5 Easy Ways to Get Your Place Organized for 2019


I’m normally a pretty organized person, but there’s something about the new year that makes me want to do an even deeper dive and get everything in order at home (plus, Tidying Up–Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show, which I and seemingly everyone else I know started last week–provides even further motivation!). But if you don’t have a ton of time to tackle your entire place–or really aren’t a fan of decluttering and don’t even know where to begin–these tasks are all pretty quick and manageable and will put you in the right direction should you decide to begin a full blown KonMari organizing spree!

1) Clean out and organize your pantry. This is a simple task that can be so satisfying, because honestly (even if you’re like me and don’t really enjoy cooking), who doesn’t love an organized kitchen?! After ordering these plastic containers off of Amazon last week, I spent no more than 15 minutes filling them up with pasta, granola, and even marshmallows (hoping they’ll stay extra fresh, I feel like marshmallows always get gross!) and then sorting through the other contents of my shelf in the food cabinet that I share with my roommate. I’ll be honest- I’m not normally a huge proponent of spending money on fancy kitchen storage, but I know that plastic jars not only look nice but are the best way to deter pests, too, which is essential when living in a city apartment. And in sorting through my dried goods, I came across food that I didn’t even know I still had and that won’t go bad for quite some time, meaning that I found some new meal inspiration for the week, too!

2) Revamp your closet. No, not by buying new clothes…but by trying out new hangers! (Honestly, it’s more satisfying than it sounds, promise). I’d been using soft fabric hangers for the last several years but then, while scrolling through Meg Hall’s new Facebook group, which is all about mindful spending and decluttering–definitely join if this appeals to you–I saw that someone had posted about these white wooden IKEA hangers, and I loved how they looked. I ordered five packs of eight and they arrived within two days, which meant that I could tackle my closet on Saturday afternoon. With shipping, the total cost was about $40, which is definitely a lot for hangers, but they have already made SUCH a big difference (I shared a bit on Insta stories over the weekend). I don’t live near an IKEA and don’t drive, so ordering online and paying the $9 for shipping was totally worthwhile. I love how my closet looks and need to order more for the remainder of my dresses and winter jackets. (And of course I had to share a pic in the Facebook group, where everyone was very supportive and equally excited about trying them out!).

3) Go through random drawers and cabinets. We all have random drawers that are meant to serve a particular purpose (even if it’s a frivolous one–I legitimately have a half a drawer dedicated to cute cocktail napkins) but end up getting a bit cluttered over the course of the year. Spend five to 10 minutes tackling a drawer and tossing/donating stuff that you no longer need or haven’t used in recent months. Getting rid of excess stuff (that just becomes junk) can feel like such a relief!

4) Move furniture around. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m the biggest proponent of changing up a space every now and then (or, like, every weekend if you’re me). This isn’t really an “organizing” task per se, but it definitely counts as a refresh. If you don’t like how a certain area of your home looks or it isn’t living up to its full potential, try switching up furniture placement or hanging up some new art. It can really make all of the difference!

5) Go through your beauty products. I see so many bloggers with beauty product collections that could rival a major magazine’s beauty closet (seriously!) and most of us don’t have the space or need for that much stuff but continue to accumulate it anyway because we think we need to try every single new serum or nail polish color (definitely very guilty in this department, I have a drawer of about 30 Essie bottles…). While I love to try out new products, I also do frequent cleanouts of my bathroom drawers and toss anything that I haven’t used in several months. If you have bottles that are unopened or products that are gently used, consider donating them to a shelter or similar organization (my office collects hygiene/bath products that we then donate to an organization at the university where we work–everyone brings in mini shampoo and conditioner bottles from business trips or their collections at home). In terms of organizing the products themselves, I have a little drawer system where I sort items by category (ex: face masks and creams, lip products, nail polish, travel-sized cosmetics) so that I know what I have on hand at all times.

What are your organization goals for 2019, and have you watched Tidying Up on Netflix? I’d love to hear!

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Pink Tuckernuck Scarf


I just posted a few weeks ago about how much I love my orange Tuckernuck scarf, and while I was in Florida, I broke out the pink one (I also own two additional colors!). These scarves are extremely versatile and make a bold statement on their own–in these pictures, I just had a plain navy top and jean jacket on and the scarf did the rest!



