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A little life update post to start off your Wednesday! The weeks have been flying by and I can’t believe it’s already late September. So pumped for my visitors this coming weekend and later in the fall…my weekends are getting booked up and I’m not mad about it!

Weekend adventures: Last weekend, I took an introductory DSLR photography class and learned so much! I’ll be taking a lot of photos for work, but I think that a bunch of what I’ve learned will be helpful for the blog if I ever purchase my own “real” camera. As our instructor said, practice makes perfect, so I need to slowly start moving away from using my iPhone camera and getting more comfortable with the real deal! I also spent the weekend trying to recover from seasonal allergies, blah. HELLO, fall in DC. This weekend, three of my close friends from grad school are coming down to DC and I couldn’t be more excited! Martin’s Tavern and the cat cafe are on the agenda for sure.

Latest finds: The struggle to find cute, flattering pants is real for all of us, right? I found a great pair at LOFT last month (after returning two pairs that I had ordered because I thought they were the same as ones I had previously owned, but the style must have changed). I’ve worn my new pair several times already and just picked up a red shade. Since I was making two additional returns and had a coupon for $25 off a purchase of $50+, I actually didn’t owe anything extra and ended up receiving money back. Those are the best kind of shopping trips, right?

Trying: To be better about managing my schedule during the week while still doing fun things after work. I love working at a school, but the hours are tough to get used to after a typical 9-6 job and 15 minute commute on the subway. Waking up at 6 am as opposed to 7:45 is rough! I leave the house around 7 and usually don’t get back until 5:45/6 at the earliest since I have a long commute in the afternoons. That said, I still am trying to participate in activities and events after work without running myself down. Tips? (Also trying to read my library books, pictured above, because they all look amazing! Wish I wasn’t so exhausted in the evenings!).

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