: Option one and option two are both affordable and classic. Ginger jars will never go out of style, but they can certainly be costly! These are both great picks if you want to save some $.

Table lamps: Anyone who appreciates a good neutral will love these table lamps–and the price can’t be beat! Shades alone can be surprisingly costly, and two lamps for $6o is really a steal.

Storage basket: I have a similar basket that I use to store extra books (because let’s be real, my shelves are overflowing). Baskets are also a great method if you need to store throw blankets and extra pillows.

Candlesticks: Add some Hollywood Regency flair with these palm tree candlesticks. The gold adds a nice pop! Here’s a taller option.

Vase: Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about using ginger jars as vases, but this understated option would make a great addition to your living room (not to mention a nice hostess gift!).

Throw pillow: This white pillow would go with a bunch of room styles and looks super soft!

What are you up to today? I have a work event for part of the day and then am hoping to relax and watch the latest Kimmy Schmidt season…can’t believe they’re on Season 3 already! Here’s to a relaxing weekend and more warm weather.

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‘Grammin Through Georgetown

Some of my favorite spots in Georgetown happen to be the most Instaworthy, which means that if you’re addicted to updating your feed (who isn’t?!) there are some cute, photogenic spots to check out next time you’re in this part of town. (I promise the actual places are pretty cool, too!).


If you like ice cream…Thomas Sweet is a Georgetown staple! Stop by for a blend-in (add your favorite candy), frozen yogurt (there are so many good flavors), or a traditional cone. My parents fell in love with Thomas Sweet’s Princeton location when they were students there, so we’ve been coming to the Georgetown one for awhile. It’s dangerously close to my apartment and actually seems pretty busy at all times, even after work! It’s never too crowded, though, it just clearly is popular, and for good reason! Stop by on a date or with out of town friends or even by yourself…why not?


Only a few blocks away is Dolcezza which has AMAZING gelato. There are a few locations around DC, but this is the only one I’ve tried. The upstairs part is great for studying or quiet conversation, but there are also a few tables downstairs and a bench outside. If you’re not in the mood for gelato (who are you?!), the iced vanilla latte is also the bomb. Way better than Starbucks in my opinion!


Avocado toast is basically an Instagrammer’s dream…and South Block has a delicious version. Stop by after SoulCycle (it’s right next door) for a healthy post-workout treat. They also sell a great almond butter and banana toast and lots of good smoothies.


Lady Camellia, an adorable little tea place, requires reservations, but it’s worth the wait! The cute cups and saucers make the whole experience even sweeter, and their baked goods are delish.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 10.50.05 AM

If you need a little inspiration, stop by Violet Boutique and snap a photo of this motivational quote. It’s sure to brighten up your feed (to be completely honest, I didn’t pay attention to the actual products being sold here…I was just in it for the ‘gram!).

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 10.52.09 AM

Street art is everywhere in DC, but this beautiful mural on Wisconsin and P cannot be missed!


The DC cookies at Dean and Deluca may be a bit pricy, but they’re just too adorable that I had to try one.


The Georgetown Flea is full of fun, unique finds every Sunday, and Saturdays bring the farmers market (so glad that farmers market season is upon us!).


Last but not least…who can say no to a Laduree trip? The macarons are beautiful, the atmosphere is chic and relaxing, and there is just so much color and happiness overall that it’s basically an Instagrammer’s dream.

Anything you’d add to this list?

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A Home Tour I LOVE


Busy week! Just wanted to pop in quickly to share a home tour I found the other day and absolutely love. I appreciate how this home is minimalist without being too boring. It has personality, looks grown up, and is definitely timeless with touches of blue and white and of course, a Chinese chippendale chair. Funkier elements, like the cowhide rug, make the home a bit more modern and eclectic, but not too much so. Basically, it’s perfect! It almost makes me want to move back into a studio just because the space flows so perfectly without looking crowded or cramped!


I love the artwork above the dresser and the fun, girly elements like the necklaces and perfume bottles. Everything is organized and in its place while still looking artsy and decorative. Fresh flowers are always a must in my book, and these are gorgeous, too!


