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This is a different kind of post, so bear with me!

I love blogging, but as you can probably tell, my blog isn’t so much a diary of my everyday life as it is a place for me to share with you all the things I love. When I studied abroad in Scotland in my junior year of college, I kept a Tumblr filled with pictures and more personal entries, but I password-protected it and only shared the link with close friends and family. In grad school, my classmates and I were encouraged to keep gratitude journals as part of one of our courses, and I visibly freaked out at the idea. Writing something down seemed so permanent, even if no one else would ever see it.

However, as someone who loves to write, I’m thinking that maybe I should give journaling another chance. Not as part of a class assignment and not to share with others, but just as a way to reflect on life here in DC in my mid-twenties. As a writer, I love creating things for others to read, but I am honestly just as satisfied keeping my ramblings to myself. Maybe I’ll give this a try…

Do any of you keep journals? How often do you write in them?

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