In this post, I’m also wearing a few of my other outfit staples–a fitted jean jacket and black skinny pants, both of which are from LOFT. The exact style of pants is no longer available online, which is so frustrating–I purchased these a year or so ago and hate when companies change their offerings (because we all know how difficult it is to find that perfect pair of pants in the first place!). So if any of you have recs for flattering work pants that aren’t baggy (i.e.: not dress pants) but also aren’t skin tight, send ’em my way because I’m all ears (you can’t really tell in the photos, but this particular pair of black pants is getting a little faded/worn, so I may need to find some replacements!). As for the jean jacket, it’s held up great over the past several years. I love how it can dress an outfit down a bit if needed–I wore it over a lace dress for a night out this summer and it was the perfect way to mix fancy and laid-back. I know some people find jean jackets a bit too ’90s, but I love them!


Facetune_26-12-2018-23-50-30 (1)

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December Reads & 2018 Book Recap


Happy happy 2019! I hope you had a great NYE and enjoyed the time off these past few days. Going back to work after a week and a half away is going to be a challenge for sure (anyone else feel the same?), but the short week will help as we ease back into things!

I thought I would start off this year’s blog posts with a fave topic of mine…reading! This year, I read 55 books that are all recapped on the blog (click on where it says “texts” at the top of this post to see all of my reviews from this year and years past). I definitely did the bulk of my reading in the summer and had some very slow-for-me months where I read maybe two books because I was too busy with work/life to sit down and focus, but I’m hoping to keep reading even more in 2019, largely because it’s so much fun to share my thoughts on the blog!

Taking a cue from Grace’s big end of year book post, I thought I would do a similar categorization of everything I read this past year (although I’m not going to rank every book from best to worst like Grace did, because that takes DEDICATION).

In no particular order, here is each book I read by genre (I like how Grace did this categorization because if you’re only interested in, say, thrillers, you don’t need to read through the entire post to find some recommendations to add to your list). As I said up top, all of these are reviewed at length on the blog, so just search a title if you want to see my thoughts!

  • Fictional Thrillers: I have tons of other thrillers on my shelf that I still need to tackle, but I got through 10 this year (it honestly feels like I read way more, but it’s probably because I’ve been hooked on these over the past couple of years). 

Then She Was Gone, by Lisa Jewell

The Ex Wife, by Jess Ryder

The Girl Before, by JP Delaney

Pretty Baby, by Mary Kubica

The Perfect Stranger, by Megan Miranda

The Woman in the Window, by AJ Finn

The Last Mrs. Parrish, by Liv Constantine

Gone Without a Trace, by Mary Torjussen

My Husband’s Wife, by Jane Corry

The Wife Between Us, by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

  • Nonfiction: I read 15 that fall into this category. Love a good memoir/thought-provoking analysis! 

From the Corner of the Oval, by Beck Dorey-Stein

Educated, by Tara Westover

Sisters First, by Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush

The Financial Diet, by Chelsea Fagan

The Rules Do Not Apply, by Ariel Levy

Who Thought This Was a Good Idea? And Other Questions You Should Have Answers to When You Work at the White House, by Alyssa Mastromonaco

Bachelor Nation, by Amy Kaufman

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, by Mark Manson

Dear Madam President, by Jennifer Palmieri

In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It, by Lauren Graham

Unbelievable, by Katy Tur

Text Me When You Get Home, by Kayleen Schaefer

You are a Badass, by Jen Sincero

The Yoga Store Murder: The Shocking True Account of the Lululemon Athletic Killing, by Dan Morse

Murder in the Yoga Store, by Peter Ross Range

  • Buzz-Worthy Fiction: I read 4 that fall into this category, but it’s kind of a subjective one. 

All We Ever Wanted, by Emily Giffin

The Alice Network, by Kate Quinn

Eleanor Olephant is Completely Fine, by Gail Honeyman

Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng

  • Light-Hearted Fiction: I read 26 that fall into this category. 

The Good Luck Charm, by Helena Hunting

Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win, by Jo Piazza

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating, by Christina Lauren

The Intermission, by Elissa Friedland

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, by Jenny Han

Matchmaking for Beginners, by Maddie Dawson

The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories, by Celeste Fletcher McHale

The Queen of Hearts, by Kimmery Martin

Crazy Rich Asians, by Kevin Kwan

Tell Me Lies, by Carola Lovering

The Kiss Quotient, by Helen Hoang

Marriage Vacation, by Pauline Brooks (aka Jo Piazza!)

