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Tips & Tricks, Take 3

From the Everygirl: “4 Things to Know When Building Your Social Circle,” by Sarah Seung-McFarland. Love love love this article on making friends as an adult. I agree wholeheartedly with all of these points, it’s as if I wrote it myself!

From My Domaine: “You’ll Land the Job If You Leave This Accessory at Home,” by Kelsey Clark. Do you think wearing your bling to a job interview sends a bad message? Intrigued by this article!

From “Before & After: Gray Malin’s Guest Room!” by Shani Silver. Need some home design inspo? Check out what Gray Malin (!!!) did to his own guest room.

From The Washington Post: “Amy Schumer, Ryan Lochte and other celebrities who use dating apps,” by Emily Yahr. Did y’all know that Amy Schumer and Hilary Duff use dating apps?! (Clearly this is groundbreaking news or it wouldn’t be in the Post…).

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