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As much fun as I’ve had styling my little workstation at home, the reality is that I spend many, many more hours of my day sitting in my cubicle at the office! While I’ve worked in some environments that didn’t allow for much creative styling (at my old job in NYC, my desk also served as the front reception area, which meant zero room for personal touches!), I currently have a good amount of desk and wall space. You know what that means…bring on the color! Here are a few of my favorite desk accessories at the moment:

Fun notepads: I am a huge proponent of making lists (yes, the old fashioned way, with pen and paper), so I always have a stash of notepaper on hand in addition to basic Post-Its. There’s nothing like crossing something off your to-do list in pen!

A lamp: I remember seeing lamps on people’s desks in the past and always admiring how the extra light made an area look much cozier. I had an extra, inexpensive lamp sitting at home and it has really brightened up my workspace. Many of my coworkers commented on how “homey” it makes my cube look, and I agree!

A memo board: Tacking notes and cards directly to the cubicle wall can look junky in my opinion, but adding a colorful memo board can bring some personality to your cube! Of course I chose a Lilly Pulitzer version from Etsy, but you really can’t go wrong with a more simple look either. This is a great, affordable option.

Jazz up your workspace with other small touches like fun file folders, a cute business card holder, a reusable water bottle (staying hydrated during the workday is very important and is something I didn’t prioritize at all when I was starting out until I eventually got sick all the time and learned the hard way!). Other must-haves, at least for me personally: a planner, an extra phone charger to keep at work, and a drawer full of granola bars or other filling snacks!

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