Playing with Matches, by Hannah Orenstein

When Life Gives You Lululemons, by Lauren Weisberger

Limelight, by Amy Poeppel

When Katie Met Cassidy, by Camille Perri

Surprise Me, by Sophie Kinsella

The Wedding Date, by Jasmine Guillory

A Lady’s Guide to Selling Out, by Sally Franson

Hey Ladies, by Michelle Markowitz and Caroline Moss

Romancing the Throne, by Nadine Jolie Courtney

Fitness Junkie, by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

Still Me, by Jojo Moyes

Your Perfect Life, by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

Schooled, by Anisha Lakhani

Fight or Flight, by Samantha Young


  • In no particular order, these were my 5 favorites of the year:

Tell Me Lies: I continue to be obsessed with this book and will talk your ear off about it if I see you in real life, sorry in advance!

The Alice Network: If you’re looking for a meaningful piece of historic fiction that will keep you hooked, this is it.

From the Corner of the Oval: One of my favorite reads simply because I loved the narrator’s writing style and how she lived a few blocks away from where I am now…oh, and because she had the coolest job ever.

Educated: This is such an important book and is a good followup to Hillbilly Elegy, if you liked that one!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: Sometimes you need to dive into a good YA book to get back into the swing of reading.

  • Favorite new-to-me authors from 2018: 

-Christina Lauren (this is actually a pseudonym for this writing duo!) and Jasmine Guillory (need to read her latest, The Proposal!) are my new go-tos for “rom com” type reads.

-Lisa Jewell is a great author for thrillers, and I have another one of hers on my shelf waiting to be read.

  • And, in no particular order, these are the ones you can skip (sometimes I think this type of distinction is helpful because there are truly SO many books out there and not enough time to dig through them all!): 

Hey Ladies, by Michelle Markowitz and Caroline Moss: I did NOT like this book and thought the characters were all annoying, out of touch, and hard to follow. I know that’s a harsh review, but it just didn’t jibe with me!

The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories: This one was a quick read but just not that interesting to me. There are other lighthearted books on this list that are a lot better if you’re looking for a cute beach read.


  • Now, lastly, here’s my December recap: 

Your Perfect Life, by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke: I brought this one with me to Florida and it was a light read but pretty predictable. At their 20th high school reunion, two best friends accidentally switch lives a la Freaky Friday and do their best to adapt to their new surroundings while having to make important life decisions for each other along the way. In the end, each learns something new about their values and priorities and appreciates what they do have upon switching back.

The Yoga Store Murder: The Shocking True Account of the Lululemon Athletic Killing, by Dan Morse: Given that I grew up just minutes away from the Lululemon store in Bethesda and have been back living in the area for several years, I was surprised that I wasn’t previously aware that a book (multiple books!) existed about this horrifying case (I found out about this author in another blog post). I actually read this book first and then went back and read Murder in the Yoga Store, by Peter Ross Range, because I was so fascinated by the case and wanted to learn more (though both books essentially featured the same information and background, and Morse’s was more comprehensive and better presented, so pick that one up and you’ll learn everything you need to know). I remember pretty specifically when this murder happened because I was home for my college spring break in 2011 just a week or so after the attack occurred. At the time, the community still believed that masked men were to blame (when in reality, one of the workers murdered another and fabricated a story about two men coming into the store and attacking them), and white ribbons were hanging on local stores in support of the victims. Just a week or so later, it became clear what really happened and the entire community was in shock, as were many others. While this book is definitely graphic and gruesome, it is truly eye-opening and particularly fascinating to read as a longtime resident of the community.

Schooled, by Anisha Lakhani: I hadn’t heard of this book but picked it up in my favorite used bookstore in New York a few months ago and knew it looked good. The story centers around a new teacher, Anna, who has just graduated from Columbia with a job at one of Manhattan’s most prestigious, wealthy private schools. Anna learns that the teachers are making thousands of dollars on the side tutoring students (or essentially doing their assignments in full), and gets sucked into the allure of designer bags and luxury apartments before realizing that she ultimately isn’t satisfied with her life path. While the story is fictional, I’m sure it was based on the author’s own experience teaching at the prestigious Dalton School in NYC. I was hooked right away (especially since I worked at a private school in the DC area) and definitely felt like I was back in the city while reading about Anna’s life as a young postgrad!

