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Now that I’ve moved and feel a little more settled into a daily routine, it finally makes sense for me to write one of these posts! I am always intrigued when other people post similar things, so hope you all enjoy this little glimpse of what a typical weekday looks like for me.

6:00 am: Alarm goes off. I usually wait to get out of bed until my second alarm goes off at 6:10, but I keep my phone across the room (because that’s where my outlet is located, but it’s also a good strategy in general), so I’ll usually grab it at 6 and then put it next to me in bed for 10 minutes. The key here is to not fall back asleep after my second alarm! If for some reason I’m up late (by “late” I pretty much mean after 11 pm), I may set one alarm for 6:20 to allow myself a little extra sleep.

6:10-7:05: Eat, get dressed, make bed, do hair and makeup, clean up apartment a bit.

7:05: Meet S, a teacher I work and carpool with, in her car outside of my apartment. Listen to country music, catch up, and drive to school. S doesn’t work on Fridays, so on those days I leave at 6:55 to begin my three-bus commute that doesn’t get me to school until 8:15, eek!

7:30: Arrive to school. Check email and then head over to greet the high schoolers as they arrive (still working on learning all 100 names and faces, but it’s a fun job!).

8:15-4:30 (or 5/5:30, depending on the day): Work work work/grab lunch from our yummy school cafeteria (seriously, the food is so good and not having to pack a lunch in the morning is a lifesaver! Sometimes my coworkers and I sit down and chat for a bit, but we usually just fill to-go boxes and eat back at our desks).

4:30-5:45/6: Commute home. Because I take public transportation I have an extremely long commute, but I absolutely love where I live, so it’s worth it to me (and also extremely affordable—the bus only costs $1.75 each way! Even if you get off to run an errand midway and get back on again, you only have to pay once as long as you’re going in the same direction and it’s within a two-hour span).

After work: Every day has been different! I’m trying to establish a better routine. Some days I’ll head to the gym or a ClassPass class, other days I meet up with friends/dates/my mom(!), and every Wednesday I have to work from home a bit at night to review a weekly newsletter for work. I also eat dinner (although I’m not much of a cook and lunch always has been and still is my biggest meal of the day, so I usually don’t go too crazy at night), try to read or catch up on Netflix, blog, read other blogs, FaceTime long distance friends, shower, etc. Before I know it, it’s time to start getting ready for bed…

10:00 pm (although more likely it’s 10:30 by the time I’ve finally put away my phone, brushed my teeth, and set out clothes for the next day): Hop into bed and fall asleep within minutes. Whew!

I’m still trying to get used to this routine, especially after having worked in NYC where everyone (in my industry, at least) was on a much later schedule. Although it’s nice to get out earlier in the afternoon than most people, having a long commute means that I’m still getting home at a relatively “normal” time—but don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful that I’m doing my commute at the time of day I am rather than an hour later! I’m also sloooowly getting better at becoming a morning person again. I was able to spring out of bed in high school but haven’t had to in years—my earliest commitment during graduate school didn’t start until 10 am! Carpooling with someone else and taking the bus holds me more accountable when it comes to leaving on time. In New York, I could easily leave five minutes later than I should and still catch a subway within minutes, whereas if I miss my bus, I’m stuck, because all three of mine run in a chain (don’t get me wrong, though, I’ll take the occasional Uber Pool in the morning or afternoon if I’m really, really tired!).

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