Ginger Jar Bar Cart


I already mentioned the other day that I’m a bit of a furniture fanatic…let’s just say that when it comes to bar carts, my crazy tendencies are even more magnified!

In my first apartment in New York City, I used a small console table from Pier 1 as my “bar cart,” but honestly it never had any bottles on it and mostly just held cute cups, straws, coffee table books, and the like. When I moved to Philadelphia, a friend of mine told me she was selling her gold, vintage-looking bar cart for only 30 bucks, and you can bet I jumped on the subway to her place to take that baby home (don’t worry, I took an Uber for that part) the minute she was free! However, since that cart is pretty large, I ended up eventually using it as a side table next to my bed (I was inspired by the image below), and I used a different cart (also a secondhand score!) for the actual bar supplies. Whew, that’s a lot to keep track of, I kind of have furniture ADD at times! Let’s not talk about the other cart I purchased from Goodwill and then fixed up and sold…


If you’re a normal person who only buys ONE bar cart and sticks with it (please teach me your ways), you may now be wondering how to style it. While there are a million posts floating around the internet on how to decorate a bar cart, I’ll have to say that coming across the above image on Pinterest definitely inspired me. Ginger jars have been and continue to be all the rage among bloggers and other interior decor-obsessed folks, and I love the idea of storing them on the bottom shelf of a cart.

I guess I would maybe worry about them getting knocked over by eager bar cart visitors (ha!), but otherwise I’m totally on board. Thoughts on this look?

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