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Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend! Three of my good friends from grad school are in town, so I’m looking forward to showing them around the city (two are originally from VA, but one is from the West Coast and has never visited DC before!). Any suggestions for us?

In the meantime, here are a few things I enjoyed reading/watching this week…

Loved Abigail’s video explaining her take on how Flywheel and SoulCycle differ. I have been spinning a lot as of late, so I appreciated hearing someone else’s perspective!

Tips on how to decorate like a designer? You can bet I read this article, and now I’m sharing it with you for your own inspo!

Weeknight dinner ideas are always a struggle for me. I’m feeling inspired by these options!

Ahh, Jackie opened an Etsy shop! Seriously loving all of her pictures–especially the macaron print 😉

Also, so pumped that How to Get Away with Murder came back on this week. I actually just finished catching up on Season 2 last weekend, so I’m ready to dive right back in! Does anyone else watch?

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