What are your thoughts on this adorable abode? Click here for the full tour!

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Oh, Hey There!


Long time, no blog! I’m back to share a few things I’ve been loving lately and a few exciting adventures I have planned:

Loving Lately:

DC Things: I’ve been making an effort to try to do more of the things that have been on my DC list for ages. I don’t know what’s been stopping me from trying out that cute coffee shop or wandering into a store I’ve been itching to see. Last weekend was pretty much wide open for me, so I decided to check out Laduree (of course!), Little Red Fox (an adorable coffee shop), BToo (which sells the amazing waffle donut shown above), and Salt and Sundry (a cute store that sells home goods). It’s probably a good thing I didn’t find these places before, because they’re all equally amazing and tempting!


Spinning: I’ve still been spinning a ton lately, but I tried a new studio that’s much more convenient for me and managed to snag a Groupon deal that, when combined with another promo, allowed me to purchase 3 classes for $36! That’s basically the price of one SoulCycle, so I was thrilled!

Reading: I’ve read several good books so far this month (seriously can’t wait to write my May roundup, because I’m excited to share all of my recent reads with you), but I also ordered two new books that I can’t wait to start. One is about the complexity of female friendships and is SO applicable to life as a 20-something, and the other book is also nonfiction and profiles the paths that various women take following their college graduation. Can anyone tell I was a sociology major?!


Looking Forward To: 

The Cape: My college friends are spread out all across the country (literally from Boston to Alaska and everywhere in between), but this July, six of us (basically the whole East Coast crew) are meeting up in Cape Cod where we’ll be renting a house for three days! I am so, so excited to see everyone and have a relaxing weekend together. We’ve had a blast going to weddings together this spring, but our time together has always flown by wayyyy too quickly and we decided that a little summer trip was just what the doctor ordered! I’ve only been to the Cape once before, the summer before I started college, so I’m excited to re-discover the area. Thank goodness one of my coworkers has spent years on the Cape and was able to help us choose an Airbnb in a great location and provide us with a long list of restaurants, shops, and more!

Eric Church: I LOVE country music, but somehow I’ve never been to a country concert! I’ve been trying to focus more on taking advantage of experiences rather than purchasing things, and when I saw Eric Church was coming to DC, I texted a fellow country-obsessed friend and we made plans to go next Friday! Look for us there in our cowboy boots 😉

Writing for Houzz: After my apartment was featured on Houzz awhile back, I was invited to become a freelance writer for the website and I am SO excited! Peeking into people’s houses + writing about them + meeting fellow DC residents with adorable spaces is basically my dream! I have my first interview/shoot with someone this weekend and I can’t wait to write up the piece (and finally see one of the adorable spaces I’ve been stalking on Instagram for some time now!).

I’ve also started watching Girlboss on Netflix and am not sure what I think…entertaining, but not addicting, at least in my opinion. Also, the actress playing Sophia sometimes looks a little bit like Rory Gilmore to me! I can’t wait for Kimmy Schmidt to return to Netflix next week, though. Coincidentally, I requested next Friday off from work, so you can bet I’ll be binge watching all day…

Writing posts like these makes me realize how many exciting things are on the horizon, and even though things have been far from perfect lately (because life is always throwing us for a curve, amirite?), having something to look forward to always makes a dreary week a little bit better. What have you been loving or looking forward to lately?

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Gifts for the “Cool Mom” in Your Life

Because she isn’t a regular mom…haha, sorry, had to. But with Mean Girls musical tickets now on sale, I’m getting obsessed with the movie all over again. Who’s coming with me?! I’m itching to buy my tickets now before the affordable seats sell out! (I mean, this in itself would make a great gift for a Mean Girls loving mom).

Anyway. Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts is always hard because my mom’s birthday is May 4 (today! Happy birthday, Mom!). Same deal with my dad, because his birthday is in June, right before Father’s Day. So I never know what to give for which occasion. But these are some of my favorite finds that I think any modern mama will love. Shop away below!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 9.36.29 PM


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