Hats off



Growing up, I hated wearing winter hats. My hair always got staticky, the hat never looked exactly right, etc, etc. But lately, I’ve been loving the pom pom hat trend and had to round up a few of my favorites. Honestly, you can’t go wrong wearing any of these options this winter! Who says you can’t stay warm and look stylish?

Entertaining essentials


With the holidays approaching means more party invites and more entertaining at home!

I love decorating and re-decorating my bar cart shelves. Right when it looks all finished, I stumble upon more cute glassware (seriously, even Target has been killing it with their glasses lately!) or find another accent or two to add and start decorating all over again. Whoops. I also can’t get enough of fun entertaining pieces like cute marble cutting boards and copper baskets.

Whether you’re decorating from scratch or just adding in an update or two, here are my fave bar cart accessories.

1) You honestly can’t have too many prints above your cart.

2) Coasters are always a must, but designs that reflect the holiday season are even better!

3) Cheese, please! This tray is too cute.

4) A festive bottle stopper does the job in style.

5) Obsessed with the fun “cheers” phrases on these.

Deck your home…Christmas decorations without the kitsch


No inflatable Santas here! These home decor pieces will knock your socks stockings off.

1) You can’t go wrong with anything deer-themed (and no, for once I’m not talking about the Snapchat filter). Whether you hang up some fun antlers or add a cute candle holder or two, this holiday (or really year-round) trend is a winner. (Wall hanging, candle holder)

2) We all know the classic song…but that aside, how adorable are these silver bell ornaments?! (Small ornaments, large ornament)

3) Omg. This plaid blanket though. It’s only $25! (Plaid blanket)

4) Plaid or fuzzy pillows are always the right answer…always. (Fuzzy pillow, plaid pillow)



Caught up with two of my best friends from college who were in town visiting…

Went on a ghost tour by the White House at night…

Started teaching myself more of Photoshop…

Watched too many episodes of The Mindy Project, my latest obsession…

Didn’t get quite enough sleep but enjoyed staying up until 2 am catching up with friends. I know NYC is cool and all, but you guys can move down here now!

What did you do?

Oh, and a few links for you:

Loved this article about doing things alone. A few of my friends travel for work and have recently discovered the joy of eating dinner solo.

This piece on what to look for when shopping at estate sales had my name all over it!

As if you need more home inspo….I spent too much time checking out each of these Instagram accounts and can’t pick a favorite. These ladies are too talented!

…but mainly I’ve been reading about the election this week. Not necessarily something to dive into right here and right now, but I’ll admit that most of my TV watching and article reading has been related to that. I am glad that I got out there to vote (even if it meant taking 2.5 hours out of my way, it was worth it to play a part in the democratic process), and I’ve engaged in a lot of impactful conversations these past few days. After an emotional week, it was nice to catch up with old friends and think about more positive things.

Office Party

Office Party

Do you ever work from home? One of my friends does full time, and another negotiated to work from home one day a week. I believe that regardless of your work situation, having a cute office space where you can crank out everything from quick emails to larger projects is a must. Even if you never, ever can imaging doing work work from your apartment, you likely have personal tasks to take care of at home…paying bills, scheduling appointments, and the like. So you may as well carve aside at least a small area to do just that!

I mentioned before that in my apartment I decided to make a little “office” area for myself in what was supposed to be a dining nook. While admittedly I still do most of my work/blogging in my living room or on my bed, it’s nice to have a formal area where I can sit down and just plug away if needed. If you don’t have room for a desk, you can still fill a little box full of office supplies/essentials (such as tape, stationery, stamps, checks, a mini stapler, and a couple of pens and pencils) and access that as needed. But if you do have a little extra room, have fun with it! Stock your home office with cute desk supplies you’d never imagine using at the office or are too pretty to stash in your cubicle (there’s a time and a place for my dog-shaped tape dispenser, and I think that place is at home). Below, shop some of my favorite picks:

If you have a memo board, these pink ampersand push pins (I mean…be cuter) are a must.

