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Saying Yes


The spring before I started college, my mom gave me a simple piece of advice that I still do my best to follow today: if a new friend invites you to do something, GO!

Think about how many times you’re invited to an event or happy hour–maybe after a long workday or on any already crazy-busy weekend–and you’re just not feeling it. I get that. This piece of advice isn’t about saying yes all the time (there are some days where you may really just feel crummy or not in the mood to socialize), but it’s about making a point to say yes when it comes to new friendships.

The key is about being flexible. For example, if your coworkers invite you out to lunch but you’ve already packed food from home, it can be tempting to pass. But it’s just as easy to just throw your paper bag in the office fridge and plan to bring it home for dinner. Yes, it may mean spending a few extra dollars, but wouldn’t you rather cultivate new relationships and engage in some bonding time? (Mentally insert girl raising hand emoji).

As someone who loves talking with and meeting new people but also values alone time just as much, I sometimes struggle to follow the exact advice I’m preaching here. But just keeping it in the back of my mind will often help steer my decisions, and rarely do I regret the decisions I make as a result.

Do you all agree?

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