Fight or Flight, by Samantha Young: This book is a must read if you like Christina Lauren and other rom com authors. Flight or Flight follows a guy and a girl who meet on a plane, immediately hate each other, and then essentially end up dating after they realize they’re both in the same city, all the while dealing with some major life issues and sadnesses (this book definitely isn’t pure fluff, promise!). While the book is somewhat predictable, I thought that parts of it were very real and loved every page. It’s the perfect book to bring on a long flight (ha!) since it’s on the longer side but doesn’t feel slow at all.

-You Are a Badass, by Jen Sincero: This book was a re-read for me, but it felt like an appropriate pre-New Years read and was also one I wanted to pick back up since I’m seeing the author speak at Sixth and I later this month! I always feel motivated when reading self-help books like this one because they aren’t cheesy and are very current and empowering. I’m excited to hear Jen soon and need to pick up her other books!

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Top Posts of 2018

It’s always fun doing these roundups because it’s obviously super helpful to see which posts resonated with you guys the most but it’s also a neat way to look back on the various topics I’ve covered this year (and in year’s past–click to see my top posts of 2016 and 2017!). Several of my posts from 2016 and 2017 continue to remain popular (my Bumble BFF recap, for one!), but below are your 2018 favorites.

1) One Kings Lane Home Tours + How to Recreate the Looks. I wrote this post early in 2018 and am glad that it remains relevant! These home tours are so classic and stylish that I still frequently turn to them for inspiration when I’m in a bit of a decorating rut or want to change up my space, which is basically every other week. 😉


2) Your Craigslist Questions Answered and How to Use Taskrabbit. I spent a long time writing up this post, so I’m glad it was useful–and it featured questions that I had received on Instagram, so maybe I should do another post like this in 2019!


3) Winter Workout Essentials. I need to do an updated version of this post, as I’ve recently been loving my new Outdoor Voices pieces (thanks, Cyber Monday sale!), though I continue to use the Lululemon workout tote that I received as a gift last Christmas, so scoop it up if you need a new gym bag. Keep this post bookmarked as you prepare to kick your 2019 workouts into gear!

4) Our Houzz Tour is Live + FAQ. This post is a special one for a few reasons- it was amazing to showcase our entire home online and provide more information about our space, but also, it was our Houzz tour that prompted Small Space Decorating Magazine to contact us about doing a spread with them! The editors reached out to our photographer, Ryan, in late August after coming across this tour online, and we quickly scrambled to schedule a new shoot over Labor Day Weekend! Seeing this feature in print was one of my favorite 2018 moments, so I’m grateful that everything came together, albeit quickly!

5) Gift Guide: Best Presents for Your Sister or BFF. Bookmark this post for the rest of the year, as birthdays, bridal showers, graduations, and the like are constantly popping up and these gifts remain useful and relevant. I love putting together gift guides and am glad that this one was useful–a few people told me that they ordered the Women’s March puzzle, which is still in stock at World Market!

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Hollar Favorites: Stocking Up on Home Basics for CHEAP

Hello from Florida! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and relaxing away from their computers…but if you’re at work or feel like popping in, today’s post is a useful one!

I discovered the website Hollar a few years ago and wrote this post about how I scored Essie nail polish on there for WAY cheap (like 8 bottles for $11 cheap). I hadn’t ordered from Hollar since then for no real reason other than that I can find pretty good deals at places like Target and TJ Maxx, but I decided to check out the site again recently and am so glad I did.

You guys- the grand total for ALL of the below (plus $3.99 shipping and with a $5 off coupon applied) was $17.99. So the actual total for the products themselves was $14. What?!


The key is to be patient with shipping (it took about a week and a half for the box to arrive), shop the $1 deals, and understand that the quality of some of the stuff on here isn’t necessarily going to be as great as your favorite brand names. That said, if you’re not picky about what kind of kitchen wipes or toilet paper you use and don’t mind doing a bit of digging to find the best items, this is the site for you.

In this order, I received:

-Four rolls of toilet paper

-Two rolls of scotch tape

-A pack of disposable razors

-Two Essie nail polishes

-A set of sponges

-Kitchen germ-free wipes

-A 5-pack of toothbrushes

-A bottle of dish soap

-Two packs of makeup wipes

-A 12-pack of trash bags

-A set of hair clips

-A pack of sandwich bags

-A box of tissues

-A large pack of bandaids

How’s that for less than $20?!

