Teenage Dream


I came across the above image on Pinterest, and while it’s described as a “teen” bedroom, I think it would make a pretty cute 20-something room, too. I love the pattern mixing, classic furniture, and overall peaceful feel.

Little known fact: Traditional “kid” stores such as Pottery Barn Kids, PB Teen, and the Land of Nod have adorable home furnishings that would work well in adult homes, and they’re great sites to scour when looking for everything from moroccan poufs to memo boards.

Here are a few of my favorite picks from each store–let me know what you like the best!

PB Kids:

Gold dot frames

Rope mirror

Task lamp (20 percent off with code EXTRA20)

PB Teen:

Bow chair

Dotted sheets

-Throw blanket

Land of Nod:

Faux leather pouf 

Campaign nightstand

Scallop wall shelf (Under $30!)

Gold wall shelf


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Beach, Please


Summer may be nowhere in sight, but that doesn’t mean that winter days have to be completely dreary. I’ve spotted such adorable beach-themed home decor lately, and the fun prints and bright colors are sure to brighten up the most blah winter days. I purchased the beachy print pictured here from TJ Maxx because it reminded me of Gray Malin’s work (with a much more manageable price tag!). It’s currently hanging in my living room, but at the rate I move things around, who knows where it will end up next 😉

Happy shopping!

Beach print//Anchor plaque//Flamingo tote//Striped tote//Nautical sheets//Beaches book

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On My Reading List


It often feels like my reading list is never-ending (although I did make a good dent in it over the holidays!). Above are a few books I hope to dive into in 2017, spanning a mix of genres. Have you read any of them? Some of these have been on my list for far too long, and I’ve just been waiting for the right time to start…oops!

Also, since a few people have asked me where I like to buy books on the cheap, I’m going to make a plug for Thrift Books. I’ve already gotten a few friends hooked on this site, and it’s definitely worth exploring. They have great deals where you can rack up points and ultimately receive a discount after spending $50. Also, anytime you order $10 worth of books, shipping is free! Don’t forget to sign up for their emails in order to receive further promo codes (they hand them out frequently). Happy book shopping!

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Bye Florida//Nordstrom Sale is BACK


Whew! It seems like just yesterday that the internet was freaking out about Nordstrom’s half yearly sale, and now it’s back again! It also seems like just yesterday that I left for vacation in Florida…I’m flying back today and am ready to head back to work after a relaxing week with family. I’m also excited for NYE and returning to friends in the city. It’s the little things!

Anyway. What’s great about Nordstrom is that so many of their items are classic and suitable for everyday use. As much fun as it is to stock up on seasonal gear, I get the most use out of year-round items like crossbody bags, flats, and cardigans. Nordstrom has some great options in all of these areas, and I’m excited to share my finds with you all:

Blush is so in right now, and this crossbody looks both roomy and stylish. Plus, it’s under $20.

I would scoop up these ballet flats in both colors (if I needed them, which I don’t!), because they’re such a staple.

Who can say no to a cute gold, polka dotted mug for $3?

I’ve, like me, you’ve been wanting to re-try the choker trend for awhile, this option won’t cost you much.

This earring set is so Kate Spade!

Go simple with a classic clutch.

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Pinning Away


Weird fact. Whenever I get super into a certain home trend, I start browsing images on Pinterest to see how other people have incorporated said trend into their homes. I pin the images I like for inspiration and then like to style my own item based on these examples.

If you take a look at my latest pins (I added a pin widget down below and played around with the blog design a bit overall, woo!), you may be able to get an idea of a trend I’m lusting over at the moment….But let’s be real, I’ve loved this look for ages and am so excited to be working with a talented local designer who is refurbishing a piece for me! The past few weeks have involved a furniture pickup in Virginia, discussions about spray paint, and photo updates via text…but I am thrilled to see the final product in a few days. Promise I’ll post about it as soon as she’s done and the two of us have lifted said piece into my second floor walkup apartment (kind of dreading that step, but I’ve been told it should work out ok!).

Sorry for the vagueness, but I’ll be back (hopefully in a few days) with deets…most of all I’m excited that I snagged a piece I love at an affordable price and found an awesome person to work with on the refurbishing process. Stay tuned!

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Winter Items That Don’t Say “Holidays”


Ok, I hate to say it, but the holiday season is winding down. Sad face. However, we still have several months of winter upon us (depending on where you live, this may or may not be a cause for tears).

The good news is that there are plenty of post-holiday sales going on right now, and even though many “Christmas-y” items are discounted, there are many winter-themed products on sale that you can still use into January and February. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite picks below, and while they may be slightly more fun to use while getting into the Christmas spirit, they’re bound to make dreary winter days suck a bit less.

Nest candle//Pillow//Plate//Scarf//Cheers print

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Nordstrom Rack Sale: Under $10

Nordstrom Rack has some great items for sale right now–and the prices can’t be beat! I’ve compiled some great finds from Marc Jacobs, Herschel, and more. Below is a roundup of items under $10…but don’t delay, as some products have limited quantities in stock! Whether you’re looking to spruce up your apartment or stock up on warm weather accessories, I guarantee something will catch your eye…


Shaken Not Stirred sign//Toast Clink Sip tray//Cocktail Lounge tray//Mittens//Koozies//Marc Jacobs earrings//Beach Please phone case//Herschel iPad case//Leopard wrap


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How to stay active on vacation


I’ve been on vacation in Florida this week, and while taking time off from work has allowed me to catch up on sleep, shows, and books, it’s also allowed me to catch up on working out! Being in a warm climate (and in a condo complex with a small exercise room) has made it super easy to incorporate a quick workout into my daily routine. I’ve honestly been better about working out here than I have been during the normal work week back home, and truthfully that’s because I’m often distracted by errands, plans with friends, things in my apartment, etc! Anyone else in the same boat? I’m sure some of you are like me and don’t want to leave the house again upon arriving home from work (and it’s even harder to get back outside when it’s cold!).

Below are a few ways I’ve managed to stay active during my trip, and while they’re not necessarily the most innovative (no crazy indoor exercise routines/DVDs here!), they’ve worked for me:

1. Take advantage of what’s in front of you. For me, that means going to the free, small exercise room located less than a minute from our condo. I’m generally the only person using the equipment, and I like to alternate between the elliptical and the bike. I can be kind of weird about ellipticals (I really didn’t like the ones in my grad school campus gym), but the ones here are both simple and sufficient!

2. Go for freebies. You know that great feeling when you can take a trendy exercise class for free because you’re a new customer? Aim to do the same when you travel! When I was in Florida this past summer, I attended an awesome spin class on the house and had a blast. Google fitness studios near your travel destination and see what types of deals they offer.

3. Treat yourself. Ok, this is obviously contradictory to my last point, but vacation is supposed to be fun, so why not make your exercise routine extra fun while you’re traveling? Maybe you’re a SoulCycle fanatic but there isn’t a studio in your hometown. Take advantage of what’s offered in your new city and treat yourself to a class that’s an old favorite, or check out that yoga studio that’s been all over Instagram while you have the chance!

4. Kill two birds with one stone. I love exploring the local college campus near our condo (I did study higher education, after all!), and my dad and I decided to take a walk over there the other day. Our “quick loop” turned into an hour-long walk and was a great form of exercise but also was fun and touristy.

Any tips you’d add to this list?

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