While these likely aren’t office appropriate, drink-shaped paper clips add some whimsy to your home workspace.

Who says this gold marble brush holder has to be used for makeup supplies? It would look equally cute on a desk holding pens and pencils. Likewise, this matching ring dish could double as a place to store paper clips or loose change.

A motivational print or wall hanging that isn’t too cheesy can be hard to find…but I’m pretty sure this one nails it. Thoughts?

It’s time for a Q&A…

It’s time for a Q&A…

Because you’re obviously itching to know the answers to these questions 😉 Leave me a comment with your responses!

Signature emoji: Brunette girl with arms crossed. I even have the cutest print of this hanging up in my living room!

Catchphrase: “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” That being unnecessary commitments, drama, and the like. My mom and sister and I say this to one another all the time!

Biggest weakness: Golden retrievers. Duh.

Food guilty pleasure: If we’re talking about junk food, I’ll admit I’ve been addicted to pickle-flavored chips lately. I know it sounds weird, but they’re so good! Raspberries are also a guilty pleasure just because they can be so expensive and a carton only lasts me one sitting.

Starbucks drink of choice: I’m pretty simple and like a regular coffee with a pump of hazelnut for flavor. I’d order this all the time during my semester in Scotland when I wanted a taste of home!

It’s brunch time. Do you go for sweet or savory? Savory for days. Love a good egg white omelet!

Country or city? I’m a city girl (unless we’re talking about music!)

Favorite song of the moment: I’m going to go with the entire Grease soundtrack. Such good pump-up music and who doesn’t like a fun throwback?

Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe

Meow, meow! I’m so overdue for a blog post about the cat cafe in Georgetown, Crumbs and Whiskers! I’ve now been by three times (woah), so I’ve seen it all. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do in DC (or LA, they have a location there as well), I highly recommend it!

My first visit was in August when I took a “cat yoga” class, aka yoga with cats crawling at your feet (and under you during downward dog). The actual yoga was very, very beginner, so it was fun and didn’t require a ton of attention (I was more focused on the furry creatures roaming the room). I did notice one kitty throw up on someone’s mat at the start of class (#nervous #gladitwasntmine) and another clawed at my mat a bit. So this isn’t necessarily a class to which you show up in your Lululemon best (unless you want to get cat hair all over those black leggings!). I thought the whole experience was hilarious and enjoyed squeezing in some kitty cuddles and a quick workout.

I then went back a few weeks later with a friend from out of town, and more recently my mom and I stopped by mid-week (the cafe does require reservations, which cost $15 per person. Food and drink–they serve macarons, and the coffee cups come with adorable sayings–can be ordered once you arrive and is extra). Both times, we had a blast sipping coffee, entertaining the cats with a few different toys, taking tons of pictures, and people watching (I’m pretty sure my friend and I saw a couple on a Tinder date). The cats are all up for adoption and range in personality from super feisty to completely calm and shy. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!

Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe

7 Things I Love About Fall

7 Things I Love About Fall

  1. Walking around my neighborhood and taking pictures of all of the houses decorated for fall. I’ll have to post a photo roundup soon, because the homes in Georgetown know how to make Halloween look classy. No inflatables here, just tons of pretty pumpkins!
  2. Pumpkin-flavored everything (ok, maybe not everything). Call me basic, but I’m a fan. True story: when I was in college, I rarely got off campus and once spent an entire week looking forward to the PSL I would be able to get at the airport Starbucks when I flew home that weekend. I don’t buy PSLs that often anymore (regular coffee with a bit of pumpkin spice creamer will usually do it for me), but I finally tried the iced version the other day and omg, it rocked.
  3. Halloween. I’ll admit that I was one of those kids who went trick-or-treating until I was wayyyy too old, but now I enjoy dressing up and going out to a bar with friends, and I also completely look forward to handing out candy on my front stoop. Here’s to hoping there will be plenty of trick-or-treaters in my new neighborhood!
  4. Seasonal beers. If you like Angry Orchard, you have to try the cinnamon flavor. Sure, it tastes a bit like fireball, but it’s so fall-like and festive that I have to recommend it!
  5. Riding boots. I wear my boots to the ground no matter what the season, but in the fall you can wear boots without worrying about getting them scuffed up from snow and ice (and without worrying about slipping on ice…but maybe that’s just me!).
  6. Thanksgiving. Whether it’s a big group or a small family gathering, I love everything about Thanksgiving — the food, festivities, family reunions…bring it on!
  7. Apple cider. It used to gross me out since I don’t like apple juice, but I just picked up the yummiest carton at a farmer’s market the other day and am hooked! Hoping to whip up Katie’s apple cider sangria recipe once I have a new carton on hand!