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The Best Items at Target Right Now

Text placeholder-11

TGIF! Happy Friday, and most importantly, happy last day of work before the holidays! Tonight I’m seeing one of my best friends from high school who’s home for the break, and starting tomorrow I’m excited to unwind in Florida next week. I will likely be popping in with posts here and there, but I figure most people will be largely offline until after the new year (if you have to work between Christmas and New Years, hang in there–I did last year and know how hard it can be coming back on the 26th, whether you celebrate or not!).

My post today was inspired by Grace’s post last week, which was a roundup of her favorite Target finds. Her post prompted me to do some digging on the site (I’m always amazed with what you can find online versus in-store sometimes!), so I figured I would do my own version of a Target product roundup. Happy shopping!

1) This mini tulip table is too cute and is on clearance right now at an amazing price! I wish I had room for one (or two) of these!

2) If you can’t find a chair like this at a thrift store, this is the next best thing! While it’s not actually vintage, it for sure looks the part and would look adorable with a white furry throw draped over it.

3) I need to find this sparkling bottle–yum! I tried the regular wine last spring (mainly for the bottle, let’s be real) and it’s great!

5) Undereye brightening strips = gold, literally.

5) I’ve shared this leopard print belt on here before and may need to just pull the trigger and order it. Too cute!

6) I have way too much glassware, but if I had room in my cabinet for these, they’d be in my shopping cart.

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Silk Scarves


I realized that while I posted this picture on Instagram a few weeks back, I didn’t share it on here, and I love this scarf so much that I couldn’t gloss over it on the blog! I became a big scarf wearer when I studied abroad in Scotland in college and was constantly picking up new ones at the stores there (oh hey, Primark!) and during my travels. I’ve had to pare down my collection a bit over the years but still can’t resist picking up new pieces when I come across something truly versatile…like this Tuckernuck scarf (note that the pattern available on the website right now is a bit different than the one I’m wearing; the company changes up their offerings depending on the season, so my guess is this exact one will be back next summer/fall!).

I grabbed this scarf at Tuckernuck’s summer in-store sale, and it was only $20 or so, which was such a steal, but even full price at $48, they’re still pretty reasonable. Several of my blogger friends own this orange one, and a few months ago, I picked up the same style in pink, which is great for summer/warmer climates. Above is how I styled the scarf for Thanksgiving dinner at a family friend’s house–it wasn’t too dressy of an affair, but I also wanted to add a pop of color to my otherwise neutral outfit, so the scarf was the perfect solution!

If you’re in the market for a silk scarf, I highly recommend this one (several bloggers even turned these into tops over the summer, as they’re pretty big!), but I’ve also rounded up a few of my other faves:

Text placeholder-9


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Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Text placeholder-8

My last gift guide of the season is here! First things first…thank you to everyone who’s been following along, these have been really fun to make! I haven’t been using affiliate links for any of these posts, so click away to your heart’s content! I just wanted to have the opportunity to share some of my favorite products with you guys without worrying about the accounting and maintenance involved. If I do end up featuring more products on the blog, affiliate linking is definitely something I’ll consider doing (I’d been doing it for awhile in the past, but most of the stuff I talk about on here is thrifted or not necessarily linkable, so it doesn’t always make a ton of sense). I do receive products in the mail from time to time but I’m not required to review them and do not receive monetary compensation unless I’m doing a sponsored post (though if I could get paid to eat Dove chocolate, I’d be ALL about it ;)). This could all change down the line, but just wanted to make this all clear for the moment, since each blogger follows their own process and it can definitely be confusing!

Now for the gift guide! My family goes for a mix of fun and functional when it comes to stocking stuffers, and I think lots of other families do the same. (Side note: do you guys do stockings just for the “kids” or for parents, too? We always just had them for me and my sister, but I feel like lots of people do them for kids and adults, which is a cute idea!). Below are a few of my current favorites (you can scoop up most of these things at a store near you, since we’re getting pretty late in the game for online ordering!).

Mini dry shampoo: Something like this is perfect for a stocking and is great to keep on hand in your work bag or desk drawer. I’ve used the Batiste version a ton and know many other people who swear by it!

Gummies: You can’t go wrong with a bag of their favorite candy!

