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What’s in my work bag

I rotate my work bag from time to time (I get bored easily!), but the contents always remain the same and have come in handy more times than I can count. Here’s what I carry with me:

An umbrella: My mom gave me a lightweight umbrella (that also happens to be leopard print) and it’s been so useful. Taking public transportation means that I have to prepare myself for the elements! Also, since the campus where I work is HUGE, I sometimes bring my umbrella with me on my walk to grab lunch!

A reusable bag: My friend gave me a LOQI watermelon-printed bag for my birthday this year and it’s great to have on hand. I’ve mentioned the bag tax in DC and MD plenty of times, and it’s always useful to have a tote at the ready. This one is so light and folds up easily for storage. It’s perfect for impromptu errands after work! (Bonus: I use the little pouch that came with the bag to store my quarters for laundry at home!).

Makeup bag: Even though I do my makeup before leaving the house in the morning (well, usually!), I like to bring my basic supplies with me in case I need to do a touchup during the day. Working in the suburbs means that there aren’t any drugstores to run off to mid-day, so I like to be prepared.

Headphones: Necessary for a long commute.

First-aid supplies: I always carry a few Band-Aids, some Neosporin, emergency cash, lip balm, darker lip gloss, and the like. Again, you never know what you’ll need!

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