How to Crush it on Craigslist: A Q&A

How to Crush it on Craigslist: A Q&A

I’m a fan of Craigslist. A big, big fan. As someone who is super into interior design but has a tight budget, Craigslist has answered a lot of my prayers over the past few years (I even scored the adorable abstract painting pictured above!). While some of my friends do use the site (whether to buy, sell, find roommates, etc), a lot of people I know are totally put off by the idea. And for good reason. You have to feel safe and confident about picking up something from a stranger, first of all. And while I’ll certainly encourage you to use good judgment when buying and selling, I’m not going to get into that here. Instead, I’m going to answer a few questions I’ve gotten about my experience using Craigslist and share a few pieces of advice. (If you google this topic, you’ll find tons and tons of posts devoted to Craigslist tips. I’ve read a bunch of these and agree with a ton of the advice I’ve read, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to share my perspective with y’all).

Q: Who is using Craigslist? (Aka, it’s you and a bunch of old, scattered retirees, right?)

A: Most of the people I’ve bought from on Craigslist actually happen to be young women my age! This may have to do with the pieces I’m interested in buying and the style to which I’m drawn, but also when you think about it, a lot of girls in their 20s are moving around geographically, moving in with a significant other, trying to sell off stuff for extra cash…so it kinda makes perfect sense that they’d be prime Craigslist sellers. I honestly could picture myself being friends with several of the people I’ve met through Craigslist (in a 100 percent non-creepy way).

Q: Why would you buy something on Craigslist when you can just order a similar-looking, similarly-priced item online without the hassle?

A: This is a personal preference. For me, I like the feeling of finding a diamond in the rough and snagging something that’s on-trend but still slightly different than something you can acquire in an online shopping cart. That’s also why I like shopping at places like HomeGoods, thrift stores, etc. I like spotting something cool and slightly less common than what you’d see on the floor at Ikea or West Elm.

That said…

Q: Isn’t everything on Craigslist old and gross?

A: No! Definitely no! Craigslist is full of pieces from stores like West Elm, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, you name it. Sure, sometimes items aren’t in great condition after years of use, but you can also find practically-new pieces at steep discounts. Not everything on Craigslist looks like it’s a reject from your great aunt’s yard sale.

Other tips from my experience as a buyer and a seller:

-Be polite and grammatically correct in emails. If you sound like you’ll be difficult to communicate with (literally and figuratively), I’ll be less inclined to keep up a correspondence with you.

-Don’t ghost. Seriously. This sucks in the dating world, but when there’s money involved? Ouch! I recently had a woman call me the day before she planned to pick up an item. She seemed enthusiastic, took the initiative to call and confirm her pickup time after we had been emailing a bit, and we agreed that we’d meet the next day. Fast forward 24 hours later to our scheduled rendezvous and…there was no sign of her. Thankfully, I had countless other people interested in the item and was able to sell it quickly, but I was frustrated that I carved time out of my day to meet her and she was a no-show.

-Be creative. If an item looks less than perfect but you’re a good DIY-er, consider ways in which you can spruce it up. If you’re already getting a good deal, you can invest that extra bit of money into making something simple look great.

Do you agree with these tips? I’d love to hear any that you have to share!