Pink & Gray Bedroom Decor

Abstract art + cozy bedding + fun pillows...what more could I want?
Abstract art + cozy bedding + fun pillows…what more could I want? (Image from Adore Home Magazine)

These two images popped up on my Pinterest feed a few days ago and I saved them right away—while these aren’t the normal colors to which I gravitate when decorating, I absolutely love how the pink looks with the various shades of grey and wood accents.


The colors and accessories are also giving me serious H&M home vibes—if you haven’t checked out their products before, hop right on over! I’ve ordered pillow covers from the site for less than $5 each, and the small décor items are super cute and affordable, too. Now if only this pillow was still available! I’ve rounded up a few items from the site that could easily be used to recreate the looks shown above.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 4.29.08 PM

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