Dove chocolate: Speaking of candy, Dove sent me some of their new flavors to try out, and they’re amazing! I opened the box at work and gave a few of the bars to my coworkers and then sampled the raspberry and almond brittle ones on my own…so good! I’m normally most into plain dark chocolate and don’t go for fruity desserts, but the raspberry flavor was amazing. I was also a huge fan of the nutty almond brittle, which was a perfectly crunchy and delish, and then I used some of the milk chocolate bar when I made chocolate pretzels over the weekend! Look for these in stores near you!

Essie nail polish set: I love Essie nail polish and have a gigantic collection of different shades, although I don’t do my nails much anymore so I should probably consolidate them! I do like trying out the mini bottles (which are also easier to store), and this set would make a great gift.

Candy cane spoons: Hot chocolate season is in full swing, and these peppermint spoons are a fun addition to a regular cup of cocoa.

Fuzzy socks: I basically live in my fuzzy socks in the winter…they’re perfect for lounging, sleeping, and even wearing under tall boots on really chilly days. This set is perfect to split up among recipients!

Bath fizzer set: Bath products also are perfect stocking stuffers since they’re the type of product people don’t usually buy on their own (if only I had a bathtub in my current place!).

Satin loafers: Ok, these may be a little too large to fit into a stocking, but I came across them while browsing online and had to include them in this post because they’re so cute!

Ornament: A festive ornament can go right from the stocking to the tree!

Phone card case: I find these card cases super useful for stashing metro passes and business cards.

Cocktail kit: This is such a fun gift idea and I always love including it in roundups–perfect for spicing up their flight back home!

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Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts

Text placeholder-3

Searching for that perfect gift but feeling anxious about shipping times? Here are some of my last-minute picks that won’t make you look like a slacker, promise. Most of these picks are from Amazon Prime, but several are from Target, which conveniently offers 2-day shipping during the holiday season!

Vogue book: This book (or another one that matches the person’s interests) would be a nice gift because it’s probably something that the recipient wouldn’t by for herself but provides hours of entertainment and is a conversation piece when guests come over.

Eye shadow: I have eye shadow on another gift guide but it’s something that I’ve been really into lately (I honestly had never really worn it before this year!) and I love experimenting with different brands and colors.

Leopard print belt: I want this. Could it be cuter?!

Succulents: These succulents are faux, so no green thumb is required to keep them looking cute!

French market basket: I’m obsessed with baskets like this one–they’re perfect for the beach, farmer’s market, or for stashing blankets in the house.

Face mask: A holiday relaxation kit is just what the doctor ordered! Throw a few of these in a cute gift bag with some nail polish.

Candle: Candles are no longer a boring gift or purely a safe option for someone you don’t know well, promise.

Scarf: She can wear it the traditional way or keep it at the office to use as a blanket of sorts on chilly days.

Cheese board: You know you’re an adult when you want a cheese board for Christmas! I received a nice one for my birthday and love setting it out when I entertain.

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Gift Guide: The Recent Grad

Text placeholder-6

I’m sure I’ve said this on here before, but my big Christmas present the year that I graduated was a nice vacuum (which made me feel super old, but also it got a lot of use in my first few apartments, so I guess my mom was onto something). These gifts are little bit more fun (just being honest!) but will come in handy for anyone who is just starting out in a new place or needs adult (but not too adult) home slash life staples.

Initial coasters: It’s time to stop using random post-it notes and bar souvenirs as coasters! This marble set is super affordable but would cost WAY more at most stores (TJ Maxx for the win!).

Leopard serving tray: Trays are so versatile so you can really never have too many. You can place this one on a coffee table, kitchen table, bar cart, vanity, you name it…the leopard print is adorable and makes a statement. (Anyone who knows me knows that I swoon over a good leopard print!).

Face mask jar: Face masks are the ultimate lazy evening essential, and it’s never too early to start taking care of your skin!

Dish towels: Dish towels are another adult staple but they don’t need to be boring. I love browsing different stores for quirky patterns and this chips & guac set is a winner!

Work tote: This tote has gotten amazing reviews online and is the perfect size for work or travel. I have a similar bag that I use for work and love how lightweight but sturdy it is. Bonus points that this one is under $50!

Cocktail shaker: This will make a great addition to her bar cart/counter and obviously comes in handy when entertaining. Pair it with this simple syrup set. Gone are the days of using vending machine sodas to make cocktails!

Lilly Pulitzer trays: These would be adorable on a nightstand or vanity and two for under $20 is an amazing deal for Lilly!

Jewelry roll: The perfect pretty travel companion!


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